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Enso Rings Review: An Alternative To Wedding Bands

When it comes to engagement, wedding, and casual rings, a more contemporary choice is available. You may have only recently discovered the inexpensive phenomenon, or you may have been wanting one for some time but haven’t known where to begin looking. So, there’s no need to ponder any longer! You won’t have to sift through the weeds of the internet to find the information you seek. Everything you need to know about Enso Rings is right here in our review.

You may be a part of a couple who works out, adventures, or raises young kids together, so traditional rings may be out of the question. Metal rings, for marriage or not, can scratch, crack, be expensive, or simply get lost. This leaves you with the question: What else is there to wear? We’ve got your answer in our Enso rings review. So buckle yourselves in and get ready for a silicone solution to any fashion crisis.

Enso Rings

As the name implies, Enso Rings is a firm that produces and sells silicone rings. In fact, they can even design and build your silicone wedding band. Enso Rings are some of the best silicone wedding bands available. They are composed of a patented silicone that is considerably safer than regular wedding rings made of precious metals, as opposed to traditional wedding bands made of titanium.

If you’ve looked around and considered various wedding bands choices such as tungsten wedding bands and wood wedding rings but they’re just not your style, you might like the flexibility of silicone bands, especially if you lead an active life.

Enso Ring Review

Enso rings are not only available in a variety of colors, but they can also be stacked! You can mix and match colors whenever you like. Aside from the convenience of a sleek form, the ring’s lightness is also appealing.

The sizing of these silicone rings for women is similar to that of traditional metal wedding bands. Furthermore, because the fabric is elastic, even if an Enso wedding ring is slightly smaller than the circle of your finger, it won’t annoy you as much. These rings, on the other hand, tend to stretch over time and grow slightly larger than their original ring size.

As a result, I believe you should order a half-size smaller. On the company’s website, you’ll find a very clear sizing chart that shows you how to measure your right size in several methods. If you don’t know how to measure your finger’s size, you can give them a print of one of your existing rings to help them figure out the right size. Don’t be concerned if your ordered ring appears to be a little oversized when you receive it. Enso Rings have a simple exchange procedure.

Because of the elastic material, these rings will grow in size with time, as I previously stated. Looking at your finger after you remove the silicone wedding ring is one approach to see if the band fits your size and the needs of your skin. You must return the goods and choose a larger size if you see any signs of pain, redness, rashes, or discoloration.

Alternatives To The Classic Wedding Band

What you know is that you’ve discovered the girl of your dreams and have managed to persuade her to commit to spending the rest of her life with you. You’re one lucky puppy. Here’s something you don’t know: Everything else is a lie. The act of tying the knot is a tremendously satisfying and beautiful experience. And it’ll make you jump out of your skin.

That’s fine, though. You’re nervous, and we’ve all been there. All that matters is her, but it doesn’t negate the fact that there are other things that matter a lot. Your wedding band will be one of those things. There are a plethora of options available, but if you want a less traditional, cough-boring-cough approach, here are 8 stunning and creative wedding bands for the modern guy.

Fabuluster Fingerprint Ring

We’ve seen some highly private wedding bands, but the Fabuluster Fingerprint Rings from Topsham, Maine, are probably some of the most intensely intimate wedding bands we’ve seen. These rings feature your partner’s fingerprint, which has been meticulously and concisely carved into the inner or outer surface of your band—a bit of them that will be with you always and forever in your jewelry collection.

Qalo Ring

When we initially came across QALO’s website, we were a little hesitant. What about a rubber wedding band? Sounds… Cheap. Men’s wedding bands made by the QALO brand, on the other hand, have stood the test of time, and we can respect any company that produces products that can resist the daily beating of an active lifestyle.

Wedgewood Rings Sr-71 Blackbird Ti And USS North Carolina Teak Wooden Ring

Almost makes us want to go out and find a wife just so we can buy this ring, which is a testament to how awesome it is! This ring is made from titanium taken from the ejector nozzle of an SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance plane, as well as genuine reclaimed teak wood taken from the deck of the USS North Carolina. It is authentic, masculine, and tough as nails. In order to be true “forever,” you should dress in a manner that is appropriate for the occasion.

Satomi Kawakita MR0105

Solid gold, sterling silver, and platinum wedding rings are created by Satomi Kawakita, a New York-based jewelry designer who specializes in wedding bands for men and women. One of the things we appreciate about them is that, like any successful marriage, no two rings are exactly alike, and each is flecked with minor flaws. For people looking for something different and beautifully authentic, these are great, simple options.

