Oval Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

Oval solitaire diamond engagement rings are a unique style to explore if you are seeking something different for your engagement ring. If you want something a little different, consider a rustic oval diamond set in a narrow band as an alternative to the traditional oval solitaire engagement ring design. Although this style is timeless, it is also a modern interpretation of minimalism. Here are some additional design options to explore.

If your budget allows it, opt for a solitaire engagement ring. Classic and timeless, this sort of ring is never out of style, and it will always be in style. While round diamond engagement rings continue to be the most popular choice, there are many other designs of oval solitaire diamond engagement diamonds to choose from. You’ll be sure to find one that complements your partner’s style and preferences. An oval solitaire ring is a classic choice that any woman will cherish for a lifetime.

Oval Solitaire Diamond

An oval solitaire diamond engagement ring is available in white or yellow gold, with carat weights ranging from 0.50 to 0.50. In years past, couples would want a diamond engagement ring that contained at least a one-carat stone. These rings are still fashionable now, and you can find many celebrities wearing diamond engagement rings in the shape of an oval today. Teresa Guidance and Arianna Grande recently sported diamond rings with oval-shaped stones.

Oval diamonds are a contemporary interpretation of a traditional form. While the price of a round diamond might rise dramatically, one can purchase an oval diamond for up to 25% less than a round diamond. In addition, oval diamonds have greater depth and length than round diamonds, making them more desirable as engagement rings. As a result, the ring is more resilient and will last for a more extended period. Classic oval solitaire is composed of a plain, polished ring and an oval diamond placed on the band.

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Solitaire Diamond

A solitaire diamond is a diamond that is set on its own. This widely used phrase refers to jewelry set with a single diamond. To be clear, the term “Solitaire” refers to any piece of jewelry set with a single gem. Furthermore, the term is used to refer to earrings and pendants. The solitaire diamond is most often associated with the classic engagement ring design, and for a good reason.

It would be the most significant error of your life to settle for an ordinary diamond stone if you are on the lookout for a brilliant and dazzling rock that will proclaim your true love to the ‘one.’ Instead, choose a brilliant and dazzling diamond stone that will express your true love to the ‘one.’ Her eyes would light up with glee the instant you handed her the ring. Consider this: don’t you think it’s only fair that the radiance of her eyes equals the brilliance of your solitaire ring? For that, though, you would need to understand the distinction between solitaire and a diamond.


Diamonds cut in the shape of an oval have been admired for millennia. Even though the first oval diamonds were discovered in the 1300s, they weren’t officially described by name in literature until the 1800s.

The oval cut procedure was perfected in 1957 by a Russian diamond cutter the name of Lazaro Kaplan. He had a natural talent for transforming undesired unpolished stones into exquisite gems. . He greatly enhanced the oval diamond’s brilliance due to his treatment. It is the procedure that Kaplan pioneered that is still used today by diamond cutters to generate oval cut stones. The oval diamond is constantly one of the most popular diamond shapes, and this is due to its symmetrical shape.

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Oval-Cut Diamond

An Oval Cut Diamond is magnificent and distinctive, bursting with brilliance and fire. The Oval is a “fancy” shape because of its elongated shape, making it appear more significant than other shapes of similar carat weight. An oval-cut diamond like this 1.01 Carat Diamond from the Blue Nile appears enormous in its yellow gold halo setting. A 1 carat round diamond would appear slightly smaller in the same setting.

The oval diamond’s slim body gives it a lovely, extended appearance. It helps the fingers and hands appear thinner. It is less likely to chip because the diamond has no sharp corners.

An oval diamond is an excellent choice if you prefer a rounder form but want a stone with more personality. Furthermore, oval diamonds are usually always less expensive than brilliant round diamonds.

Cut and shape

In our guide to the 4 Cs of diamonds, we discussed how the form and cut of a diamond influence the overall brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. In the case of solitaire, however, this is not the case. Another significant distinction between solitaire and a diamond ring is the shape of the diamond.

However, while the shape of solitaires offered as engagement rings is defined by nature, the regular diamonds used in the rings are cut and polished by jewelers to provide the highest sparkle, brilliance, and refraction possible. Round, princess, oval, and pear are just a few popular solitaire shapes available.


In addition, the variety of jewelry settings available has expanded significantly over the last few years. The most popular settings for engagement rings are the bezel setting and the tension setting, which holds the solitaire in place by applying pressure to the ring’s prongs. Such a setting appears to hold the diamond in place on top of the jewelry, giving the impression that the diamond is emerging from the ring jewelry.

