Oval diamond ring designs

10 Popular Oval Diamond Ring Designs: Price, Features, And Pros & Cons

Searching for the perfect diamond ring can be stressful whether you’re buying it for yourself or buying it to ask your significant-other one of the most important questions in your life. There are many factors to take into consideration such as, what color should the band be, what type of stones should be used, and what design will look perfect.

Not to mention that if this will be an engagement ring, you’ll be trying to match someone else’s preferences and style, and a woman wears an engagement ring for the rest of her life, so it’s imperative to get these things right. But have no fear, with guidance from us and our list of popular oval designs below you’re sure to pick a winner.



What Is an Oval Diamond Ring?

An oval diamond ring is a ring in which the main stone is in the shape of an oval, or a grouping of smaller stones makes an oval shape.


 Why Choose an Oval Diamond Ring?

These diamond rings were popular in the 1960s but have become rare today. So considering that women are moving away from the desire to have the same engagement ring as every other woman they know, it is the perfect shape for anyone who wants a unique look. Oval diamond rings are more affordable than some other cuts like the brilliant round. It is more affordable, it has a brighter shine to it, and the shape allows the stone to look larger than it is. There is also the added bonus that it makes the finger appear slimmer.


Where Can You Buy It?

These rings can be purchased at any jeweler, and they can also be purchased online.


Price Range

These rings can range in price from $200 to upwards of $5000.

How We Reviewed

The rings below were reviewed based on their features, pros & cons, price, and availability. It is important to us that our readers feel confident in the information we give them in our reviews. To be sure you are getting quality and accurate information, we have held each diamond ring to the same standards and have compared each to the same parameters, so it is an even and fair playing field.

Overall Price Range of this Product

The rings below range in price from around $80 to about $8000. The less expensive rings on this list are beautiful rings and meet all of our review standards. However, the more expensive rings may be of better quality diamonds or gemstones and may have an overall better appearance than the less expensive rings.

What We Reviewed

  • 1. 3 Carat 14K White Gold Oval Cut Classic Prong
  • 14k White Gold Oval Sapphire with Diamond Sunburst
  • Angara.com Oval Aquamarine & Diamond Floral Vintage
  • Sterling Silver Natural Green Amethyst Diamond Halo
  • 10k Rose Gold Morganite and Diamond Flower Halo
  • 14k White Gold Engagement Oval Solitaire
  • 14k White Gold Diamond Natural Aquamarine
  • Amazon Collection 10K White Gold Oval Tanzanite & Round White Topaz
  • Gabriella Gold 14K Yellow Gold Natural Aquamarine
  • 14K White Gold Princess Cut & Round Diamond Halo

[amazon link=”B06XP495Q4″ title=”1. 3 Carat 14K White Gold Classic Prong” /]

[amazon box=”B06XP495Q4″]


This ring has a total of 3 carats in diamonds. The band is 14k gold and is available in a large variety of sizes. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is 100% untreated and conflict-free.


  • It has a very good cut
  • It is a natural diamond
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty that covers the settings and the diamonds
  • The diamonds are conflict free


  • It has inclusions that may be easily seen with the naked eye
  • It is not completely colorless

[amazon link=”B079GJJT2C” title=”14k White Gold Sapphire with Diamond Sunburst” /]

[amazon box=”B079GJJT2C”]


The sunburst design takes this already rare ring from rare to virtually never seen before (at least in our opinion). The band is 14k white gold with a center gemstone of natural sapphire. It has been heat treated to enhance the deep, rich blue color. There are 36 white round diamonds in this ring from the halo to the rays of the sunburst. The ring comes in a variety of sizes but can’t be resized.


  • The diamonds and sapphire are naturally created
  • The stones are conflict free
  • The sapphire is a single cut


  • It can’t be resized
  • The sunburst prongs are thin and may be easily bent or broken
  • The sapphire is heat treated

[amazon link=”B0721JLTJW” title=”Aquamarine & Diamond Floral Vintage” /]

[amazon box=”B0721JLTJW”]


This ring has a floral decorative design, making it great for those who love flowers (it also looks like a snowflake, so if your loved one loves the winter, this is still a good choice). The aquamarine has been treated to offer extra brilliance, but the diamonds are untreated. It comes in a lot of ring sizes, and the jeweler offers a 30-day full refund or exchange if you’re not happy with the ring.


  • The diamonds are natural
  • Available in many ring sizes


  • The aquamarine is heat treated
  • It is not clear whether the diamonds and aquamarine are conflict-free or not

[amazon link=”B0082496JM” title=”Sterling Silver Natural Green Amethyst Diamond Halo” /]

[amazon box=”B0082496JM”]


The green in the amethyst is very subtle, so you get the unique color, but it is not overwhelming. The amethyst is a natural gemstone that has been heat treated for color, with a halo of natural, white diamonds around the amethyst. The band is sterling silver with a 925 stamp on the interior.  The ring is available in half sizes from 5 through 10.