Bario Neal Weatherized Bronze And Gold Band

If you haven’t already guessed, our preference for bands is more toward the utilitarian and well-worn than the sleek and new. The wedding band on a man’s finger will remain there for the remainder of his (hopefully) natural life. It would be naive to regard it as if it were some kind of work of high art. This specific ring has been damaged, dinged, and oxidized, among other things… Beautiful. The inlay, on the other hand, is superb, polished, and elegant 18-karat Fairmined Yellow Gold, which will remain gorgeous till the end of the world.

Digby & Lona Ties That Bind Band

On the outside and inside of this handcrafted band from Brooklyn, New York, is a highly detailed and elegantly traditional rope pattern that has been engraved through the band’s whole length. It’s elegant and understated, and it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “tying the knot.”

Simply Wood “Incorruptible” Teakwood Ring

Simply Wood rings are all handcrafted in Chicago, and each one is molded from a single piece of salvaged wood before being strengthened with an industrial strength adhesive to ensure long-lasting durability (that is verified nontoxic and has no Volatile Organic Compounds). They stand behind their products and provide free refinishing for the life of each and every band they manufacture. Their collection includes a wide range of rings, but their clean and elegant “incorruptible” Teakwood Ring is a great alternative to more traditional bands.

Sakurako Shimizu Custom Waveform Ring

The day you and your future bride say “I do” should be etched in your minds for the rest of your lives. The Japanese artist and designer Sakurako Shimizu have figured out how to preserve that moment trapped in both space and time with her Custom Waveform Rings, which she sells online. If you and your bride record themselves saying “I do,” you may send the.wav recordings to Shimizu, who will use it to create a 3D-printed casting of your oaths, which will then be cast into your wedding bands. Designed by Shimizu herself, the inventive rings are hand-cast in Brooklyn, and each one is manufactured to order.

Enso Ring Review – Main Collections

Enso also sells bracelets in addition to silicone rings, but in today’s article, we’ll concentrate on their major products, which are rings and wedding bands. Some of their most popular sets are as follows:

  • Bevel Collection-Simple and basic rings in the shape of metal wedding bands are featured in this collection. These rings resemble regular rings in appearance, yet they are far more comfortable, lighter, and safer.
  • Infinity Collection-For those of you in never-ending relationships, these rings are magnificent tokens of dedication. They include an infinity motif that represents love, warmth, and trust.
  • DualTone Collection-This series is all about exhibiting two contrasting colours on the same silicone ring: one on the outside and the other hidden on the inside. If you purchase a ring from the DualTone line, you will be able to personalise it by writing a word on the external surface.
  • Ultralite Collection-These rings are lighter, thinner, more comfortable, and more flexible than the rings in the other collections, while still keeping their durability.
  • Inked Collection-This Enso Rings line is a fresh addition to the family. The rings on display are one-of-a-kind. All of them are limited editions and were created by brilliant and imaginative artists. You may choose from three different motifs on the website right now: snowflakes, star sweaters, and penguins.

Is The Ring’s Material Easy To Put On And Take Off?

Overall, the material is comfortable to wear, however, it has a proclivity to attract fluff, hair, and other particles.

Because of the inherently gripping character of these rings, it was difficult to keep them clean, and even some of our photographs contained little dust or fuzz particles that had become entrapped on the rings during the process.

Are Enso Rings Replicas Of Real Wedding Bands?

You can readily notice that these rings aren’t composed of standard metallic materials when viewed up close. The further you walk away from them, the more difficult it becomes to tell what fabric they’re made of. As a result, Enso rings could be an excellent choice for those looking to conserve money while maintaining a fashionable appearance.

Finally, the primary reason for choosing a silicone band over a metal ring is safety, not fashion. The majority of customers were pleased with their purchases, claiming that the rings were precise as depicted in the images. The colors are vibrant and strong, and the material is flexible and supple.


So, to wrap up our Enso Rings review here’s what we’ve got: These rings are not only the finest choice for an active lifestyle, but they’re also simpler in design and more environmentally friendly in terms of materials. Don’t be surprised if your rings break easily if you’re harsh with them. If they do, it might be a good idea to get multi-packs or look for a ring that is actually sturdy and enduring. The little cost of a new ring may pile up quickly, and 1,000 silicone rings can cost just as much as a single metal band. If you’re buying a silicone ring primarily for its hypoallergenic properties, it’s advisable to try it on before purchasing it rather than ordering it online. Double-checking the materials before you buy is another approach to ensure you’re receiving something comfy.

In conclusion, silicone rings are cool for a variety of reasons, making any of the brands listed above a good pick. That is, depending on your requirements. After all, a silicone ring is a silicone ring, regardless of the brand. And it seems like a triumph if you can account for all of your fingers at the end of the day.

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