8 Trendy Diamond Stud Earrings for Men

8 Trendy Diamond Stud Earrings for Men

Diamond stud earrings for men are the perfect accessory for gentlemen not afraid of a little spark. Though men wearing stud earrings seems a modern phenomenon, it isn’t. Both men and women had their ears pierced and decorated in the Stone Age. In the Renaissance and Baroque eras, it was fashionable to wear only one earring. This can even be seen in the Chandos portrait of William Shakespeare, who wears a tiny gold hoop in one ear. Eventually, earrings for men fell out of favor in the West. Even now, a man who is seen wearing an earring or two at a formal event or an awards ceremony is seen as somewhat unconventional and daring. Nonetheless, dare to be different by wearing a pair. Check out the trendiest stud earrings you can purchase online.

Stunning Diamond Stud Earrings for Men – 8 Options

Black Diamond Clusters

men's earrings featuring black diamonds that can also be worn as a single

These diamond stud earrings for men from ItsHot.com are unusual in that the diamonds are black and cluster set. Black diamonds, like all colored diamonds, are called fancies. If they are cut and polished to perfection they can cost more than the sought after white diamonds. They are also rated differently, for their clarity, cut, color and carat weight don’t have the same values as a white diamond.

In the case of this pair of studs, the diamonds have an excellent AAA clarity. The metal is 14 karat gold, and the combined weight of the diamonds is 4.32 carats. The diamond stud earrings for men have comfortable prong findings. These unusual and beautiful earrings retail for $1,137.00. Similar diamond stud earrings for men feature glittering white diamonds.

Diamond Solitaire Studs

pair of white diamond stud earrings

These diamond stud earrings for men, also from ItsHot.com, feature white, round-cut diamonds in prong settings in 14 karat gold. Fourteen carat gold is stronger and more durable than pure, or 24 karat gold because it’s alloyed with copper. Pure gold would be too soft to wear as jewelry.

The diamonds in this pair weigh 0.50 carats and are slightly included, which means they have one or two tiny flaws. They have an H-I rating, which means that any color is very hard to detect, or what color there is adds an extra warmth to the gemstone. The price of the Gold Solitaire Round Diamond Martini Stud Earrings is $240.00.

Round Studs

sterling silver diamond earrings for men

These unique round studs from Piercing Pagoda have diamond accents in a micro-pavé setting. The metal is a gleaming white sterling silver. Like pure gold, pure silver is also a bit soft for everyday wear, and sterling silver is 92.5 parts pure silver alloyed with copper. Still, silver will tarnish over time, and many people find this tarnish pleasing like the verdigris over copper.

These diamond stud earrings for men sport screw back findings and cost a very reasonable $59.99. One may wear them in a pair or singly at more casual events such as picnics or beach parties. Similar earrings are square or square with a gleaming yellow rhodium plate over the silver. Rhodium, another type of metal which protects the silver from tarnishing, makes these diamond stud earrings for men a bit costlier.

Black and White Diamonds

black diamond stud earrings for men that also have multiple white diamonds

A beautiful and unusual set of diamond stud earrings for men, they feature a black, round-cut, prong-set diamond haloed by pavé set white diamonds mounted in 14 karat gold with a prong finding. The black diamond weighs 1.50 carats, while the total weight of the white diamonds is 0.42 carats. These studs are classy enough to wear to a wedding, whether you’re the groom or a guest. The cost is $199.00.

Ice Cube Diamond Cluster

square shaped diamond earrings for men

One pair of bodacious hip-hop diamond stud earrings for men features black and white diamonds arranged in an ice cube on sterling silver. The earrings feature 56 white diamond and 72 black diamonds, both round cut and micro-pavé set. The white diamonds are just slightly colored and have a few inclusions and have a total weight of 3/8 of a carat. The black diamonds weigh 3/5 of a carat. The metal weighs 4.70 grams, is highly polished, and each earring has a screwback finding. This set by Elora and featured on Overstock costs $248.39. The earring, with it’s blocky, masculine design is also available with all white diamonds.

Blue Diamond Single Stud

14K bezel setting blue diamond earring

Since jewelry designers know that lots of earring-loving men like to wear only one stud at a time, retailers have obliged by selling them singly. The stellar earring by Auriya on Overstock features a peacock blue, round cut diamond in a 14 karat gold bezel setting. The finding is a simple push-back, though variations have screw back findings. The metal can be yellow gold, white gold or rose gold and the diamond, which can also be white, weighs about 1/3 of a carat. These solitary stud earrings retail at $519.99.

Football Diamond Stud Earrings for Men

football shaped diamond stud earrings for men

For men who want to proclaim their love of their favorite sport, Avianne jewelers present their soccer ball-shaped earrings . Like the ball, the domed earrings are separated into pentagons and hexagons. Each hexagon is pavé set with white diamonds and each pentagon pavé set with black diamonds. As a result, we get a total diamond weight of 1.07 carats. The metal is a strong 10 karat white gold, and the finding is screw back. The pair weighs 2.6 grams and sells for $950.00.

Crazy Expensive Diamond Stud Earrings for Men

Auriya 14k Gold 2ct TDW 4-Prong Basket Screw-Back Princess-Cut Diamond

For the man who has everything and can afford everything, the eighth choice is a pair of pure diamond earrings from Auriya clasped in a prong basket setting in 14 karat gold. Both sparkling diamonds add up to a whopping two carats. Furthermore, the diamonds are princess cut, which is the most popular shape after the round cut. Princess cut diamonds are squarish, with pointed corners. The diamonds are just slightly colored and slightly included, and their price starts at $9,261.59. This is what a man wears to the Oscars.

A bit of sparkle on the earlobe of a manly man speaks of a bold individuality. It matters not if the diamonds are transparent, black, red, gold or blue or if they’re easily affordable or eye-poppingly pricey. Therefore, whatever their quality, there’s a diamond stud earring made for every man who wants to be a little ahead of the crowd.

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