How Big is a Two Carat Diamond?

A diamond is only as valuable as the amount of fire and brilliance it emits; this is one of the reasons why diamond buyers exercise extreme caution when selecting the appropriate diamond size and weight for their needs. Indeed, the greater the size and weight of a diamond, the greater the amount of sparkle the diamond produces. There is, however, an exception to this general norm. High-quality 2 Carat Engagement Rings sparkle, shine, and gleam with brilliance as they are worn. When it comes to purchasing a giant diamond, even the most straightforward faults might cause significant complications.

If you’re looking for a 2-carat diamond ring, there are a few essential factors to consider. Diamonds of this carat weight that are well cut are difficult to come by and demand extra care and attention during the search process. Choosing a diamond, a ring, and a vendor should be comprehensive. It’s essential to understand how to analyze the four characteristics of diamonds to get the most for your money.

2 carat dimaond ring

What’s a 2-Carat Diamond, and How Big is It?

In this case, the weight of the diamond is referred to as a 2 Carat (or Two Carat) Diamond. Every two-carat diamond equals 400 milligrams or around 0.4 g of gold. Consider this: a 2 Carat Diamond weighs approximately the same as half of a raisin.

In a crowded street, a 2-carat diamond ring, for example, is unlikely to garner much attention from onlookers. On the other hand, the diamond can appear substantially more significant if the wearer is seated directly next to you in a particular location.

Overt displays of glitz and glamour are regularly required in certain occupations, such as acting and modeling. Because of this, you would be better off wearing a 2-carat diamond or possibly a larger one on your finger. If, on the other hand, you work in a field where looks aren’t as important as it once was, your best chance would be to purchase a diamond weighing less than 2 carats. The same goes for individuals who work in hazardous environments, such as truck drivers and delivery drivers. Whenever you believe your safety is in jeopardy, you would want to keep the diamond hidden as much as possible.

However, when selecting something as priceless and timeless as a diamond, your career should not be the sole consideration. As we will see, the appearance of a 2-carat diamond is influenced by various other aspects, including the way the stone is placed in a ring, and the cut, color, and clarity of the diamond.

The diameter of around a 2-carat diamond should be approximately 8.10mm. For comparison, here are all of the diamond forms next to a quarter.

Several internet diamond dealers have a variety of magnificent 2 Carat Diamond engagement rings. There are substantial disparities in the beauty of these diamonds and significant differences in the prices of these gems. A higher price does not usually indicate a superior diamond, either.

Diamonds are all priced per carat when it comes to pricing. A 0.50-carat diamond, for example, may cost $1,400 per carat, and the stone’s price would be $1,400 multiplied by 0.50, or $700.

Moreover, as you progress through the weight categories, diamond prices per carat rise. Because of the more significant weight value of the diamond and the higher price per carat for the increased weight category, diamond prices rise exponentially with weight. A 2 carat diamond like this one from the Blue Nile, for example, could cost $7,358 per carat, while a similar 3 carat diamond like this one from the Blue Nile could cost $12,213 per carat.

We emphasize categories since prices per carat do not increase in lockstep with weight. Diamonds are a type of retail product motivated by emotion rather than logic. Looking for a diamond below a new weight category, such as a 1.90-1.99 Carat Diamond, may be favorable. However, this is not the case. Diamond cutters have improved their efficiency, and the pursuit for a “nearly” 2-carat diamond has grown in popularity. The price of those particular diamonds rises due to the influx, and thus the cost reductions are minimal.

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Several Factors Determine the Size of a 2-Carat Diamond

The Diamond Shape and Cut

Diamonds are available in a variety of cuts and shapes. The cut of a 2-carat diamond determines the size of the gem. For a diamond to appear larger than it is, it must possess exceptional light- and color-handling characteristics, which are influenced mainly by the diamond cut.

For example, a 2-carat marquise-cut diamond has a surface area of 13.086.54 mm, whereas a trillion diamond has 9.75 mm and a surface area of 9.75 mm. On the other hand, Asscher cut diamonds have a surface area of 7.077.07mm, but the same 2-carat diamond with a surface area of 6.946.94mm is a princess cut diamond with a surface area of 7.077.07mm.

We may extrapolate from the above statistics that trillion and marquise cuts have better light-handling properties than their Asscher and Princess equivalents, which is why they give the impression of greater size. If you’re looking for a 2-carat diamond but can’t find the correct cut, ask yourself this question: how much shine do you want the diamond to have? To get optimum brilliance, choose cuts with a larger surface area. If the size and sparkle don’t appeal to you (rare), you can choose cuts with lesser surface areas.

What causes some diamond cuts to appear to be larger than others? It all relies on how the diamond handles light and color, as previously said. Nonetheless, this appears to be more theoretical than practical.

The stone’s carat weight is frequently prioritized over its size when cutting and polishing diamonds. The more facets and elongated sides a diamond has, the more light it traps from its surroundings. The light is then focused on the centerpiece stone, making it appear larger than it is.

