Jared Diamond Engagement Rings

The Jared jewelry website has several ways to customize your engagement ring to fit your unique personality. From diamond shapes and sizes to ring style and design, Jared has the perfect engagement ring to celebrate your love and commitment. With three different ways to customize the diamond setting, you can find the perfect one for your partner. You can even request a custom design if you have an idea. Jared jewelry will help you make the right choice to surprise her with an exceptional engagement ring.

The Jared diamond’s shape is an eye-catching combination of a rectangular or square shape with intense brilliance. It is a hybrid shape that compares to an emerald, round, and Asscher diamond. It is a perfect choice for a sophisticated person. It is also known as a radiant diamond. In addition to being beautiful, this shape has an impressively simple style. In addition, it is also affordable compared to other styles.

Jared Jewelry and Diamonds Products

Jared used to rely largely on branded diamonds, as did all Signet stores. Given that Jared is Signet’s “upscale” pick, the salespeople pushed their better brands strongly throughout the visit.

Certification by Jared Diamond

Let us take a brief detour to discuss the significance of GIA-certified diamonds. It’s critical to get a diamond with a GIA or AGS certificate, as detailed in our certification article. Those are the industry’s gold standards. What is the significance of this? Without them, there’s a good chance that the certificate’s quality claims are exaggerated.

If you glance at a diamond with poor certification, you might assume you’re getting a good price on quality “x.” The diamond is actually of “y” quality, and you are overpaying for it.

I’m overjoyed that Jared has decided to sell GIA-certified diamonds. It gives you, the customer, peace of mind in knowing that you are getting precisely what they claim. It also allows you to compare those diamonds to others to see how good a deal you’re receiving.

How is the Customer Service at Jared Jewelers?

It’s impossible to write a Jared Jewelry review without mentioning customer service. Jared Galleria of Diamonds, as previously stated, has a stronger track record of hiring (and keeping) salespeople. Their knowledge and sales ability fall midway between a regular mall store and independent jewelers (who usually have the most knowledgeable staff).

While discreetly shopping Jared, interactions with the personnel have ranged from decent to above-average. The encounters were pleasant and not overbearing (that is always a plus as many salespeople in the industry work on commission). The degree of diamond knowledge has been mediocre, which is expected in a chain store (it’s hard to train hundreds of workers to be diamond specialists). On the other hand, they were well-versed in the store’s many brands and offerings (rare for a chain store).

What is the Quality of Diamonds at Jared Jewelers?

The Jared Galleria of Diamonds is a high-end collection constructed of high-quality diamonds, jewels, and precious metals. Jared jewelry retains its beauty over time due to its high-quality craftsmanship and durability.

All Jared diamonds come with a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the most reputable lab. This certification ensures that the diamond you’re purchasing is of high quality. Jared jewelers are committed to providing conflict-free diamonds and take their diamond sourcing seriously. They guarantee their jewelry for life as long as you follow their 6-month inspection guideline. Most jewelry goods are eligible for free returns within 30 days, extending their product guarantee.

Jared uses cutting-edge technology to create bespoke engraved phrases. You can even commission a unique engagement ring or other jewelry from Jared jewelers for that important someone in your life.

What is the Business Model of Jared Jewelry?

We looked into Jared’s business plan in depth to see why their prices and quality aren’t competitive and what they’re doing to compensate. We’ll look at the company’s expenses and how they affect its products and price.

1) Costs of Inventory

This is, by far, the highest cost for any store. A typical Jared Galleria sells roughly 4.8 million dollars of jewelry a year. The rule of thumb in retail is that a good store turns over its inventory around 2.5 times a year.

Most retailers probably have around $2 million in the product at any time on hand. Multiply that by 250 Jared locations, and the Signet Corporation must carry $500 million in diamond inventory only for their Jared stores.

The company can supply its stores in two ways: by purchasing diamonds on credit or taking diamonds on consignment (the diamond makers “lend” them the diamonds, and Jared only pays when the diamond is sold).

Either of these options raises the price of the final product significantly. They’re either paying bank interest on their inventory or borrowing items from the manufacturer. If they have to float Jared a loan simultaneously, the manufacturer needs to make more money on the product; therefore, the cost basis for the product rises.

This is in stark contrast to Jared’s main competitor’s business model: online retailers.

Millions of dollars do not need to be stored in a single location, waiting for customers to walk in. Online retailers, in fact, are not required to own any inventory at all.

2) Expenses

Employee expenditures and property prices are two more key factors that drag down a large company like Jared.

