How Can I Buy Discount Diamonds?

How Can I Buy Discount Diamonds?

Discount Diamonds Buyer Guide

Diamond jewelry is probably the most popular form of jewelry today. Diamonds are commonly associated with romance and jewelry associated with diamonds is greatly appreciated for its style, beauty and meaning behind it. This is why many diamond shoppers have troubles in finding the perfect fit as they are confronted with nuances of contemporary styles and personal tastes. After all, as the famous saying goes, diamonds are forever. Discount diamonds are even better.

Diamond shopping is not usually the first thing that people think of when they want to do something “fun”, but it actually can be mind-opening experience when you’re shopping for discount diamonds. Before you start, you’ll need to develop a broad understanding diamonds. This way, you have a little knowledge in your head so you can get the best deal possible. Let’s start off with a brief history and a few questions you need to ask yourself before going out on your shopping trip.


A Brief History of Discount Diamonds

Diamonds have been charming the world for many generations throughout history. However, the first and probably the most important event that has awakened people’s appreciation for diamonds is the wedding of Maxmilla of Austria and Mary of Burgundy in the 15th century. The groom gave his bride a brilliant diamond wedding ring. Until that event, diamond mining, cutting and polishing processes were not pursued. However, it can be said that Maxmilla of Austria started out a trend that continues to grow in popularity even today. In those times, diamond jewelery has presented a social and class status of the individual or a couple. Today, diamond jewelry suggests emotional themes of commitment, beauty and romance.


Making a Choice

The first step in buying diamond jewelry is to answer some basic questions that will guide you through the whole research and shopping process. Here are a few questions that will help you narrow you search.


What Type of Discount Diamonds and Jewelry Are you Looking For?

Diamond jewelry can be found in a vast variety of forms. It is highly important to know the occasion in order to select the appropriate piece of jewelry. If you are looking for jewelry for engagement sets or weddings, you should look for wedding bands, engagement rings and other bridal jewelry. However, if you are looking for a gift, you need to consider the style of the wearer as well as when and how will the person wear it so it fit an occasion as it was intended.


Have You Determined Your Budget? (Hint: If it is low, you certainly need discount diamonds)

It is important that you evaluate your finances before you go shopping for diamond jewelry. Most people go shopping for diamond jewelry without doing this and they end up finding a perfect piece that they cannot afford. This mainly happens when couples go shopping for their wedding bands and eventually pay substantial amounts which can cloud their judgment and in the end, create regret. There is a number of discount diamonds which you can research for.


What Style Are You Most Interested In?

Diamond jewelry can be found in unlimited number of styles. After you’ve determined your budget and type of jewelry you are after, you need to create a solid understanding of the style that follows. Shopping for yourself is easy because you already know what type of jewelry you like. However, shopping for diamond jewelry as a gift is much more complicated than it seems. Answers to these questions will help you uncover their jewelry preferences:

· What types of diamond jewelry do they already have?

· What piece would look good with their current wardrobe?

· Are there any family members or best friends that can help you?

It is important that you arm yourself with as much detail as you can – it will greatly help you in making a decision.


What is the Best Carat Weight?

Although size of the diamond is most commonly associated with the choice of engagement ring where “the bigger the better” comes to place, it’s actually not true. The size of a diamond on a specific type of jewelry has its rules. Rings demand exact measurement of the wearers fingers and it should be taken earlier in the morning before their fingers succumb to swellings or irritation. In order to fit perfectly on the wearer’s wrist, bracelets need to have an added 1 inch to the exact measurement. Necklaces can be highly problematic as their size is determined by both style and personal preferences of the wearer and the piece itself. Lastly, the size of the earrings is determined by the type and style of the piece, for example, they can be hoops or chandeliers so their size is also determined by the personal preference of the wearer.


Discount Diamonds: Quality and the Four C’s

The key to assessing the quality of a diamond is to understand the principles of diamond valuation. Commonly known as “the four C’s”, the grading scale is mainly focused on comparison of the specific diamond with the perfect example of the one that is the same size.


Diamond Color

Most diamonds that you encounter appear completely colorless. However, they all have a slight shade of yellow of brown color. They are graded on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (heavily tinted). Even highly experienced people can determine the difference from E to F and can see any color in them.


Diamond Carat

This term has been used to evaluate the weight of the diamond and it is equal to 200 milligrams of the stone. When you have more diamonds in a piece of jewelry, the carats can be described as the carat total weight, which basically sums up the weight of each stone. Commonly, the price of a diamond increases with its size. So a 2-carat diamond will be more expensive than two 1-carat stones.


Diamond Clarity

Diamonds form in high-pressure and extremely hot conditions so it’s not a secret that they come with some imperfections. These imperfections, also known as inclusions, can be in form of tiny white points, feathery cracks or dark spots. The clarity of the diamond depends of size, type and the position of the inclusion. If they are located near the surface, they can be simply polished or cut away, however, if found on the inside, jewelers can significantly lower the price of the diamond.


Diamond Cut

The “cut” is not as same as the “shape” as most people think. The cut doesn’t only refer to the shape of the diamond and the number of facets it has but also to the quality of the same. If done properly, a masterful cut can bring more value to the diamond itself, so keep your eyes open.


Now that you have covered all the basics in this guide and gathered all the details needed, you can go shopping for the perfect piece of diamond jewelry and get the discount diamonds you’re searching for.

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