Baguette Diamonds

Baguette Diamonds

baguette-diamond-eternity-bandOf the 4C’s that determine the quality of diamonds, the Cut is the most important, as it has the greatest overall impact on diamonds beauty, cost as well as durability. Indeed, the diamond cut affects its brightness and ability to reflect light, which in turn affects its sparkle, brilliance and fire. A well-cut diamond gives off brighter sparkle and it is therefore of high value. A cut is simply a symmetrical arrangement of facets to modify the appearance of a diamond crystal.

Baguette gets its name from its cutting. Trim and wiry, the baguette cut resembles a French bread stick or baguette. This particular shape is in step-cutting category, together with the emerald cut, carrés and asschers. With this type of cutting, the facets are elongated and arranged into steps. This cut accentuates the diamonds luster, whiteness and clarity. However, it downplays its fire. Here is a sneak peak of its characteristics.

As mentioned earlier, baguette-cut diamonds resemble the shape of a baguette. It is long and rectangular, and its corners are octagonal. This bold shape coupled with straight lines and step cuts gives the baguette its beauty.

Baguettes normally have 14 facets. However, it may have 24 facets sometimes, with parallel facets arranged in a manner to look like a terrace. These facets give the diamonds a high level of luster but less brilliance compared to other cuts.

They are less brilliant than round diamond. This means that color difference comes out strongly with these diamonds, and it is advisable to go for the colorless grade.

Lack of brilliance means lack of clarity. Clarity in baguette stones is therefore less as compared to other diamonds. This means that inclusions and flaws are very visible.

Round diamonds are more popular than baguette stones today. There are actually very few manufacturers with this shape, due to little interest from buyers.

Baguettes can be used in a wide variety of jewelry. It is mainly used as accent stone or side stone in diamond jewelry especially diamond rings. It particularly adorns diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings and bracelets. The geometrical shape gives the jewelry a unique look, different from the usual smooth, oval and round diamonds.

baguette-diamond-bandBaguette diamond ring sets
Although baguette rings were popular during the Art Deco era, they are still popular today. In fact, they are still a girls’ best friend. This explains why men still find themselves buying unique diamond rings for the women in their lives.

Baguette wedding band

Wedding bands are still popular today. They typically feature a round or square-shaped diamond flanked with a baguette-cut shape.

Baguette cut diamonds are cheaper than most other types of diamond cuts. For instance, they are cheaper than emerald-cut diamonds. Being cheaper does not mean it is of poor quality. It is just because of the fact that they are considered less fashionable nowadays, though some people still love them. Compared to other cuts, it is also possible to find smaller carat weights of the baguette-cut diamonds. In general, baguettes are slightly cheaper than other diamond cuts, but cheap is a relative term. There could be baguette jewelry that is more expensive than any other type of diamond, depending on cut, clarity, and color, as with any other stone.

Buying advice
When purchasing a baguette stone or any other type of step-cut diamonds, the most important things to check for, apart from color, clarity and carat are:

  • Proportions. The diamond cut grade largely depends on how proportioned the diamond is. Diamonds should be cut proportionately such that the size, shape and angle of its facets are proportional to one another. A length which is 1.5-1.7 times the width is desirable.
  • Inclusions – VS clarity or more is the best, to ensure that marks are invisible. In fact, you should go for the highest clarity grade.

In summary, baguettes are still very popular among some people today. There is always something unique about each diamond cut, and those who love this shape are still happy with their  decision, as it defines their personal style in a way that nothing else can.

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