5 Tips for Finding Inexpensive Engagement Rings

5 Tips for Finding Inexpensive Engagement Rings

Are Inexpensive Engagement Rings Really Possible?

There comes that special moment in life when a man may feel ready to propose to his girlfriend, but this will not necessarily make him ready to lean down on one knee and pop the question …yet.  At least not until he’s bought the very thing every woman waits from her beloved: the engagement ring, aka the ultimate proof of commitment.

The engagement ring has long become a practice and tradition of modern day engagements throughout the world, but finding inexpensive engagement rings may prove quite difficult for some. And, to be fair, it’s difficult shopping for jewelry on a budget.

If you feel confused or are in need of some advice in order for you to make the right choice (without compromising quality and value), we are here to help you. Turn to us for those essential tips for budget buyers. We can make a difference in your shopping experience.

To begin with, engagement rings come in any shape, rock and metal. Yes, it is true, you need not be a millionaire to buy an engagement ring – it is the form of the ring and most of all the symbol it holds that make it “engagement material”.

However, depending on the budget, you may search for different things, while still acquiring the best results. As such, we will present you with a few details on how to buy such a ring and to make a good quality and financial choice.

If you are low on funding, the engagement ring you could choose might simply be a silver ring with a white zirconium stone cut in a round, diamond, heart or oval shape. It may be faceted like a diamond, and should you make the right choice, it will look the part – nobody will ever know that it cost less than $100 and it was among the most inexpensive engagement rings ever.


On the other hand, diamonds are customary for engagements and even the customers with the lowest of budgets agree that an effort should be made for such a special occasion. In this case, some instructions on acquiring the best value at the lowest price should be in check.


Choosing your diamond might seem like a difficult task, but in fact it is not that difficult, if one respects some basic rules when on a limited budget:


1. Never shop the brand. Shop the store. Sometimes smaller, family owned jewellery shops might offer better deals for acquiring inexpensive engagement rings, such as having lower gold prices, or diamond prices, or simply making things affordable by offering several installments.


2. Balance the weight of the gold and the size of the rock. Engagement rings are not meant to be large and bulky. The size of the actual golden ring, the thickness should not be considerable by comparison to the size of the rock. When buying an engagement ring, you shop for a rock, not for a thick ring- that’s what wedding rings are for. As such, the rock should be in the center of attention, and therefore it will led to the significant lowering of the final price – gold is expensive nowadays. Less gold, lower the price!


3. A diamond is still a diamond even at 0.10 carats. Yes, it’s true, and the smaller the carat, the smaller the price. Actually, the price generally goes up when the diamond has more than 1 carat.


4. The purity of the diamond is visible – check it! Which means that you can prevent getting tricked in buying a cheap diamond at a high price by simply looking closely at the color of the diamond (the yellow the color, the lower the quality and price), while also checking for black spots inside the rock. The more black spots it has, the lower the quality, therefore the most inexpensive diamond ring.


5. Platinum, Palladium, Yellow or White Gold? Make a pick, pick a price. Diamonds, according to the rule, are generally paired with white gold rings because white gold does not influence the rock’s color. Of course, if you compromise on the quality of the stone, this means you can also buy a red or yellow gold. In the end, white gold is nothing but yellow gold with extra silver added to it while processing it.


As you could read, diamonds can be accessible and you might just find the right one even if you believe you can’t afford it. There are ways of getting those inexpensive engagement rings without sacrificing or altering tradition. You can still make your special someone happy. This is important for you and we are here to help you achieve the best results, because we are here to serve this need.


Don’t forget, however, that you must also make sure that once you buy that diamond, you receive from the store instructions of care, as well as the card which states the purity, size and quality of your diamond, while also attesting the nature of the metal. Keep this information with you at all times, it’s good for warranty purposes, but also for buy-back situations. Many big companies accept to buy back their products even years later, and this may prove important when you might be in dire straits.


Being a smart buyer, in time, may make you a wealthy as well as a happy buyer – with a happy family to boot! It is not easy, but by being well informed you may succeed in acquiring your one among those inexpensive engagement rings which are out there.


Remember our advice, go shopping and look for the signs – with today’s economy the vendors definitely have the products you’re searching for, but they’re not going to offer them before you see the expensive ones. It’s their right to try to get to buy something convenient to them, but you are the one who must be well informed and who should know what to ask for. While shopping for jewellery, remember that you can always find the best deal for yourself – do not compromise. Your special yet affordable engagement ring is probably out there.



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