Oval Engagement Rings With Diamond Bands

The popularity of oval engagement rings with diamond bands is growing among men and women. They are distinguished by using a beautiful gemstone or diamond in an unconventional setting. Oval diamonds have been in existence since 1957, when Lazar Kaplan introduced them to the jewelry industry for the first time. Oval stones are popular because they can be used in almost any setting, including solitaire and eternity rings, which adds to their allure. For example, Lauren Priori, the owner of L. Priori Jewelry, Roxanna Rector, the Senior Buyer at the Blue Nile, and Connie Hung, the founder of Cost ante, are all experts in ring design and styles.

The oval cut diamond, which has the brilliance of a round cut diamond but has a unique shape, is becoming an increasingly popular choice for diamond engagement rings. An oval cut diamond is a brilliant round cut that has been elongated. Diamonds with an oval shape are called oval brilliants by the Gemological Institute of America.

Alternatively, a simple ring in white gold can be elegant and sophisticated, whereas a rustic setting and an oval diamond set on a thin band are classic designs. This collection of pieces is also distinctive, with a rustic appearance and feel. These rings are the ideal marriage of classic and contemporary styles. Consider a diamond set in a rustic setting for an engagement ring that is one-of-a-kind and memorable. There is a wide range of styles and prices to suit every budget.

Engagement Rings with Oval Diamonds

Our collection of platinum oval diamond engagement rings combines timeless design with modern artistry to offer you an exciting selection of unique rings, allowing you to find a design that speaks to the love you share with your partner. Consider whether you want a solitaire, pave, halo, or trilogy design for your engagement ring. An oval diamond engagement ring is flattering and modern, ideal for those who prefer a round cut diamond’s curved edges and sparkle but want something a little different.

Oval Engagement Rings with Diamond Bands

The cut of an oval diamond isn’t always the most desirable. They look best when set in a gemstone setting despite their unusual shape. Rubies, sapphires, and aquamarines are among the most popular gemstones. The shape of an oval diamond complements a band of diamonds perfectly, and the shape of an oval stone can enhance the beauty of a stunning engagement ring. The only disadvantage is that a bad cut can give a diamond a bow-tie appearance. Every modified brilliant cut has a bow-tie effect.

Diamond band styles on oval engagement rings can be classic, vintage, or a mix. An oval stone can be set in a variety of metal bands. Choose from white gold, rose gold, platinum, and other metals to suit your tastes. When choosing an oval engagement ring for your loved one, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Round diamonds cost more per carat than oval diamonds. On the ring finger, they also appear to be more significant. Although oval diamonds are less expensive than round diamonds, their shape takes up more space on your ring finger, allowing you to fit a larger center stone. An oval ring is a timeless classic. You’ll be able to find one that suits your preferences and budget. It might be the best option, so don’t hesitate to take it!

A new shape for engagement rings becomes popular every few years, and the price rises due to high demand. For several years, the oval-shaped diamond engagement ring has reigned supreme. If you’re looking for an oval diamond, you’ve probably already been told that they’re nearly 30% more expensive than other diamonds. If it’s in the budget, an oval diamond can do a lot to enhance the beauty of the center stone and is highly recommended by jewelers all over the world. Here are four reasons why an oval diamond engagement ring is a great choice.

An Oval Diamond Engagement Ring Gives you More Bangs for your Buck

In terms of brilliance and sparkle, oval diamonds are very similar to round diamonds. On the other hand, an oval has a naturally elongated shape that makes the finger appear larger. You can’t decide between a 2-carat round diamond and a 2-carat oval diamond. Although they are both the same carat weight, the oval diamond will take up more space on the ring finger due to its elongated shape. Although oval diamonds are currently the most expensive shape on the market, they are a safe and wise investment because you will get the most value for your money.

When purchasing an oval diamond, consider that the larger the center stone, the more color, and clarity will be visible. If the Oval is 1.00 ct. or more significant, jewelers recommend staying between D-F on the color scale. If you’re looking for an eye-clean oval diamond 1.5 ct and up, it’s best to stay within the VS1-VS2 clarity range.

