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Five Reasons to Buy Moissanite Rings


Looking for a high quality, affordable diamond alternative? You many want to consider purchasing a moissanite ring. This sparkling gemstone is becoming a popular choice for women’s rings as they are beginning to discover the excellent qualities of this unique and beautiful gemstone.

Moissanite and diamonds are completely different gemstones, with their own unique characteristics  and optical properties. Because many people may not know a great deal about this brilliant gemstone, they may not initially consider it. However, upon closer examination, many women find they enjoy the look and price of moissanite. Here are a few reasons why:


Reason #1: Moissanite rings have more fire and brilliance

Moissanite is an intensely sparkling gemstone, with a refractive index of approximately double the fire of a diamond. This brilliance is compounded with the fact that moissanite does not attract grease or other oils. This is important since diamonds  attract more grease, which builds up over time and causes them to lose their fire and brilliance. Moissanite rings will still retain their sparkle, even when they have not been cleaned for a long period of time.


Reason #2: Moissanite rings are affordable–even the colored ones.

Naturally, cost is a factor for most people buying rings. Fortunately, moissanite is rated as one of the most affordable diamond alternatives on the market.  For example, a 1 carat round solitaire in a 14K white gold setting costs an average of $800. A diamond ring of the same quality (VS, near colorless) can cost approximately $15,000. It is important to note that because diamonds and moissanite are completely different gemstones, it can be difficult to compare them side by side. This is especially true when discussing color comparisons, as moissanite is considered near colorless but is not listed on the GIA diamond color grading scale.

Another positive? Beautiful fancy colored moissanite stones available at a fraction of the price of fancy colored diamonds.


Reason #3: Moissanite rings have fantastic durability.



Moissanite companies love to tout that their stones are nearly as durable diamonds. These stones are less likely to split into pieces than their mined diamond counterparts when hit with force. The stones cut and chemical makeup enable for strong bonds which make the stone resistant to breaking or chipping.


Reason #4: Moissanite rings are unique–and conflict-free.


Where else can one get a stone that originated from the stars? Moissanite was discovered in a meteorite crater in the late 1800’s and was so rare that it took a century to recreate for the general public. As well, moissanite rings are guaranteed to be 100% blood and conflict free–something that diamond ring companies can rarely claim.

Reason #5: Moissanite rings can be purchased at many reputable stores with fantastic guarantees and return policies.


Unlike many bricks and mortar jewelry stores, moissanite rings can be purchased with more reasonable return policies and guarantees. Moissanite is growing in popularity and can be purchased at many well-known stores such as:

Jewelers, department stores and home shopping television networks have embraced moissanite. Here is a general list of retailers who offer moissanite:


Boston Store
Lord & Taylor

Helzberg Diamonds
Harry Ritchie’s Jewelers
King’s Jewelry
Peoples The Diamond Store
Ross Simons
Ultra Diamonds
Von Maur
Zales Outlet

Joy Jewelers
Moissanite Jewelry

Jupiter Shop Channel [Japan]
Ideal World [UK]
Viva TV [Taiwan]


Images courtesy of Charles & Colvard, and Moissanite Buyers Guide.

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  1. I recently purchased a moissanite ring in July from JTV. This is my only purchase from this company. I have yet to wear it. It is absolutely beautiful, but from what I have been reading about this stone and JTV it sounds like I’ve purchased a price of junk.
    I could really use some sound advise here. Is it junk, or not?
    Thank you!

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