Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes

The choices of diamond engagement ring shapes are endless. A diamond ring can represent many different aspects of your personality. Choose a shape that represents the things you find most appealing about your partner. A square cut may be the perfect choice if she is more of a traditional romantic. If she is a little more adventurous, try a fancy shape. Either way, you’ll be able to find the perfect ring for your special lady.

If you love the sparkle from the center stone, choose a round brilliant. This shape is the most versatile and has a 360-degree symmetry. If you want a sleek, traditional look, opt for a solitaire. Another popular shape is the heart diamond. You can also customize the ratio of a radiant diamond by varying its length and width. If you consider a heart diamond, you’ll want to ensure that it has a closer ratio.

Here are Some Popular Diamond Engagement Ring Shapes

Round Cut

Round-cut diamonds are popular among brides all over the world. It’s no wonder that this is the most popular stone, given that its form enhances the diamond’s fire at the accurate reflection of light (we’re all guilty of falling for a good sparkle). Round brilliant-cut diamonds look great as solitaires, in two- and three-stone settings, and even in geometric designs for a throwback feel. These diamonds are ideal for brides who prefer the traditional, but if you prefer something a little more unconventional, you might want to pick a cut that will appear on fewer fingers.

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What bride doesn’t want to feel like a princess on her wedding day? Another famous engagement ring type is the eponymous princess cut. The princess cut’s adaptable face-up design, which includes square or rectangle sides, makes it an excellent fit for almost any ring style. You’ll get a more modern and geometrical style while still getting a lot of brightness, and they’re usually cheaper than round-cut diamonds. Princess-cut diamonds are infamous for chipping at the corners or dropping out, so use a protective setting.

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Because of its square-cut combination with rounded corners, which, combined with the cut’s famous 58 more prominent facets, intensifies the stone’s brilliance, this excellent cut is sometimes compared to a pillow. Cushion-cut diamonds have been available since the 18th century, and they were pretty popular in the 19th century when most gemstones were cushion-cut (though it was referred to then as the mine cut). They’ve recently resurfaced in popularity, exuding a vintage vibe ideal for historical settings. They don’t glitter as brightly as brilliant-cut diamonds, and while they look fantastic in modern settings, they aren’t the most durable.

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The emerald-cut diamond is known for its Art Deco appearance, including a rectangular step cut, an open table, and cropped corners. While it has a subtle sparkle—some call it a “hall-of-mirrors” effect—its long silhouette and geometric lines capture the diamond’s purity while catching the light powerfully. When positioned vertically, their form makes fingers appear longer and slimmer, making them ideal for engagement ring selfies. Clarity, as well as color, is critical because there are fewer facets to distract from flaws. It’s also not a particularly spectacular cut, so if you’re looking for a show-stopper, this isn’t the style for you.

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The marquise cut, also known as the Navette cut, is recognized for its regal appearance. It has a striking silhouette with curved sides and pointy ends, resembling an attractive football shape. When worn vertically, its long, narrow design not only gives the impression of greater size, but also elongates the finger. It also has a dazzling sparkle. However, if the ring is not fitted correctly, it risks chipping and breaking due to its sharp pointed edges. It also has a tendency to have a “bowtie” appearance across the diamond’s center. If the ring is not correctly cut, it will be pretty obvious and is generally unappealing.

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The oval-shaped diamond, which is essentially an elongated form of a round diamond, can have just as many facets as a round-cut stone, which means it can sparkle just as brilliantly. It’s a unique and attractive choice, and the elliptical design might help prolong the finger. It tends to have a similar “bowtie” impression as a marquise-cut stone if not cut properly, and it also tends to expose faults and inclusions if not cut properly. One method to avoid this is to select a salt-and-pepper oval-cut diamond, which allows otherwise unsightly inclusions to become an essential part of your style.

14k Gold Antique Style Art Deco Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 1.03ct

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How Does the Shape of a Diamond Affect the Price?

To examine this, we used the following carat sizes as a starting point: 0.5, 0.7, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, and 2.0 carats. We gathered average pricing for each diamond shape from Blue Nile’s collection for G color and VS2 diamonds in each size. The averages for round diamonds are based on “Excellent” cut diamonds.

In all sizes, round diamonds attract a premium price. This is partly because sed “Excellent” cuts, whereas fancy shape pricing is averaged across the entire spectrum of the cut quality. Nonetheless, the reduction is substantial. Fancy-cut diamonds are 10-43 percent less expensive than round diamonds!

The discount, on the other hand, does not follow any pattern. The most and least expensive fancy cuts vary depending on the carat weight you’re looking for!

Another intriguing element of diamond pricing is the price rise for rounds at the 1.0-ct threshold, as shown in the graph. Round diamonds spike in value at 1.0 ct and have a less sharp increase in cost to 1.2 ct than other shapes, which climb in value more consistently from 0.7 to 1.2 ct. This means that at the 1.0-ct mark, the discount for fancy diamond cuts is higher.

We can take a different approach to this. What size (G color, VS2) diamond could you buy on a $7,000 diamond budget? The round diamond would be about 1.0 carat, but a beautiful shape may be closer to 1.2 carats or even more significant!

