Jane Seymour Jewelry

Jane Seymour Jewelry

jane seymour jewelry

Jane Seymour Jewelry: Magnificent Collection Added To Her Resume

Jane Seymour is a popular actress who received a Golden Globe, and now to her extensive background, she adds a jewelry line she created all on her own. Seymour designed the Open Hearts line based on two things: her mom’s advice and a painting. Seymour’s mother imparted on her that she needed to ensure her heart was open so that love could enter once more. Taking this advice to heart, she painted the Healing Heart’s painting. From that, she created her own line of jewelry that feature open hearts – earrings, necklaces, pendants, pins and rings.

Jane Seymour Jewelry: The Designs of the Open Heart Necklaces

There are many designs in Jane Seymour’s Open Heart Necklace line, sold both at Jared and Kay Jewelers.

A Look At The Collection Line At Jared

1 – Open Hearts by Jane Seymour Necklace – This signature Open Hearts design has a disc of sterling silver, using a 17-inch cable chain and is priced around $130.

2 – Open Hearts By Jane Seymour Diamond Family Necklace – This open hearts necklace is stylish with the circle’s center made with sterling silver. It’s got diamond accents and includes an 18inch double cable chain and retails for about $200.

3 – Open Hearts Diamond Cross Necklace – This necklace is a contemporary style diamond-designed cross in sterling silver and includes a ¼ carat diamond on an 18-inch cable chain. It costs around $200.

Each necklace is secured with a lobster clasp.

Jane Seymour Jewelry: A Look at the Collection with Kay Jewelers

1 – Open Hearts Angel Diamond Necklace – This sterling silver necklace is angel-shaped with diamond-encrusted wings and halo. It’s sold for around $60.

2 – Open Hearts Necklace – This necklace is created with 14k yellow gold with a two-inch extender to ensure its versatility. The total weight for the diamonds is 1/10, and priced around $200.

3 – Signature Open Hearts – This necklace is made with sterling silver and retails for about $50.

4 – Peace, Love and Open Heart Necklace – This necklace design includes a heart, peace sign and signature open heart design, with each one diamond decorated with 1/5 diamond carats and in sterling silver. It’s sold for $200.

The above four pieces are situated on an 18-inch chain and use a lobster clasp to secure it shut.

5 – Open Hearts In Pink and White Gold Necklace – This necklace is quite unique, featuring two hearts inside one another but, at the bottom, is open. The weight of the diamonds are 1/10 and are found on an 18-inch cable chain and uses a spring ring clasp to secure it. It’s sold for $400.

6 – Open Hearts Black Enamel Necklace – This necklace is another unique design, with a round pendant set and its open hearts design created in diamonds and sterling silver. It’s got a black enamel setting and is found on a rubber cord. It sells for $300.

Final Thoughts About Jane Seymour Jewelry

If you need the perfect gift for someone you care about, the Jane Seymour Open Heart necklace as well as its other pieces makes for the perfect gift. It does not matter what the occasion is, anyone who gets it is going to be happy.



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