Unique Engagement Rings: What Are Your Options?

unique engagement ringsIn today’s world every couple wants to buy engagement ring, which is unique and rarely available with any jeweler in this world. It is a known fact that, engagement is considered as the promise for starting a fresh life mutually and all the couples want to have a unique engagement ring similar to their soul and love.

Unique Engagement Rings – Styles and Designs

Something that is unique for one couple might be common for another, but by exploring different ring designs and styles can really help the couples to know about the broad array of features available, so as to select their own preferable style.

Unique Engagement Rings  Option: Colorful Gemstones


Diamonds are unquestionably the most admired gemstone utilized in the engagement rings. In order to have a unique ring, think over different types of stones such as aquamarine, mystic topaz, and tanzanite. Diamonds can always be utilized as sparkling accents no subject what kind of gemstone is being highlighted for the center stone. At the same time, in order to have even better customization, a lot of couples have started to use the birthstone rings which feature the stones related to both the groom and bride.

For this purpose, gemstone rings might also be a colorful and beautiful choice, and can be significantly more reasonable than the diamond rings.

Colored Diamonds

If you always prefer diamond and has been your preference, but still if you desire something unusual, you can think over colored diamonds. They can open up a brand new world of options for you. You can select from blue, green, yellow, red and pink colored diamonds. Another option for such type of colored diamond can be selecting one with an inferior grade, which will have a brownish or yellow tint.


Unique Engagement Rings Option: Vintage or Antique


Many individuals don’t have a vintage engagement ring which has been passed down from their earlier generations; in that case they can look for for heirloom rings in this regard. These antique rings are easily available in many diverse places, including online auctions, consignment or pawn shops, or from estate sales. However, as a buyer you must always take proper caution to make sure you have done your research on the quality of these types of rings before paying for them.

Figural Design

A figural design is an exclusively designed to imitate another shape, like gemstones and diamonds designed like a petal of any flower or having any other type of recognizable pattern. The popular shapes include initials, ribbons, plants and animals and will be easily matched to the personality of the bride-to-be for additional appeal and style.

Filigree Design

Filigree designs are beautiful intricate rings having engraved metal accents, which are alike to Celtic rings but don’t have cultural background. This type of filigree design will easily include gemstones, important shapes, or other significant symbolism.

Ancestors Rings

In order to get an exceptional engagement ring, it is necessary to confine the bride’s personality along with the love shared between the engaged couples. This can be symbolized through a customized piece, an ancestor’s heirloom (also known as a heirloom ring).  This type of engagement ring will always remain the commencement of any couple’s wonderful and unique life together.

Unique Engagement Rings: Important Things to Consider

While there are some women who will absolutely love unique engagement rings when they are younger, five or ten years down the road the novelty may wear off if it is too unique and different. Styles change and preferences change with them. What you might have liked when you were 20 may be entirely different when you are 30, 40 or 50. Knowing that people change and styles evolve, it might be wise to consider the implications of an overly different ring. There are many pros and cons, and ultimately it is up to the individual. Keep in mind that you can also upgrade on a 10th anniversary in case your style has changed dramatically.

To give our readers some ideas, we’ve put together a gallery of unique and beautiful (and unusual!) engagement rings:






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