Design Your Own Engagement Ring (But Don’t Make These Mistakes!)

Design Your Own Engagement Ring (But Don’t Make These Mistakes!)

Have you spent hours looking online, wandering around shops, scouring through pages of magazines only to be frustrated in not finding exactly what you are dreaming of? One of the most rewarding things you can do to resolve this problem is to design your own engagement ring. However, this isn’t for the wishy-washy or else it can be a time-consuming process. We want to help you from the beginning as to not make mistakes that others have done. Keep reading to find out what to do (and what not to do) when designing your first engagement ring.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring With CAD

First, it’s important to know that with modern technology (CAD — also known as Computer Aided Design), you can take nearly any picture of a ring and get a design or a duplicate design. What most people don’t know is that it can be surprisingly affordable and a fantastic option to get a high end look without the designer price tag. Simply do your research and gather your top ring choices (including any sketches) and bring them into a reputable jeweler that is used to doing custom designs. With CAD, the jeweler can work with you to make subtle and even more dramatic changes to get the look you want.

Tips on How to Start to Design Your Own Engagement Ring

1. Do your research and have a clear vision.

You have to know what you want and just as if you were designing a home, you will be working with a jeweler to create a blueprint of your ring. Jewelers aren’t mind readers, so you don’t want to make the mistake of going in and trying to verbalize what you want. Show, not tell, and you’ll get faster results.

2. Be patient in the process.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t usually a one time deal. Creating a custom engagement ring is like creating a unique piece of art.

3. Speak up!

Once the jeweler has the first CAD drawing put together, this is the time to speak up to make adjustments. The beginning stages are crucial because you don’t want to frustrate the designer by either not speaking your mind and fixing things in the beginning or changing your mind a thousand times and not knowing what you want. Ask questions, be specific and ask for your jewelers opinion on structural components. For instance, you don’t want to make the mistake of insisting on a design that will be difficult to maintain (i.e. thousands of precariously placed micro pave stones or an unrealistic tension setting).

4. Ensure that the jeweler listens.

You’re employing someone to create your dream ring, so it’s important to find a jeweler who is patient and listens to your design ideas. If you find that a particular jeweler is not willing to create exactly what you want, don’t hesitate to express those concerns. If necessary, find a different jeweler.

5. Understand CAD.

Know that the CAD design won’t have the exact proportions as an engagement ring. For design purposes, it might be elongated or larger in some areas in order to give a better view of the ring from 3D angles. Also, you won’t always be able to see the tiny pinpoint stones in the CAD design. The before and after will look surprisingly different so it might be a good idea to ask to see pictures or real-life examples of before and after to show what details are available to view in CAD and what ones are impossible to show.

6. Breathe and allow for time to design your engagement ring.

Know that custom designs are not a quick deal. They take time and several trips back to the jeweler to see various stages of the ring’s progress. If you have patience, this is the perfect option. However, if you (being the man), is anxious to propose, it might be best to buy a ring direct from the store.

7. Have fun–this is a once in a lifetime experience.

Don’t stress out too much. Remember, you’re helping to create a piece of art that will be on her finger forever. Enjoy the experience and know that every time she wears her ring and gets complimented on it, it is because you designed it. It’s the ultimate token of love!

Final Thoughts on How to Design Your Own Engagement Ring


As mentioned above, you can go to local jewelers to have an engagement ring designed. However, an increasing number of online jewelers offer CAD services so you might be able to get a better deal by going to the internet instead of local bricks and mortar stores. The main thing that you will need to do is be very specific and detailed in your communications and, if possible, set up a phone call with the designer to ensure you can adequately describe your vision for the ring of your dreams.



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