Let’s start with the costs of employees. We won’t be able to collect detailed breakdowns of Jared’s personnel due to a lack of information, so we’ll utilize the company’s overall costs to generate a general figure.

Signet employs almost 30,000 people, and in total, they create $6.5 billion in revenue. That means that for every person that Signet pays a wage, the company generates nearly $216,000 in revenue.

The top online shops employ roughly 300 people and produce $475 million in revenue. This means that each employee is responsible for $1,578,000.

This disadvantages Jared on two fronts: first, their overhead costs are substantially higher and must be reflected in the diamond prices. This also allows internet retailers to put more money into their personnel. As a result, salespeople are more knowledgeable and experienced, improving product craftsmanship and quality.

Property fees are another high cost that goes into the price of a diamond. As previously stated, the average store location sells $4.8 million in merchandise. Remember that Jared locations are enormous free-standing buildings in key retail locales, not little mall stalls.

What is the Difference Between a Full Eternity Ring & a Standard Eternity Ring?

Said a full eternity ring wraps around the finger completely. Full eternity rings with channel settings are perfect because they firmly keep your diamonds. Round brilliant-cut diamonds or princess cut diamonds can be used in this style. If you have your heart set on a full circle claw set eternity band, get it checked every 6-12 months to verify that all stones are secure. Because the setting is better adapted to handle round stones, the diamonds in style are usually exclusively round brilliant cut diamonds.

What is the Meaning of the Three Stone Engagement Ring?

Because of its rich cultural heritage, the three-stone ring is one of the most popular engagement ring styles. Unlike a solitaire ring with a single stone, the Holy Trinity ring features three. Contemporary three stone rings range from neighboring stones of different sizes to stacked stones of the same size, whereas classic graduation rings contain three stones of similar size.

The three-stone engagement ring represents friendship, love, and fidelity, or past, present, and future (also known as the Trinity or trilogy ring).

How to Choose Engagement Ring?

For ages, wedding rings have served as an enduring sign of love and devotion. It’s a symbol of two people’s lifelong commitment to one other. As a result, selecting the ideal wedding band necessitates considerable thought!

So, how do you go about selecting a wedding ring? So, where do you begin?

The “4 C’s in Diamonds”—Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight. But what about the ring itself?

Don’t Wait Until the Last Moment to Shop

Allow ample time to conduct online and in-person research to choose the ideal diamond engagement ring. Any personalization can usually cause a delay in the creation of your diamond ring. Because custom orders account for over 80% of MICHAEL M’s business, you can expect your personalized piece to arrive in three to four weeks. Please visit an Authorized Retail Partner near you for accurate timelines.

Start looking for a wedding band six months before the big day. This offers you plenty of time to select and personalize a ring.

Establish a Budget

Regardless of what the internet says about how much you should spend on a wedding ring, you should create your own budget based on your personal finances, your partner’s expectations, and the ring’s importance. We enjoy crafting one-of-a-kind pieces, so whether you want a 1 carat, 2 carats, or 3 carat center for a particular style, we can customize any of our designs to suit your preferences—-and your budget.

Decide on a Setting

Depending on who you’re talking to, the term “diamond settings” can indicate various things. Jewelers usually refer to the ring’s general design, and we’re talking about how your center stone is attached to the ring in this case. Because the mounting of your engagement ring impacts the style of your ring, it’s crucial to understand your options.

Numerous alternatives are available, ranging from prong to channel set to U-set.

What Type of Metal it is?

The 18K Gold and Platinum MICHAEL M bridal line is available. MICHAEL M re-alloys our own bar and casting material using exclusively recovered metals and cutting-edge technologies. This produces the richest possible presentation of Rose and Yellow Gold and a White Gold that is nearly hypoallergenic. For European distribution, every gold is guaranteed plum. Platinum is alloyed with ruthenium at 950 parts per 1000, resulting in the silkiest texture and luminous, soft white brilliance of any substance.


Jared Galleria of Diamonds provides high-quality diamonds, excellent customer service, and a pleasant shopping experience. On the other hand, no real jeweler can match the price of an online-only merchant. According to our covert shopping, the gems had a premium of about 20%. That’s not to say Jared is pricey. Buying from a local physical retailer has many perks. The question is whether the benefits outweigh the costs.

Most physical merchants, in my experience, charge premiums of 35-50 percent. The Jared Galleria of Diamonds is significantly less expensive. Yes, James Allen offers a more affordable engagement ring, and Jared is the way to go if you want to buy from a local jeweler.