Oval Diamonds have a Unique Bow Tie Formation that Makes them Stand Out

Oval diamonds are distinguished by a bow-tie formation visible within the stone, which is not present in other diamonds. By design, the bow-tie effect occurs when light doesn’t bounce back and forth in the center of an oval diamond as it should due to the diamond’s shape. Experienced jewelers will tell you that the bow tie is one of the many characteristics of an oval diamond that distinguishes it as beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

Oval Diamonds Look Great in a Variety of Settings

An oval-shaped diamond is highly versatile in that. Can use it with a variety of settings. Making the right choice for the center stone is almost as important as choosing the setting. Choosing the wrong setting for your center stone can cause it to be overpowered and outshined. Here are some examples of previous oval diamond settings that Diamond Mansion customers have selected.

In Addition, Oval Diamond Engagement Rings are a Popular Choice Among Celebrities

Celebrities are well-known for leading opulent lifestyles in their respective fields. Engagement rings and proposals are no exception to this rule. When Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively’s longtime husband, proposed to her with a 12-carat pink oval diamond engagement ring, it is widely believed that he was responsible for the rise in popularity of the shape. A $2 million price tag is expected to be placed on the ring Lorraine Schwartz designed.

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What is the Significance of an Oval Engagement Ring?

Oval engagement rings represent a promise to be together forever, and they celebrate the creative mind and find a kindred spirit in those willing to take calculated risks. The oval diamond represents the promise of children and family and new love and a new life together.

When Wearing an Oval Engagement Ring, What Kind of Band Should you Wear?

Stone with an Oval Shape

Montague recommends pairing an oval-cut diamond ring with a band featuring oval stones to achieve the most sparkle possible. For example, she recommends a single-prong oval band set in an East-West style design. She describes the following: The result is a beautifully coordinated band that adds interest to the entire ensemble.

Is the Oval Ringing no Longer Fashionable?

Furthermore, they exude a timeless, sophisticated air, and we do not doubt that they will be just as popular in ten to twenty years as they are now. An oval-cut diamond is not a shape you grow out of; instead, it is a shape you grow into. Aside from that, the popularity of oval engagement rings isn’t going away any time soon.

Is it too Trendy to Wear Oval Diamonds?

Many factors influence whether or not an engagement ring is fashionable, but the shape of the diamond isn’t one of those factors. Although famous, the actual oval shape of a ring is not what distinguishes it as fashionable; instead, it is the style of setting in which it is set and the color of gold or platinum in which it is set.

Should the Width of the Wedding Band be the Same as the Width of the Engagement Ring?

It is generally accepted that the width of both the wedding ring and the engagement ring should be equal in proportion to one another, resulting in a more balanced and equal appearance between the two rings. Due to the fact that engagement rings typically contain larger carat weight diamonds or gemstones than wedding bands, engagement rings are almost always the more expensive of the two options.

Is it Worthwhile to Invest in Oval Diamonds?

Like a round diamond, an oval diamond is cut with a “brilliant” style, which means it sparkles brilliantly. In other words, even though a round diamond has the most brilliance, the oval cut comes in a very close second place! As a result, oval diamond engagement rings are ideal for someone who appreciates the brilliance of a round diamond but prefers something a little more distinctive.

Is it More Important to have Color or Clarity in an Oval Diamond?

An Oval Cut Diamond is distinguished by its exceptional brilliance, durability, and aesthetic appeal. For this diamond shape, we recommend a color of H or better and clarity of SI1 or SI2 in terms of clarity. In contrast to a certificate for a round diamond, a certificate for an Oval Cut diamond does not indicate how the diamond will appear.


Remember to select an oval diamond with a band that will fit perfectly on your engagement ring when making your selection. A classic oval band is a good choice, and a diamond pave band will make your ring sparkle even more. Platinum bands are also a fantastic choice for an oval diamond setting. If you want, you Can add baguette diamonds to them. The final decision is yours, but the best way to choose a band style is to try on several before settling on one. Choose an oval engagement ring with a halo of tiny diamonds. Many of these rings are made of 18k white gold, and you can pick a band that complements your diamond’s halo. They are frequently made with side stones as well. If you want a halo ring, you should think about the diamond’s shape, band, and metal set in.