What are the Effects of Diamond Shapes on Face-Up Size?

It’s common knowledge that fancy-shaped diamonds appear larger than round diamonds. Because of their extended shapes, oval, pear, emerald, and marquise cuts might appear larger. The same look can be achieved with rectangular cushions, radiant, and princess cuts. Because their corner-to-corner length is more than a round’s diameter, even square radiant, cushion, princess, and Asscher cuts might appear more prominent than around.

A round diamond, on the other hand, does not appear minor. Because of their excellent brightness, well-cut round diamonds appear enormous despite their compact nature — something that no fancy diamond shape can match.

Diamonds that are well-proportioned should have measurements and face-up areas within 5% of the tables. Elongated shapes, on the other hand, have more variation.

Marquise diamonds, around 15% larger than rounds, are the apparent victor for face-up size! For their weight, trillion, oval, and pear shapes also face up large. Asscher-cut diamonds have the smallest face-up size of the other shapes.

What is the Best Place to Buy a Fancy-Cut Diamond?

A fancy-cut diamond should be thoroughly examined before purchase, like a round diamond. Look for a diamond that isn’t off-color and avoid massive inclusions near the gem’s core in any shape. Above all, could you take a look at how it performs? You should be satisfied with the performance of a diamond engagement ring that costs thousands of dollars.

Both James Allen and the Blue Nile have a large collection of fancy diamond shapes in their databases, with magnified 360° footage showing thousands of stones. This allows you to compare and contrast the qualities of each diamond.

James Allen also allows you to consult with one of their specialists about your diamond, which is crucial for determining the cut quality of fancy diamond shapes! Furthermore, James Allen has a vast assortment of engagement ring styles for individuals who want to design their own.

In terms of fancy shapes, Blue Nile has a significant advantage. They let you narrow down your options based on the length-to-width ratio. This can save you a lot of time if you’re fussy about the cut’s shape.

On the other hand, if you’re not sure how to judge the cut quality or can’t seem to locate what you’re looking for, try out CustomMade. Their knowledgeable jewelers will help you find the perfect diamond for your style – and your budget!

What Kind of Diamond Gleams the Brightest?

Round The best light performance comes from brilliant-cut diamonds with the most fire, sparkle, and brilliance.

The main attraction to diamonds is their light performance (or sparkle). It’s not just about the money. Diamonds have symbolic meanings as the world’s most indestructible mineral and a symbol of eternal love.

Many people new to diamond shopping (including the great majority of those shopping for an engagement ring) are startled to learn that cut shape is one of the most critical aspects of a diamond’s light performance.

Indeed, for this reason, the Round Brilliant Cut has remained the most popular choice throughout the decades, even when other cuts have risen in popularity.

What is the Distinction Between ‘Cut’ and ‘Shape’ in Diamonds?

A diamond’s cut, in technical terms, is a measure of the gem’s cut quality – it’s one of the “4 Cs” that determines a diamond’s worth. However, as we’ll see later in this article, a diamond’s “cut” can also relate to the stone’s shape.

Cut refers to the quality of the job done by the gem cutter when cutting the rough stone as a criterion for diamond quality.

Poor Cut Quality, Fair Cut Quality, Good Cut Quality, Very Good Cut Quality, and Excellent Cut Quality are the most authoritative and recognized cut scales, according to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

We ask questions like these while evaluating cut quality:

Was the symmetry of the slices achieved by the cutter? Proportional? Cleanly? Did they manage to keep the diamond from being chipped? Is it, above all, resulting in maximal brilliance, fire, and sparkle.

Many people are unaware that they do not immediately divide along flawless lines when diamonds are cut. In truth, the gem cutter’s talent and luck have a significant part in the cut quality of a diamond.

Cut quality is the most significant factor in determining a diamond’s beauty, light performance, and value, and it could be more crucial than the shape. A Round Brilliant Cut diamond with a GIA Cut Quality of Poor will perform better than an Oval Cut diamond with a GIA Cut Quality of Excellent.

Cut quality and diamond-cut (shape) work together to determine a diamond’s light performance.

When it comes to light performance, an Asscher Cut or an Emerald Cut, while lovely for their transparency, will never be able to compete with a Round Brilliant Cut or Princess Cut. It doesn’t matter if they’re the world’s most beautiful Asscher or Emerald cuts, and they won’t be able to outperform a well-cut Round Brilliant due to their proportions.


The shape and cut are equally crucial in performing well in light. The Round Brilliant Cut is still the most popular choice, but you can also choose an oval-cut or princess-cut diamond. If you’re looking for a lower-profile ring, you should consider a Rose Cut if the diamond is too large for the setting. The 58 facets in the oval cut make it one of the most popular cuts.

The ballerina engagement ring, modeled after the tutu, is an example of a cluster-shaped halo ring. It includes a center stone surrounded by baguette diamonds. The halo can also be tapered to mimic the tulle skirt. This ring style dates back to the 1950s but quickly comes back into style due to its striking look.