Green Diamond Engagement Ring

The celebrity couple hasn’t hid their engagement news, and neither have the green diamond engagement rings that they have been wearing. Jennifer Lopez revealed that Ben Affleck proposed to her in a bubble bath. Despite the rumors that her engagement was a surprise, the actress embraced the spotlight, sporting an 8.5-carat cushion modified brilliant-cut green diamond encrusted platinum ring with gold prongs.

Besides the traditional solitaire engagement ring, green diamond rings can also be set in different metals and metal combinations, including platinum, rose gold, and vintage black gold. The ring’s setting should enhance the impact of the green diamonds, and it’s best to get a ring with a three-stone setting. Green diamonds are also beautiful when set with other gemstones, and a three-stone setting can make them look richer. A green diamond halo can be added around a colorless diamond center stone. A green diamond halo can also be used to accent a wedding or eternity ring.

What’s the History of Green Diamond? 

The lovely wealthy inexperienced hue of emerald is regularly related to luck, wishes and May birthdays. Emeralds are cherished by the wealthy, effective and famous, and had been as soon as a prized ownership of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. They are regularly used inside jewelry and maintain symbolic significance, however, what does an emerald engagement ring mean? We screen all on this article.

Origin of Green Diamond’s Color

The colour of a inexperienced diamond originates from the publicity to radioactivity and the atomic radiation that the stone persevered over hundreds of thousands of years. Even aleven though the inexperienced colour is a end result of publicity to radioactivity, there’s no want to worry, as keeping the stone isn’t risky at all. The formation process, however, is exceedingly rare, ensuing in a coloured diamond that’s extraordinarily tough to obtain.

In order to make figuring out a real inexperienced diamond easier, a few polishers have taken to leaving what’s referred to as a “Natural” at the girdle of the stone. A “Natural” is an unpolished vicinity among the girdle and pavilion, exposing the herbal color of the rough. This mark permits gemologists assessing the stone to understand the color as herbal and offer the diamond with suitable certification.

What are the Other Alternatives Diamonds? 

There are other green alternatives to diamonds, such as emeralds. The latter are less expensive and have the same effect as green diamonds. Another choice is green tourmaline, which is also considered a green gemstone. These stones mimic the look of a green diamond and can be an excellent choice for engagement rings. A green diamond engagement ring may be the perfect way to impress your lady-to-be.

What is Emerald? 

Emeralds are loads of the mineral beryl and get their stunning inexperienced shade from hint quantities of chromium and vanadium. They have long been paired with diamonds and used to embellish jewelry, with emerald diamond jewelry held in excessive regard and regularly used as engagement jewelry.

Origin Of Emeralds  

Emeralds originated in 1500 BC Egypt. The Egyptians believed emeralds held high-quality recuperation powers and served as an image of immortality, fertility, rebirth, and everlasting youth. Queen Cleopatra of Egypt turned enthusiastic about emeralds and owned an intensive collection. Today, emeralds are mined all throughout the world, including Columbia, Zambia, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe. Experts trust the very best excellent emeralds come from Columbia, in which the country\’s herbal emerald deposits are most of the richest.

Green Diamond Engagement Ring Meaning 

There are many meanings of emerald engagement jewelry. Emerald engagement jewelry constitutes luck, love, peace, and hope. Providing your loved one with an emerald engagement ring suggests a motive for a satisfied and blessed marriage. The inexperienced hue of emerald represents new beginnings, whether or not that be in love or life. It is the deep symbolism and the splendor of the stone, which makes emerald engagement jewelry an awesome desire for a wedding proposal.

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How to Choose Green Diamond Engagement Ring? 

Like any engagement ring, non-public flavor and desire is the maximum essential issue to don\’t forget while shopping for an emerald engagement ring. After all, an engagement ring is for life. Emerald engagement jewelry is a very good preference for the ones seeking out a completely unique and colorful gemstone ring. 

Emerald Color

For any piece of gemstone jewelry, color is the maximum essential issue to don\’t forget. Emeralds with excessive and bright colors are the maximum precious and prized stones. Gemstone color is measured primarily based totally on hue, tone, and saturation, with extremely good emeralds having a lightly allotted color.

