All You Need to Know about Diamond Shapes.

All You Need to Know about Diamond Shapes. 

Lovers of diamonds will tell you that the shape of your diamond jewelry matters a lot. It makes a statement of your preference and personality. A diamond can either have the traditional round shape or a fancy shape. There are several fancy shapes, all of which have different features. As we note below, it is a diamond’s cut that give it its shape.

The most popular diamond shapes

The traditional round shapes are more popular than the fancy shape diamonds. In fact, about 70% of all diamonds sold are round-shaped. In America, people call it the “American Ideal Cut.” It is more popular than the fancy shapes due to its ability to reflect light more than these fancy shapes. This ability to reflect light increases its brightness. The round cut is normally has 58 facets.

Fancy shaped diamonds also have varying degrees of popularity. For instance, when it comes to the manufacture of engagement diamond rings, the princess, cushion cut and radiant cut types are more popular than other shapes. Precisely, more than 1/3 of diamond engagement rings produced are either princess shaped, cushion shaped or radiant cut type.

  • Princess cut diamonds. This is the most popular fancy shape. It goes well with almost every ring style, and this explains its popularity. Its sparkling facets adorn the hand of the wearer in a way that nothing else can.
  • Cushion cut diamonds. As the name suggests, these diamond cuts resemble a cushion. They have a square shape but with round corners. The modern cushion cut diamonds have a smaller culet that before, enlarged table and increased brilliance.
  • Radiant cut diamonds. A complete brilliant-cut pattern of facets on the crown and the pavilion is one of the features that make the radiant cut diamond shape unique. Its shape lies between the princess and cushion shapes, making it very beautiful to the eyes.

Other shapesdiamond-shapes

  • Oval diamonds. They are elliptical in shape, and they are based on the brilliant cut. Oval diamond rings have the advantage of making the finger of the wearer appear slimmer due to their elongated shape. Oval diamonds normally have the bow-tie effect.
  • Marquise diamonds. Marquise diamonds are also a variation of the brilliant cut. Just like the oval shape, the marquise shaped rings flatter small fingers, making them appear longer and slimmer. Symmetry is very important to this type of diamonds, as lack of it is very noticeable and degrading. They also have a bow-tie effect.



  • ste-shapeEmerald cut diamonds. They are rectangular in shape with corner facets and flat planes. They are step-cut diamonds whose dark and light planes create a mirror effect.
  • Asscher cut diamonds. They are a variation of the emerald type diamonds with a square shape, larger step facets, smaller table and higher crown. These features make them more brilliant than the emerald cut diamonds.
  • Heart shaped diamonds. They are a modification of the brilliant cut and a unique sign of love. They are mainly used in solitaire pendants and rings. Just like the marquise diamonds, symmetry is very important with this shape. Being the most romantic shape, lack of symmetry will ruin all the affection that comes with romance.
  • Pear-shaped diamonds. They are modified brilliant cut diamonds which take both the marquise and round shapes. Perfect symmetry gives them great appearance, and they come in slim to wide cuts, which accentuate the length of the wearer’s finger. Narrow pear diamonds are good for dangle earrings,
    while the wide ones are good for solitaire rings. Because of the combination of heart, round and marquise shapes, the pear shaped diamond ring has become very popular in the recent times.

Effect of diamond shape on the price

Prices of diamonds depend on the shape chosen. In particular, round diamonds are the most expensive shapes, because they are very popular. Their manufacturing costs are also higher than those of other diamond cuts and shapes. Of the fancy shapes, there are also some which are more expensive than others due to high demand. A case on point, you expect princess, cushion and radiant cut diamond engagement rings to be more expensive than the less popular cuts.

Whichever diamond shape you like, you need to ensure that you are keen on the length to width ratio, the precise measurements as well as the cut, clarity and the color. These factors will contribute to the overall beauty of the diamond.

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