Neil Lane Diamond Engagement Ring

The elegant design features a round diamond and a pear-shaped diamond in the center. The band is embellished with alternating rows of round diamonds and delicate milgrain. The ring is made of polished 14K white gold, and the total diamond weight is 1 5/8 carats. Neil Lane also offers a wide variety of ring settings and is sure to meet your needs.

As for the ring itself, Lane hasn’t been able to disclose details of the ring given to Katie Thurston. The ring is among six sparklers he takes to the set each season. He says he tries to bring something new every time, which explains why he can keep his creations separate from the couples’ high-profile relationships. It’s unclear if Neil Lane’s engagement ring will still be in place after the couple separates.

In addition to the website, Neil Lane also sells their jewelry at various retail locations. The upscale store has jewelry specialists to help you find your perfect ring. The company’s signature designs are worn by Hollywood A-listers and are sold online. To find your perfect Neil Lane engagement ring, head over to their website. So what are you waiting for? Get shopping and make her smile!

Who Pays for the Engagement Ring on the Bachelor?

Since 2009, jeweler Neil Lane has been a regular on the show, presenting hopefuls with an alternative before the proposal. But on The Bachelor, who pays for the engagement ring? The rules are difficult to understand, and it’s unknown who pays for it, although it’s most likely ABC or Lane. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Harrison said that couples who stay together get to retain the ring, while those who divorce have to give it up. “There’s some rule that says you get to keep it after many years,” he explained. “However, after a few months… it returns.”

Although former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin joked about a “ring graveyard,” the fate of rejected Bachelor engagement jewelry is unknown. Lane stated he doesn’t resell or rework the old rings in an interview with StyleCaster. “I make rings hoping that people will stay together forever,” he explained, “but after they get the ring, I have no say in it, and I have no idea what happens after that.” “I have to admit that I have no idea where the ring goes, and I state that it will go to ring heaven.”

Each season, the cost of Bachelor engagement rings varies, but most are thought to cost between $45,000 and $100,000. The exact carat size varies per pair, yet certain Bachelor engagement jewels will be remembered for their magnificence and radiance.

What are they do & don’t at the Time of Shopping for Engagement Rings?

Do: Examine your Diamond’s 4Cs

Cut, clarity, color, and carat, commonly known as the Four Cs, are four quality markers for diamonds when shopping for her engagement ring. Take the time to learn about each of these four Cs so you’ll know what to look for when you go shopping. Never buy a diamond without reading the official certification report, which details the stone’s genuine cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.

Don’t buy a Diamond that isn’t Certified

Certified diamonds have undergone extensive analysis and grading by qualified gemologists at a gemological laboratory like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). These diamonds come with a certification report that details the cut, color, clarity, carat weight, and other distinguishing qualities. You should never purchase a diamond without one of these certification reports. You may end up paying more than a diamond is worth if you choose one without a certification report because there is no way to evaluate the quality of an uncertified diamond.

Also, be aware of the source of your certification. All gemological laboratories are not created equal!

Do Conflict-Free Purchase Diamonds

Conflict diamonds are sold to fund acts of terrorism or violence. You don’t want your money to be used to fuel violence in other parts of the world, so make sure you buy from a store that promises conflict-free diamonds. Although conflict diamonds are prohibited from being imported into the United States, it’s always good to ask if your jeweler respects the Kimberley Process rules.

This is also something to consider while purchasing a vintage ring. Any antique jewelry you purchase may include a conflict diamond. While all new diamonds sold in the United States and most European countries must be conflict-free, it can be difficult to identify the origins of older gems, which is something to consider while purchasing.

Don’t Become Obsessed with Carat Weight

Many people believe that larger diamonds are always better; however, this isn’t always the case. When purchasing diamond engagement rings for ladies, the carat weight of the diamond is simply one thing to consider. Because some heavy diamonds have low clarity or cut grades, they appear dull and lifeless, demonstrating the necessity of considering all four Cs. Furthermore, carat weight is merely a rough size guide. The measures of a diamond, not its carat weight, determine its size. Cut, as well as carat, have a significant impact on measures. So don’t get too caught up in the carat weight and pay more for a bigger carat weight and a higher price.

When to Take Off the Wedding Band?

An engagement ring isn’t something that everyone owns. Almost all of the same regulations apply if you merely wear a wedding band. Wedding bands are frequently constructed of platinum, sterling silver, tungsten, wood, and even diamonds. Avoid exposing your wedding band to harsh chemicals, soaps, and beauty products, regardless of the type. You should also remove your ring at the gym and leave it at home when you go to the beach or the pool to avoid potential harm to your ring.

Where can you Get your Ring Cleaned Professionally?

