Diamond Engagement Ring With Ruby Accents

The official birthstone for July, rubies are a unique addition to a diamond engagement ring. This three-stone design is an excellent choice for any woman who wants something a little different. Whether she wants something old-fashioned or modern, a diamond engagement ring with ruby accents will suit her taste and budget. One such heirloom-quality earring features a center stone flanked by two beautiful rubies. It also features milgrain edges and carved filigree. It retails for under three thousand dollars and is made in the USA. 

Ruby engagement rings are the ultimate of superb craftsmanship and have been admired by many. The variety of real ruby rings is grouped in attractive sequences of antique ruby rings, ruby halo engagement rings, and many other exotic patterns, merging classic patterns with modern touches. Various diamond shapes such as round cut, radiant cut, and so on are raised as focal stones to reveal unrivaled sparkle in these magnificent ruby and diamond rings. The assortment of white gold ruby rings, yellow gold ruby rings, and other shining metals are widely admired. Diamonds of various carat weights are used in these diamond and ruby engagement rings to fit your budget. 

Diamond Engagement Ring With Ruby Accents 

While diamonds can be used in a diamond engagement ring with ruby accents, they are not a replacement for a diamond center stone. When a diamond is set in a ring with ruby accents, the center stone should be colorless. However, if your ring has a center stone that is a different color, you can choose a ring with a yellow center stone. 

A diamond engagement ring with ruby accents is the perfect way to show off your love for your future spouse. There are countless options for a custom-made ruby ring, and you can even incorporate your own personal style into the design. The style and materials of the diamond & gems can also be a personal choice. A ring with ruby accents is an excellent way to express your love for your partner. 

How To Choose Size Of Diamond Engagement Ring With Ruby Accents? 

The size of the side stones should complement the center stone. Some designs are more balanced with larger side stones, while others look better with smaller stones. Some people may prefer a ring with a ruby center stone. In such a case, a ring with ruby accents is an excellent choice for a woman who wants to express her personality. You can design a bespoke ring with the diamond of your choice to match your wedding style. 

The carat size of the side stones on a diamond engagement ring with ruby accents is dependent on your taste. Some designs lend themselves to larger side stones, while others lend themselves to smaller ones. If you want a three-stone setting, you should consider selecting two large side stones equal in size and proportions. While they are small, they should not be too large or small. You should choose the size of the side stones carefully to make sure that the ring looks elegant and timeless. 

How To Choose Shape Of Diamond Engagement Ring With Ruby Accents? 

In addition to the size of the side stones, the shape of the accent stones is also essential. Some designs lend themselves to smaller side stones, while others benefit from larger ones. For instance, a three-stone setting with a single center stone will look more balanced if you choose smaller side stones. On the other hand, a three-stone setting with two big side rocks will appear unbalanced if they are equal in size and proportion. 

Ruby Engagement Ring Origin 

The ruby is a rare and valuable gemstone found in Burma, Afghanistan, Australia, India, Madagascar, and several other countries, including sections of the United States. Fergie’s massive ruby diamond engagement ring attracted the imagination of modern brides worldwide. Despite the fact that rubies are generally blood red, diamond and blue ruby engagement rings have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. 

Although diamonds formerly ruled the engagement ring market, in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the diamond was coupled with the ruby to signify eternity and love. This contrast between the stones became a prized item among the wealthy. Hindus also held the ruby in great regard, classifying it into upper, middle, and lower castes based on its beauty, quality, and color. It was once assumed that a lower ruby could not even come close to a higher ruby for fear of contaminating it. 

Because of their rich red color, ruby engagement rings are now thought to symbolize desire. Rubies are associated with desire, but they also represent love and courage. According to legend, the ruby is actually hardened fire with the ability to set people’s hearts on fire. The ruby, also known as the “Stone of Nobility,” is thought to bring brightness and calm into one’s life. In terms of peace, the ruby is thought to be able to mediate lovers’ quarrels. 

Choosing A Ruby & Diamond Ring 

 Ruby solitaire, three-stone, and ruby accent gemstone engagement rings are rich, stunning choices. Some people, on the other hand, believe that adding a diamond to the mix or making the accent stones diamonds rather than tiny rubies, offers those rings an unrivaled appeal. 

Take, for example, the white gold ruby solitaire engagement ring with a round brilliant cut. The rich red ruby will attract admirers from all around the world on its own. However, if you add accent diamonds or alternate little diamonds with rubies all the way around the band, it goes from eye-catching to eye-popping. 
In a crowd, a tri-stone ruby engagement ring with a yellow gold band will stick out. Replace the two smaller stones on either side of the center ruby with diamonds to bring out the gleam of the gold band and the intensity of the red gemstone for a stunning engagement ring that will make anyone jealous. 

Are Rubies More Expensive Than Diamonds? 

 Although certain rubies are extremely valuable and can fetch extremely high prices, the majority of rubies are significantly less expensive than diamonds of the same size. 

Ruby is a more affordable alternative to a diamond for an engagement ring or other jewelry because of its reduced price. For example, a diamond of the same size and reasonable quality, such as this one, costs more than five times as much as this 1.25 carat ruby from James Allen. 

Very high-end rubies can be far more expensive – in some circumstances, as much as or more than diamonds of comparable size. For example, Leibish & Co.’s magnificent Pigeon Blood ruby from Mozambique costs more than $50,000, which is comparable to the cost of a huge, oval-shaped diamond. 

How To Tell If A Ruby Is Real? 

It’s important to distinguish between a lab-created ruby and a phony ruby. Rubies made in a lab are chemically identical to real rubies, yet they may appear somewhat different under careful inspection (for example, few or unnatural-looking inclusions). 

Fake rubies, on the other hand, are often created from glass or other, less expensive gemstones. These are not chemically identical to rubies and will not have the same strength or look. 

Tips For Buying a Ruby Engagement Ring 

 Purchasing a ruby engagement ring is, in general, a straightforward procedure. You don’t have to be concerned about inclusions as much as you would with a diamond because clarity isn’t as important. Looking at a ruby in large, well-lit images can also give you an excellent indication of its color. 

Even so, there are a few things to consider while looking at ruby engagement rings online or making your own with a loose ruby and setting. 

Rubies are substantially less expensive than diamonds, which are commonly used in engagement rings. This makes them an excellent choice if you want a distinctive and stunning engagement ring that isn’t as expensive as a diamond ring. For example, whereas a one-carat diamond with acceptable cut, color, and clarity can cost $4,000 or more, a high-quality ruby can be had for less than $500. 

Rubies are a lovely gemstone and a birthstone, and they’re perfect for personalizing an engagement ring. A ruby ring can be both an attractive engagement ring and a token of how special they are to you if your fiancé-to-be was born in July. Of course, your fiancé doesn’t have to be born in July to be a good fit for a ruby engagement ring. 


When choosing a ring with ruby accents, it is important to consider the size of the accent stones. A diamond is a precious stone, and the size of the side stones should complement the center stone. The proportions of the side stones should be similar to the center stone. If you choose to use ruby accents with diamonds, ensure the side stones are equal in size and proportions. 

Diamonds are expensive and should be chosen carefully. The cost of a diamond ring with ruby accents can vary significantly. Although ruby is considered a very good alternative to diamond, it is also less durable than diamonds. Aside from diamonds, it is possible to choose any other gemstones for the side stones. Aside from its color, you should also consider the size of the center stone.