  • Affordable
  • Solid sterling silver
  • Naturally created diamonds


  • Both the green amethyst and diamonds are heat treated
  • It is not clear whether or not the diamonds are conflict-free

[amazon link=”B014XMNA84″ title=”10k Rose Gold Morganite and Diamond Flower Halo” /]

[amazon box=”B014XMNA84″]


The main stone in this ring is a large morganite gem that’s been irradiated for color enhancement. It has a halo of diamonds in settings that are designed to look like flower petals in bloom. Each petal of the flower has a round, irradiated diamond. In addition to the morganite, there are 17 stones in this ring. It’s available in sizes 6 through 8, but can also be resized to fit the finger perfectly. The 10k rose gold enhances the overall look of the ring, so it’s really feminine and stunning. It even comes with a presentation box.


  • The diamonds are conflict free
  • Both stones were naturally created
  • Both stones are rated at a very good cut


  • Both the morganite and the diamonds have to be irradiated
  • The diamonds have a low clarity rating

[amazon link=”B01JMA0T5E” title=”14k White Gold Engagement Oval Solitaire” /]

[amazon box=”B01JMA0T5E”]


For those looking for a more traditional looking ring, this classic solitaire diamond ring is what you’ve been searching for. It has a single diamond that’s the star of the show. The diamond comes with an IGI certificate for authenticity. The 14k gold, white gold is polished to a high shine that really enhances the simplicity and beauty of the solitaire. It comes in sizes 4 through 7 and can be resized with the help of a professional jeweler.


  • The ring is resizable
  • It is a natural diamond
  • Comes with an authenticity certificate


  • It is not clear whether the diamond is conflict-free or not
  • It has a mid-grade clarity

[amazon link=”B00B2Q577M” title=”14k White Gold Diamond Natural Aquamarine” /]

[amazon box=”B00B2Q577M”]


This white gold ring has a large pale blue aquamarine stone as its centerpiece. The aquamarine has been heat treated to enhance its color. The halo of this ring has white diamonds that have been treated and were naturally created. There are a total of 56 round diamonds in this stunning ring. It’s available in half sizes from 5 through 10. It can be resized as needed, too. There’s a lovely presentation box that comes with the ring as well.


  • The ring can be resized
  • The stones are good quality


  • The aquamarine and diamonds are heat treated
  • It is not clear whether the diamonds are conflict-free or not

[amazon link=”B00E44V4US” title=”Amazon Collection 10K White Gold Oval Tanzanite & Round White Topaz” /]

[amazon box=”B00E44V4US”]


If you want a show-stopping ring at a bank account saving price, then this tanzanite and white topaz ring is for you. This affordable tanzanite and white topaz ring is a creative option, and the overlapping design of the band makes the ring look larger than it actually is. The top of the smooth white gold band showcases an ornate, modern design embellished with sparkling gemstones.

An oval tanzanite stone sits front and center and is accented on either side by a combination of three round white topaz stones and a white gold ribbon-like swirl. These white topaz stones are also inlaid half-way down each side of the white gold band. Heat-treated to emphasize the shine of the stones, the chic gemstones featured in this ring make it a wonderful gift for any special occasion. The movement created in the piece makes the overall effect quite eye-catching.


  • Affordable
  • The design is unique and eye-catching


  • The stones are heat treated

[amazon link=”B00534CSKS” title=”Gabriella Gold 14K Yellow Gold Natural Aquamarine” /]

[amazon box=”B00534CSKS”]


This unique ring style blends 14K yellow gold, aquamarine, and diamond accents to create a ring that will definitely be noticed. The aquamarine and diamonds are all naturally created but are also heat treated to enhance their color. The ring is available in sizes 5 to 10 and in half sizes as well.


  • The stones are naturally created
  • Available in various sizes


  • It is not clear whether the diamonds are conflict-free or not
  • The aquamarine and diamonds are heat treated

[amazon link=”B00PDR40K6″ title=”14K White Gold Princess Cut & Round Diamond Halo” /]

[amazon box=”B00PDR40K6″]


This bridal ring set includes both a halo engagement ring and a diamond wedding band. This ring does not actually feature an oval stone. Instead, it is made with a princess cut diamond with a halo-shaped to look like an oval. The curved band makes the two rings look beautiful together and provides a nice counterpart to the dazzling sparkle of the engagement ring. It comes in sizes 4 to 10 and half sizes. It also comes in a velvet ring box. This ring is offered with a 30-day full refund return policy, so it’s easy to return the ring if you need to for whatever reason.


  • Available in various sizes
  • It comes with a matching wedding band
  • Has a full refund policy


  • It is not clear whether the diamonds are conflict-free or not
  • Not an actual oval stone

[amazon box=”B06XP495Q4,B079GJJT2C,B0721JLTJW,B0082496JM,B014XMNA84,B01JMA0T5E,B00B2Q577M,B00E44V4US,B00534CSKS,B00PDR40K6″ template=”table”]

The Verdict

Oval rings are a unique and flattering accessory for anyone’s fingers, and the ones we have reviewed are especially stunning. However, our favorite is the 10k Rose Gold Morganite and Diamond Flower Halo. It somehow looks like a vintage ring while also being something we’ve never seen before, and that combination isn’t something we can pass on.

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