Emerald Shape

The maximum famous emerald shapes for engagement jewelry have a tendency to be emerald-reduce. It is the lovely elongated look and step-reduce faceting of emerald-reduce emeralds which makes them so special. Other famous shapes for emeralds are spherical and oval-reduce. All of those shapes appear extraordinary in a solitaire placing or as an emerald halo engagement ring. 

Emerald Engagement Ring Settings

The maximum famous emerald engagement ring settings have a tendency to be halo or facet stone styles. This is due to the fact they provide a completely unique, vintage-fashion enchantment that pairs fantastically with colored gemstones including emeralds. 

The means of emerald engagement jewelry, at the side of their excessive beauty, is what makes them so special. To discover a lovely engagement ring for yourself or the only you love, head right into a stay chat or browse our variety online.

Green Diamond’s Rarity and Prices

Green diamonds are taken into consideration as one of the rarer colorations inside the Fancy Diamond world. In fact, the handiest colorations which can be extra tough to locate are red, crimson, blue, violet, and orange. Because of inexperience’s severe rarity, those diamonds are frequently some distance pricier than different colored diamonds. Even eleven though inexperienced diamonds are technically much less uncommon than a crimson diamond, it’s nonetheless extra tough to supply a very good great fancy inexperienced diamond.

Being on a finances doesn’t imply nixing the concept of proudly owning an inexperienced diamond, eleven though. In fact, frequently a completely mild inexperienced diamond incorporates a pleasant tint that provides a strong point to the stone without breaking the bank. For instance, this 1. seventy two Carat spherical diamond from Leibish

Are Green Diamonds Rare?        

Diamonds that show off a shadeation past the famous D-Z shadeation variety are exceedingly rare. Per every 10,000 colorless diamonds handiest fancy shadeation diamond is found. Diamonds are available in each shadeation, and herbal inexperienced diamonds are a number of the rarest and maximum hunted to the ones that could have enough money the big fee tags.

Because green diamonds are rare, you’ll have to be careful about what you choose. You need to be certain the stone has no distracting inclusions, or else it won’t look as good as it should. A yellowish-green diamond is less valuable than a pure green diamond, and will likely cost less than a three-carat stone. This is due to its higher luster. The color of a green diamond is highly prized, so your fiance will be thrilled with her new ring

How does it Look? 

Green diamonds also look good in all kinds of metals, including platinum, yellow gold, and rose gold. A halo setting is a great way to show off the beauty of the green diamond, as it increases the overall Carat weight. A light green diamond halo ring, for example, looks stunning in a halo-style setting. This setting will also add sparkle and detail to the ring.

Jennifer Lopez has received six engagement rings in her life and is currently engaged to Ben Affleck. In 2002, she was given a 6-carat cushion-cut pink diamond engagement ring, which she rejected. The two broke up in 2002 but were later spotted together again. She recently revealed a clip of the engagement announcement on her fan account. The green diamond engagement ring is rumored to be 8.5 carats, with two white trillion-cut diamond side stones.

Where it’s Found? 

Natural green diamonds are usually found in Africa and South America. The color of these stones is caused by exposure to radiation while the diamonds were under the earth’s surface. However, any diamond can undergo laboratory treatment to make it green. Diamonds can undergo irradiation to change color, and the green shade of diamonds symbolizes nature, vitality, and new beginnings. But before you buy a green diamond engagement ring, it’s important to keep in mind a few facts.


A green diamond’s color is caused by the exposure of the crystal lattice to radiation during the formation process. This isn’t a threat, as it’s extremely rare. The more expensive, and more desirable the color, the higher its price per carat. You can get a green diamond engagement ring by consulting with a reputable gemologist. You can trust the GIA. Your green diamond engagement ring will be a true treasure!

There are many different grades of green diamonds. Generally speaking, the fancy vivid green grade is the most expensive, costing between $3 million and $10 million. Despite the high prices, green diamonds are rare and beautiful and are worth more than half a million dollars. It depends on the carat weight and color intensity, however, so don’t be afraid to spend a little extra money. You can even surprise your significant other with a green diamond engagement ring.