Men’s Birthstone Rings

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for your man, consider men’s birthstone rings. A birthstone ring is the perfect conversation starter and can give a man the same sense of meaning as a female birthstone ring. Men born in January are especially fortunate as garnet is the birthstone for the month. This stone has an ancient history and is mentioned in the bible. If you’re looking for a more subtle gift for your man, consider buying a ring with an aquamarine stone.

Men can wear rings on any finger, but engagement and wedding bands are always worn on the ring finger. In fact, each finger has a planetary association, and matching rings can increase the energy of a finger. Men’s birthstone rings can also be meaningful gifts for the father or husband.

Men’s Birthstone Rings

1. January- Garnet

925 Sterling Silver Pixiu Garnet Ring

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2. February- Amethyst

Amethyst Gemstone Silver Ring, 925K Sterling Silver

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3. March- Aquamarine

Aquamarine Ring, 925 Sterling Silver

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4. April- Diamond

RYLOS Mens Rings 14K White Gold Rings Classic Designer Style 8X6MM Oval Gemstone & Genuine Sparkling Diamond Ring

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5. May- Emerald

Hydro Emerald Silver Ring, 925K Sterling Silver

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6. June-Moonstone

Eagle Designer Men’s Heavy Ring, June Birthstone Ring

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7. July- Ruby

Natural Ruby Gold Ring, Ruby Men’s Heavy Ring

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8. August- Peridot

Green Peridot Silver Ring, 925K Sterling Silver

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9. September- Sapphire

Certified Blue Sapphire Half Eternity Ring in Solid Gold Milgrain

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10. October-  Opal, and Tourmaline

Certified Opal Ring 1.71 Carats Men’s Ring

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11. November- Topaz, and Citrine

Citrine Silver Ring, 925 Sterling Silver

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12. December- Turquoise

Turquoise Ring, Silver Jewelry, 925 Silver Ring

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Do Males Wear Gemstone Rings?

Men’s birthstone rings are the perfect gift for men who are in need of some motivation. If you’re looking for a gift that will make your loved one feel loved and appreciated, try a birthstone ring.

Men can and do wear diamond-encrusted wedding bands. Once more, it’s a matter of taste and preference. While some men favor wearing bands with a stunning diamond or other rare stone inset, others favor a simpler, cleaner-looking ring without one.

What Finger Should Men Wear Rubies on?

A ring finger

The ring should be worn on the right hand’s ring finger, according to the majority of astrologers. Never forget to purchase the gemstone from a reputable, accredited provider.

Men’s pinky rings are associated with Mercury, the planet of communication. Wearing a pinky ring represents great listening skills, intelligence, and persuasion. It can also improve your communication skills and improve your ability to express yourself.

Which Metal is Best for Men’s Rings?

Men’s rings can be made of any metal, including yellow gold. While gold and silver have long been the dominant metals in jewelry design, more materials are now available in the market. The color and finish of yellow gold men’s rings can be distinctly different from the ring made from the same metal. White gold, for example, is a white gold alloy of gold, and it’s also more affordable than yellow gold.

On Which Finger do you Wear a Birthstone Ring?

The right hand is the most logical place to wear your birthstone ring because the left hand is typically allocated for romantic bands (i.e., wedding rings, engagement rings, and promise rings).

The consensus among all religious books, or shastras, is that men should wear gemstones on their right hands and women should wear them on their left hands. This is a general principle that works well.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Men’s Ring

When buying a men’s birthstone ring, consider the price. White gold bands with no gemstones on them start at about $400 while 14k gold bands with diamonds can cost up to $800. The price of a men’s ring made of palladium increases as it is less common. Moreover, platinum rings are more expensive than gold ones. They have a higher price tag because they contain a higher level of precious metals.

Ring size is very important, and most rings fit men’s fingers differently. Unless the owner knows his ring size, it will not fit correctly. For that reason, it’s wise to purchase a size larger than the size of the ring. The size of a men’s ring can differ if it’s made with a larger band than that of a woman. You’ll be happier with the size than if you had bought a smaller one for him.

For a bolder choice, consider a men’s ruby ring with black diamonds. This combination of red and black is sure to catch attention. Snake rings for men are also trendy. They come in various finishes and can be worn on the index finger and pinky finger. Depending on their style, snake rings may have gemstones encrusted throughout the snake. These rings are perfect for everyday wear or a special occasion.

Will a Silver Ring Be Good for Men?

Silver rings for men are another great choice. They have been used in jewelry for over four thousand years. When the ancient Egyptians wore silver, it was far more valuable than gold. Today, it’s still the most popular choice for men’s jewelry. Silver rings are elegant and timeless. Silver can be paired with any gemstone for a stunning effect. A black diamond men’s birthstone ring will stand out with the inclusion of aquamarine.

What Ring Colour is Best for Men?

One of the most common materials for men’s rings is white gold, but it needs maintenance because the rhodium plating will eventually wear off. A local jeweler can restore rhodium plating.

There are two diamonds in astrology that are both the most potent and hazardous. Neelam (Sapphire) is the first of these, and Heera is the second (Diamond).

What do Men’s Black Rings Signify?

In addition to denoting strength, boldness, and power, black can also convey conviction or belief. A black ring may represent the strength of love in marriage. By donning black rings, a couple can demonstrate their commitment to one another and their unwavering faith in the durability of their union.

A black ring mostly denotes power and courage, both physically and in terms of one’s conviction. Thus, if a couple wears black wedding bands, it denotes that their union is solid and stable. Their sense of dedication to each of their roles is quite strong.


Men’s birthstone rings are a great choice for men, and they can even be passed down through generations. It’s important to note that men can wear jewelry that is not offensive or distracting. Men’s birthstone rings are a great choice for men who like to wear heirloom pieces.

Other options for birthstone rings are chrysoprase and peridot. Peridot, which is the birthstone for August, is a classic lime green stone. It is said to bring power and influence to its owner. Spinel, on the other hand, comes in an array of brilliant colors. It is believed to ward off evil and soothe sorrows. So, no matter what your man’s birthstone is, you can rest assured that it will be treasured.