Pros and Cons of White Gold Wedding Bands

Pros and Cons of White Gold Wedding Bands

white gold wedding bandsWhite gold wedding bands are among the most popular of all wedding bands on the market. Not only are they more affordable than platinum, they are durable and incredibly versatile. As with all products, there are pros and cons that consumers find helpful to know about before they purchase.

White Gold Wedding Bands: Background

Platinum, before World War II, was extremely popular for rings made in the United States. However, during World War II, there was a ban on non-military manufacturing of platinum, which lead to the rise in white gold for jewelry around the world.

White gold is an alloy comprised of various metals:

– Silver
– Palladium
– Nickel
– Pure gold

White gold is actually yellow gold coated with rhodium to attain its silvery liquid coloring. However, over time, the coating will wear away, meaning it must be re-dipped or coated every 3 years or so to ensure it stays looking its brilliant white best. Doing this can cost around $50, all dependent on the ring’s complexity and style.

How To Measure Gold for White Gold Wedding Bands

White gold is like yellow cold in that it’s measured in karats – 18K, 14K and 10K. You can find the stamp quality by looking inside the band. 18-karat white gold is a mixture of 25 percent white metal (nickel or palladium) and 75 percent pure gold. 10-karat white gold is made up of three-part gold to up to five parts of some other kind of alloy metal such as silver.

What Are The Positive Aspects Of White Gold Wedding Bands?

White gold isn’t like platinum, as it’s not as durable in the sense that the metal can wear down in certain high-use areas of the jewelry. There would need to be a high degree of wear and tear for this to happen, and most couples find that they are completely happy with white gold. There are several key advantages to it:

1 – Affordability

White gold is generally less expensive than other kinds of metal (like platinum) which enables couples to invest their money in other things – better quality diamonds, gemstones, extravagant ring styles, etc. White gold wedding bands tend to cost a quarter less than what you see with platinum bands. Of course, the cost of refinishing the ring needs to be factored in as well but it is still minor in comparison to the price difference.

2 – Toughness

White gold has a lighter weight than platinum, and is both tougher and stronger than the majority of pure or yellow gold. It’s also not as difficult to scratch compared to platinum, which means the ring can keep its flawless look even when you’re participating in a strenuous activity.

3 – Appearance

Many women see white gold has being a much more fashionably flexible metal than yellow gold, and may be worn with all kinds of jewelry and clothing. White gold also has a tendency to highly the brilliance of diamonds; yellow gold tends to produce a yellow tint for some styles.

Three Common Drawbacks to White Gold Wedding Bands

It’s important that no metal is going to be perfect. White gold does have some flaws couples should consider when choosing their white gold engagement rings.

1 – Allergies

White gold engagement ring buyers must know about the possible allergy that nickel can pose, as 20 percent of the population is allergic to the metal. Allergies can include itching, discoloration and swelling in the area the metal touches the skin. If this is a concern for you, palladium white gold may be a better option…albeit a more expensive one.

2 – Chemical Sensitivity

No gold – regardless of what color – should be worn in swimming pools or hot tubs because of its chlorine sensitivity. The metal could become discolored or pitted. Before using bleach or a strong household cleaner, the jewelry should be taken off.

3 – Mistaken Identity

One key disadvantage to white gold couples tend to forget is they don’t recognize it for its quality metal. To the casual observer, it could be mistaken for sterling silver or silver.

More and more people are choosing white gold for their engagement ring. After all, it’s a versatile and beautiful metal that can produce a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. With the right type of care, the white gold engagement ring will be a beloved heirloom.



All in all, white gold is an excellent choice for wedding bands (or any type of jewelry for that matter) and offers a versatile and affordable look matched with a beautiful silvery white color that both men and women love. It is still the most popular choice for all engagement and wedding rings around North America and experts see this trend to continue for many years to come.




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