How to Copy (and propose with) Celebrity Engagement Rings

celebrity engagement ringsCelebrity Engagement Rings

Wedding season is literally here, and aside from the wedding itself, the most stressful thing to purchase is definitely the engagement ring. There are so many different cuts and styles to choose from, making it one of the most daunting tasks out there. Fortunately, there are so many different inspirations to look at that will definitely enable you to find the best engagement ring for your future spouse. Although the engagement rings that many celebrities purchase aren’t the most affordable, they can really give you a better understanding on what style your soon-to-be bride might admire the most.

How To Find The Engagement Ring By Looking At Celebrity Engagement Rings

1. Find out who her favorite celebrity is

Celebrities play a huge role when it comes to the taste of engagement rings in a woman. This is why finding out what your bride to be’s favorite celebrity may give you a better insight on what ring to get her. A couple popular celeb engagement rings include Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge, Beyonce Knowles, Mariah Carey, Scarlett Johannson, and Kim Kardashian. Although all these women are quite notable for their fashion sense, they all have quite different taste in engagement rings. To find out what celebrity engagement ring your future spouse loves the best simply continue lead her to seeing all of their rings and check which ring she is more receptive to. Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is the same blue sapphire 14 carat Ashoka cut diamond ring that was Princess Diana’s when she wedded with his Father. This ring was one of the most talked about engagement rings of the decade, as it is very elegant and sophisticated all at the same time. This ring can actually cost a mere 28,000 Euros. Beyonce, although just as fabulous as Kate has such a different engagement ring that suits her personality so well. Her ring has a very edgy yet simple style with a cushion cut that complements her unique personality and fashion style. The cost of this engagement ring is worth $5 million dollars. Mariah Carey probably acts and feels more like royalty than Kate, and her engagement ring definitely proves it. Priced at $2.5 million and styled in an emerald cut, it definitely is a ring that every woman will love. It has a very princess feel, but with a very classy touch, just like the singer herself, but what really makes it unique is the fact that it has hints of her favorite colors.

2. Look at the cut she wants and compare it to celebrity engagement rings

The cut has a lot to do with how your soon-to-be bride is like and the only way to find out is if you really know her personality. If she is a traditional type, then she may lean towards the round cut, as it is the most simple and classy cuts of them all. Women who enjoy oval cut rings tend to be more creative and fun, while also having a very shy side. The pear cut is perfect for women who love the finer things in life, as it is the most sophisticated of cuts. Emerald cuts tend to be the cut that old fashioned women tend to get because it has one of the most classic styles. If your lady loves attention, the consider getting her the princess cut ring, as the name is simply self-explanatory.

3. Ask her friends and family for advice on her favorite celebrity engagement rings

If all else fails, consider meeting up with some of her closest friends and family, as they can give you a really great understanding on her personal style. The best people to talk to for such advice are her closest girlfriends, her mother, her siblings, and of course some of her closest cousins. You can always team up with them to lure her into telling them the exact ring style she has always dreamed up. This will enable you to find out what she wants without having her find out that you’re going to propose. Proposing to the woman of your dreams is definitely one of the most nerve racking moments of anyone’s life, and so finding the right engagement ring can be really daunting. With the advice above, you just might be able to find the ring of her dreams.

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