Morganite Rings: A Gorgeous Alternative to Pink Diamonds



These days, colored diamonds are all the rage. From celebrities to the girl next door, we’re seeing colorful stones abounding in engagement, wedding and right-hand rings. What most people may not know is that there is a suitable diamond alternative called morganite. Keep reading to find out whether or not morganite rings are for you.


All About Morganite Rings

Wedding, engagement and other types of rings have used morganite for quite some time, but it is only until recently that they have landed on the fashion scene. Discovered in Madagascar in the early 1900’s and in the Beryl family (and named after J.P. Morgan), these stones are being brought out of obscurity today. Their pastel pink, peach, purple and orange tones are stunning with all types of metal, including white gold, platinum and yellow gold. One of the distinguishing characteristics of morganite is its light and seductive coloring, and it is generally met with dazzling sparkle.

Nearly all morganite stones are color treated (with high heat) to develop a rich pink or purple hue. Without treatment, the color would not be as vibrant and stunning. However, some people still enjoy untreated morganite in its various peach and orange tones. The treatment is safe, effective and ensures that the color will stay true to form: rich, vibrant and almost exotic in its appeal.

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Clarity: Morganite Rings vs. Colored Diamond Rings

One of the biggest advantages morganite has over diamonds is that it is almost always a perfect clarity grade—no matter where you go. The advantages above pink fancy colored diamonds are obvious. With perfect clarity, there are no inclusions, no marks, no flaws and most certainly a greater use in emerald or asscher cut stones where utmost clarity is required as inclusions are more obvious in these cuts.

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 Carat and Cut: Morganite Rings vs. Colored Diamond Rings

Another advantage of morganite is that it is found in massively large carat weights, thereby enabling jewelers to have virtually endless possibilities of carat weights, sizes and cuts. Large and unique fancy cuts can be created in significantly higher numbers than diamonds.


 Tips for Buying Morganite Rings

1. Go with quality

There are all types of price ranges for morganite rings, ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. While still significantly cheaper than colored diamonds, you will need to get the highest quality stone and setting you can afford in order to get the look of extremely expensive pink or purple diamond rings.

2. It’s not quite as durable as a diamond.

While it does get cloudy and dirty more easily than a diamond, it is equally as easy to clean. Simply use a soapy non-abrasive cloth and a soft toothbrush, squirt a little foaming hand soap out, and brush it, and it will sparkle like new.

Note that morganite is not as tough as a diamond and can scratch, so be sure to take off your ring before doing anything that could cause your ring to get scratched.

You can clean the stone and setting professionally once a year as well to maintain a beautiful sparkle and to buff any surface scratches the ring may endure. It is still fairly difficult to put a crack in this thing. It is not as hard as a diamond, but is not ultra0-oft either, coming in between a 7.5 and and 8 on the mohs scale of hardness.

3. Look for larger carat weights

With fancy pink diamonds, most people would not be able to afford large carat weights. However, this is not the case with morganite and in fact, it is quite the opposite. We recommend you get a large carat stone (at least 1-1.5 carats) in order to most fully showcase the beauty of the stone.

4. Shop around.

Large retailers like Zales, Blue Nile, Jareds, Kay Jewelers and the like usually carry (or can order morganite rings). For a wider selection and morganite expertise, we found that there are a few smaller jewelry stores that come recommended, including Laurie Sarah Designs.

Final Thoughts on Morganite Rings

With the gorgeous pink and purple tones, many women love their morganite engagement rings and consider them timeless, beautiful, and extraordinary. Take some time to visit local jewelery stores to see them in person. Are they just like diamonds? No. And they shouldn’t be compared to a diamond. However, all in all, they are a beautiful alternative to a diamond.


Here are some photos of real-life morganite rings. Do you own a morganite ring? If so, please send in your photos!






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