Is It True That Oval Diamonds are More Expensive Than Solitaire Diamonds?

A solitary diamond weighs more and is more expensive than a gemstone of the same clarity, color, and cut as the solitaire diamond. This is because solitaire diamonds are typically at least 0.30 carats in weight. A single diamond will always be more valuable than thirty diamonds of the same weight, regardless of how many are there.

When it comes to engagement rings, oval cut diamonds have all the sparkle of a round brilliant cut diamond in a cheaper (about 25% less expensive than a comparable weight round) and stylish package. Due to their elaborate design, oval-shaped engagement rings may be a little too much for some people.

What Is The Difference Between a Solitaire and a Diamond?

Even though diamonds are available in various shapes and can be further shaped or cut to enhance their brilliance, the difference between solitaire and a diamond is that the overall shape of the solitaire is defined by nature. In contrast, the maker shapes regular cluster rings while the ring is being crafted.

A diamond solitaire is a piece of jewelry that contains only one diamond as its center stone. . It can make Rings, necklaces, earrings, and even men’s jewelry with diamond solitaires. They have become associated with some of the most important milestones in one’s life, such as turning sixteen, anniversaries, and, perhaps most significantly, an engagement proposal.

What Is The Value Of A Solitary 1 Carat Diamond?

Ranging from $1,800 to $12,000

As reported by diamonds. Pro, a one-carat diamond can range from $1,800 to $12,000. However, the size of a diamond is not the only factor in determining its quality. When determining the value of a stone, four extremely essential elements are always considered – the four c’s of diamond quality: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight (carat weight is the weight of the diamond divided by its diameter).

Is a Solitary Diamond a Genuine Diamond?

The cost of solitaire rings increases your budget in two ways. A larger, single stone is significantly more expensive than a collection of lesser stones, for starters. This is because the cutting and polishing processes are more complicated, and it’s also because larger stones are more difficult to get by.

A solitaire diamond is a diamond that is set on its own. This widely used phrase refers to jewelry set with a single diamond. The term “Solitaire” refers to any piece of a jeweler set with a single gem. Furthermore, the term is used to refer to earrings and pendants.

Is It True That Oval Diamonds are Less Expensive?

While oval diamonds are more difficult to come by than round and princess-cut diamonds, they are also less prevalent. When looking for oval diamond engagement rings, you shouldn’t have to worry about increasing your budget. Indeed, ovals are often approximately 20% less expensive than a round of equivalent size.

The emerald and Asscher cuts are the least high price per carat. Because they are step-cut, there is less waste when these diamonds are cut from the rough stone, which will cost the same no matter how it is cut. Because they are step-cut, there is less waste when these diamonds are cut from the rough stone.

Is Buying a Solitaire Diamond a Wise Investment Decision?

In an ideal case, a solitaire will sell for up to 95% of its market worth when offered for sale. “In the case of lesser diamonds, this ratio might be as low as 85-90 percent,” explains Bamalwa. While established jewelers may be able to offer a buy-back value of approximately 85% for diamonds purchased from them, the value of diamonds obtained from other sources may be significantly lower.

Do Oval Engagement Rings Look Bigger?

“People adore solitaire rings because their basic and minimalist design makes it easy to style them with wedding bands,” Ortega continues. These rings have a plethora of applications, and they look equally as attractive when worn with a detailed wedding band as they do with a basic one.

In our minds, when we look at an oval diamond, we prefer to measure it from top to bottom with our eyes, resulting in the diamond appearing significantly more significant than it is. The surface area of an oval cut is approximately 10% larger than that of a round cut, even though the oval form appears to be larger than it is.

Although it is difficult to detect hints of color in oval diamonds, color should still be given precedence over clarity when purchasing a diamond. Look for an oval diamond with a color grade of H or above on the grading scale. Each of the four Cs has the potential to influence the appearance and beauty of a diamond.


When purchasing an oval solitaire diamond engagement ring for your future bride, keep in mind that the stone’s carat weight will affect the price. You’ll spend more for a 3-carat diamond than a comparable 2-carat diamond. Purchase diamonds in the 2.7-2.9 carat range. You can always choose a lesser diamond if you want to save money. Because they come in various sizes and shapes, oval diamonds are a perfect choice for an engagement ring. They are not only less expensive than round diamonds, but they also have more personality. While the round diamond remains the most popular choice for engagement rings, the Oval is consistently in the top four. So, what’s keeping you from purchasing the ring of your dreams? Consider your budget and select the most acceptable option.