What Women Want (In Their Engagement Ring)


We’re getting into the festive season where proposals are happening or at least being thought of right at this very moment. If you’re one of the many men who plan on proposing between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, chances are you are also thinking about what women want in their engagement ring. More specifically, what does your woman want? Because each woman is unique, she may value different things or be drawn to different styles. No matter how many surveys you read or how many jewelers you talk to, she may not fit into the mold. And that’s okay! But it is a great idea to see where most women are at in their hopes and dreams of an engagement ring to establish a baseline for this important purchase.

To get started, most jewelry consultants will ask what your fiance is like. Is she down to earth? A business-driven woman? Does she listen to rock or classical music? How does she dress? Is she most happy in jeans and a t-shirt or dressed to go out at the drop of a hat?

Some women are very trendy and want to know about the latest styles from magazines and the celebrities in order to find what they want in their engagement ring. Others are classic girls who prefer a simple solitaire over a bold and dramatic double halo setting. Some prefer a large 2.0 carat stone while others are significantly more comfortable wearing a 3/4 carat solitaire. It really depends on the woman and you will do best in your search if you take her with you—or sneak a peak at her Pinterest board!

To help get you started with understanding what women want and what is going on in their minds, take a look at this infographic designed specifically for the man starting to think about buying an engagement ring:

Buying an Engagement Ring Infographic

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