Diamond birthstone

Diamond birthstone

Diamonds are great facets of fashion and jewelery in the world’s cutthroat beauty industry. Their artistic influence has grown in leaps and bounds over the years, and this is a trend that will not end any time soon. The fact that diamonds are the birthstones for April makes them even popular. Birthstone jewelry is very personal and helps you to express yourself in a way that nothing else can. april-birthstone

The tradition of birthstones began several years ago. In 1912, the American National Association of Jewelers adopted a list of 12 gemstones that are associated with each month of the year. In this list, the birthstone for April is diamond, and people who were born in April have diamond as their birthstone.

Special characteristics of diamonds
Diamonds have several unequaled characteristics that make them unique among minerals. Perhaps these characteristics are the ones that make folks born in April to feel special. Here are a few of these characteristics:

–  Diamond is the greatest conductor of heat.

–  It has the highest meting point of all minerals

–  It has the highest refractive index of any natural mineral.

–  It has the most dense atomic arrangement of any mineral

–  It is transparent over the greatest number of wavelengths.

–  Diamonds are also the hardest known substances on earth.

These qualities make diamond is the king of all birthstones.

Diamond birthstone

Going by the above qualities, people born in April are a very lucky lot of people. The nature of myths associated with diamonds makes them even more fortunate. For instance, it is said that diamonds are stars that fell from the sky. There are some people who believe that diamonds are tears from gods. For this reason, wearing the April birthstone is always associated with significant improvements in various aspects of life. Some of these improvements are:

  • Increased harmony in relationships. Those who wear diamond as their birthstone tend to have warm, peaceful and harmonious relationships. Diamonds are also signs of eternal love and loyalty. In the same breath, a diamond placed on a wife’s head while she sleeps can discern her fidelity. If she is faithful, she will turn to her husband in her sleep but if she is not, she will turn away. Remember Cupid’s arrow is tipped in diamonds.
  • Healing. Diamond is believed to heal brain diseases and pituitary gland infections. It also detoxifies our bodies and protects the wearer against stroke and brain haemorrhages as well as ensuring that both parts of the brain are working together harmoniously.
  • Increased internal strength. Birthstone diamond also elicits a feeling of self-confidence and strength.
  • Protection of innocence. The April birthstone also helps the wearers to protect their innocence and bring out their best qualities.
  • Clarity and richness. Wearers of diamond birthstone also enjoy the benefits of clarity in several life issues as well as richness.

It is worth noting that though the truth behind these improvements is more philosophical than scientific, there is a lot of truth in the belief that wearing diamonds as the April birthstone exposes one to luck and a generally improved life. Consequently, anything made of diamond is a perfect gift for people born in April. It is not a surprise therefore that the demand for birthstone diamond rings, birthstone diamond necklaces and other genuine diamond birthstone jewelry escalates in April every year.diamond-birthstone

April birthstone color
As usual, the cut, clarity, color and carat weight of diamond birthstone matters a lot. When it comes to the color, you can decide to go for the pure diamonds (which are expensive) or the colored ones. Pure diamond is colorless, while colored diamonds contain some impurities. Brown and yellow diamonds are very common, while blue and red diamonds are very rare.

All said and done, diamonds are perfect birthday, wedding, engagement and anniversary gifts for your loved ones, especially women. They are indeed true gifts from Mother Nature to those born in April. They are traditionally given as a tenth anniversary gift. When you go shopping for these gifts, make sure that you see the diamond certificate from the seller before you finalize your purchase. Diamonds are not the cheapest things you have ever bought, and therefore there is no need to waste your hard-earned money on fake diamonds.




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