But, given this theory, why do brilliant round cuts appear among diamonds with extraordinary light-handling properties despite their apparent absence of angles? Because the stone’s circular shape has an endless number of facets, the greater the number of angles, the better the light-handling properties.

The surface areas of popular diamond cuts are shown in the table below.

Diamond ShapeApproximate Table Surface for 2 Carat
Round Brilliant cut8.19×8.19mm
Princess cut6.94×6.94mm
Cushion cut7.34×7.34mm
Oval cut10.23×6.82mm
Marquise cut13.08×6.54mm
Trillion diamond9.75×9.75mm
Radiant cut7.28×7.28mm
Heart-shaped diamond8.27×8.27mm
Pear-shaped diamond11.4×6.87mm
Asscher cut7.07×7.07mm
Emerald cut8.42×6.24mm

Diamond Color and Clarity

The color and clarity of a 2-carat diamond and the cut have a considerable impact on the overall size of the diamond as well.

Diamonds are classified according to their color on a scale ranging from D to Z, with D denoting the purest stones and Z denoting diamonds with apparent brown or yellow hues. Colorless diamonds have superior light-handling characteristics compared to colorful diamonds. Even if the two diamonds are identical, a 2-carat D-color diamond will appear more significant than a 2-carat K-color diamond due to color saturation. However, if you are seeking a 2-carat colored diamond that appears deceptively enormous, you should insist on fancy colors, such as red or purple, as examples. Hues that absorb and reflect the most light from their surroundings are luminescent colors.

When it comes to clarity, diamonds are typically graded based on the presence of apparent defects and inclusions inside them. Within the clarity chart, there are various variances between the categories of Internally Flawless (IF) and Inclusions 2 (I2). Generally speaking, it has been found that defects in a diamond impair the diamond’s capacity to absorb and reflect light. This ultimately has an impact on how large the diamond appears to be.

The Size and Setting of the Engagement Ring

It would be silly to go diamond ring shopping for a 2-carat diamond without determining your ring size. The length of the diameters of diamond rings is used to scale them. The most common diamond ring sizes for ladies are 5, 6, and 7. A size-5 ring measures 14.3 millimeters, whereas a size-6 ring measures 14.7 millimeters. Before addressing the setting issue, you must first determine your desired ring size. You will avoid having to return the diamond to the shop for resizing in the future if you do this. When it comes to the ring’s setting, choose a white color band because it reflects the most light and so helps to highlight the diamond.

Experts also recommend thinner bands; the more noticeable the ring is, the more prominent the diamond will appear. Most importantly, select ring styles that feature a center diamond surrounded by pavé diamonds. The pave diamonds will trap the most light and focus on the centerpiece, allowing your 2-carat diamond to shine brighter.

A 2-carat diamond is large enough to attract attention. Additionally, you can now increase the size of the diamond without necessarily raising the carat weight. All you have to do now is choose the proper color, cut, and clarity score. Do some research on the best ring size for you and the best ring setting for the diamond.

Is a Two-Carat Diamond Considered Large?

The typical carat weight of a diamond engagement ring is approximately 0.9 carat, which means that a 2 Carat Diamond is quite substantial. Diamond engagement rings with a 2-carat weight are distinctive and eye-catching because of the size of the diamond.

For many brides-to-be, factors such as cut and clarity are more essential than the exact carat weight of the diamond. For the ordinary person in the United States, any diamond weighing at least 2 to 2.4 carats is considered “large,” which means it is far more than adequate.

Which Diamond Clarity Should I Buy?

A clarity grade of VS2 or better is the safest bet for diamonds weighing more than 2 carats, as it ensures that there are no apparent inclusions. If the clarity grade is SI1 or better in a diamond between 1 and 2 carats, there will be no inclusions that can be seen with the naked eye in the diamond.

What is the Worth of a 2 Carat Diamond?

In the wholesale market, diamonds are priced between $5,060 and $48,400 per carat, while the average 2-carat diamond price for GIA-certified stones would be between $10,120 and $96,800 on the open market. We recommend that you purchase diamonds in the two-carat weight category and wholesale prices.

What is the Optimum Colour for a Diamond?

D color diamonds are the highest grade available and are incredibly rare, making them the most valuable diamonds money can buy. Eight percent of buyers choose diamonds in the D color range.

  • Diamonds of the D color (Absolutely Colorless)
  • D color diamonds are the highest grade available and are incredibly rare, making them the most valuable diamonds money can buy.


Adding a 2-carat diamond to a ring can be a spectacular complement to any ensemble. When choosing a diamond engagement ring, the cut and size of the diamond are the most significant considerations, and these considerations will determine whether or not a 2-carat diamond will fit within your budget. For example, if you’re shopping for a solitaire ring, you’ll probably want to avoid rings with halo settings. The latter is more expensive, but it serves to draw attention away from the diamond’s faults.

The clarity grade is vital when purchasing a diamond ring, whether for yourself or a loved one, because it will determine how much sparkle your diamond will have. A 1-carat diamond with a VVS1 clarity grade can appear to be extremely lovely. In contrast, a 2-carat diamond with an SI1 clarity grade will certainly have obvious imperfections and blemishes.