If you bought your ring from a local jeweler, there’s a high possibility that expert cleaning is included as a free lifetime service. It’s better to have your ring cleaned where you bought it because the jewelers will be the most experienced with your exact ring and how to care for it. Speak with the jeweler who will be providing the service when looking for a new place to take your ring for cleaning. Look for someone who has experience caring for jewelry similar to yours in terms of materials, age (which is vital for antiques), construction, and knowledge of your own piece.

Is it Necessary for me to Clean my Ring Regularly?

Clean your ring once a week to keep it looking its best. That should suffice to keep daily oil and buildup at bay. However, it’s good to have it cleaned at your jeweler around twice a year—or even more frequently if your ring has been exposed to debris. “If you’re very active outdoors or in the kitchen and there’s a thick, compacted coating of oil or dirt on the stone, it’s better to get it cleaned at the jewelers using professional-grade solutions that will safely restore the stone’s brightness,” Mann advises.

By removing it during activities that may harm or dirty it, you may get away with less regular cleanings.

Diamond Rings: How to Clean them at Home?

Simple at-home cleaning will restore your ring’s luster if it has been tarnished by ordinary cosmetics such as hairspray, lotion, makeup, or perfume. “Making a solution with warm (nearly hot) water and dishwashing soap is the finest approach to clean diamond rings. Soak your ring for 20 to 40 minutes, then carefully clean the stone with a soft toothbrush before rinsing it under warm running water, “Mann suggests.”Repeat if necessary.”

Moisturizing products tend to leave a film on the ring, which is just what you want to avoid. When cleaning your ring, avoid using paper towels because they can harm the metal. Instead, use a soft cotton cloth or leave it alone.

What is the Best Engagement Ring Setting?

While there is an endless range of patterns, embellishments, and metal options, there are four fundamental types of engagement rings you are likely to encounter when shopping for one:

Solitaire is a game in which only one stone is used. When it comes to purchasing engagement rings, diamonds are still the most preferred option. The diamond is held in place by the head, and the diamond’s prongs help it catch the maximum light. Although a four-prong setting reveals more of the diamond, a six-prong setting is usually more secure.

Sidestones – Diamonds or other gemstones flank the center stone for added glitz and color. ‘Channel,’ which protects stones by keeping them flush, and ‘bar-channel,’ which enables more light to enter the side stones, are two popular side stone settings.

One diamond represents history, one represents the present, and one represents the future. The center diamond is usually larger than the two side diamond.

Pavee (pah-vee) – Smaller diamonds encircle the main stone to create shine and give the impression of greater size.

Consider her lifestyle and how well a particular setting will fit into it for real setting design. Look for lower-profile, less ornate, more robust options if she’s more active or outdoorsy, as they’re less prone to get knocked or hooked on items. Look for statement settings with a higher stone profile and more detailed ring craftsmanship or a distinctive theme if she’s more of a glamour girl.

How do you Wear a Wedding Ring Set Properly?

You can wear your wedding ring set in a variety of ways. The wedding ring is generally worn inside the hand, closest to the heart. To make things easier, you can wear your engagement ring on a finger other than your ring finger on your wedding day, then return it when the groom places the wedding band on your finger.

Some individuals believe that leaving the engagement ring alone and simply putting the wedding band on top of it makes more sense, and this is also entirely appropriate and removes the need to shuffle your rings.

You can wear your rings on different fingers if you have short fingers that won’t look appropriate with stacked bands or if your rings don’t match well (for example, if one is an heirloom ring). You could even put one on each of your ring fingers.

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Traditions are traditions for a reason but don’t feel obligated to follow all of them. Make your wedding day as personal as possible, right down to the rings. Don’t forget that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own! Come to Thom Duma Fine Jewelers and speak with one of our consultants when you’re ready to browse for an engagement ring or wedding ring. We have a wealth of experience to share with you to make the process smoother. Let us take care of the stress so you and your partner may concentrate on your future happiness.


Neil Lane is not only a celebrated designer but also a celebrity jewelry expert. His on-screen presence mirrors his celebrity clientele. While his diamonds are famous for their quality, Neil Lane has also created countless dream engagement rings. In fact, the designer is now the official jeweler of ABC’s hit dating competition show, The Bachelor. The show’s acclaimed star, Arieh Dumont, recently featured Neil Lane’s diamond engagement ring on the show. The brand has earned a cult following amongst countless viewers.

While many of today’s celebrities wear Neil Lane rings, it is still important to know that these pieces are truly original. Neil Lane’s designs are reminiscent of the ‘golden age of Hollywood, with a vintage style that captures the glamour and style of yesteryear. Neil Lane diamond engagement rings are one of the best investments you can make for your future wife. A Neil Lane diamond engagement ring will surely be a treasured possession for her.