The 4Cs of a Diamond Engagement Ring

The first step in buying an engagement ring for your loved one is learning more about the diamond’s four Cs, which are color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. The diamond’s color refers to how much light it transmits, and clearly indicates the absence of inclusions. Whether a diamond has been treated or not, the 4 Cs should be understood when selecting a diamond. There are many other factors that you should keep in mind when purchasing an engagement ring, but learning about these aspects can help you make the right choice.

A round diamond is the most popular shape, but there are several other shapes that can look elegant and beautiful. A pear shape is an unusual and flattering combination of the classic round diamond and the elongated marquise. Its shape and asymmetry make it very feminine. Pear diamonds have rounded corners and look feminine on thin bands. If your girl has long, slender fingers, an oval shape is a perfect complement.

About 4 Cs of a Diamond Engagement Ring 

According to gemologist and jeweler Andrew Mills, it is critical to be aware that the 4Cs grading device is a guideline, as opposed to a “good” or “bad” scale. “The first aspect to maintain in thoughts while analyzing approximately the 4Cs is that there\’s no proper answer, and a number of the records available may be quite deceptive on what\’s required in shopping a diamond,” says Mills. “What certainly topics is what YOU think about the diamond and its herbal appearance.”

Even if a diamond hits the pinnacle of each scale, it\’s going to obviously price the maximum, however that does not always make it any greater stunning than a greater inexpensive diamond. And, all the 4Cs are factored together, now no longer simply individually, while weighing the diamond\’s value. Essentially, the concept that a diamond has to be “perfect” throughout all 4Cs is a misconception—there\’s no “correct” set of diamond specs.

To make your diamond searching system masses easier, we broke down the specifics of the engagement ring 4Cs in no unique order, at the side of useful recommendations on a way to make the maximum of every aspect financially.


The cut is the most effective diamond thing now no longer stimulated with the aid of using nature, and Mills considers this the maximum critical of the 4Cs. This thing refers back to the pleasantness of the diamond\’s reduction, now no longer the form or size (despite the fact that those may be interchangeable), and the way nicely the stone is faceted, proportioned, and polished. This additionally determines how the diamond interacts with mild. Brilliance, that\’s the diamond\’s cap potential to go back mild to the eye, is measured entirely with the aid of using the stone\’s reduce (shadeation and readability don\’t have any impact). For any diamond form, visually, reduce is the primary C to consider, accompanied with the aid of using shadeation, and, least as critical, readability (so long as the diamond has no seen imperfections).

Per the GIA system, diamond cuts are graded as Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. The cut grade would not have an effect on the value as plenty as the alternative Cs, so Mills shows usually stick inside the Excellent to Very Good variety for a nicely-reduce stone that works fine with mild. “Any variety of shadeation and eye-easy readability could be stunning and exceptional brilliant if the diamond is nicely reduced,” he says.


Diamond colorations fall beneath neath a D-Z scale, with D that means absolutely colorless (and the maximum expensive), and Z has a mild yellow hue. According to Mills, widespread diamond pleasant falls inside the D-J shadeation grade. The form of the diamond additionally affects its spot at the shadeation scale.

 Aspherical high-quality diamond, for example, hides shadeation extraordinarily well, which means you may cross similarly down the dimensions without seeing any yellowing. However, longer diamond shapes, like oval and radiant, screen shadeation a good deal easier. Keep in mind, though, that diamond shadeation is largely private desire and does not suggest pleasant whatsoever.


This C entails the wide variety of herbal imperfections, referred to as inclusions, gifts withinside the diamond, and whether or not you could see them with the unaided eye. The GIA grading scale quotes diamonds from Flawless to Included. However, a stone would not be on the very pinnacle of the scale Flawless or Very Very Slightly Included to appearance best and inclusion-free. It\’s all approximately how eye-easy the diamond seems, and Mills says that is what typically surprises human beings maximum while viewing diamonds in person.

 In fact, if a readability diamond seems flawlessly eye-easy, there\’s no seen distinction among a VVSI (Very Very Slightly Included) readability stone of the precise equal carat, color, and cut minus approximately tens of heaps of dollars.

“There isn\’t any reason, in my opinion, to head better than  [Very Slightly Included] readability for any diamond form beside emerald or Asscher,” says Mills. “For all different shapes, beginning at [Slightly Included] readability and up, you have to now no longer usually see any imperfections seen to the bare eye. Sometimes even diamonds may be very eye-easy, as well, however usually stay with  and up.”


Last however now not longer least, carat refers to the size of the real weight of the diamond. According to GIA, one carat converts to 0.2 grams, which is basically the equal weight of a paper clip. Naturally, the bigger the carat, the greater luxury of the diamond. Because no diamonds are absolutely identical, carat needs to be considered as a guideline, because it most effectively determines the load of the stone in preference to the real size. “You may have 5 diamonds, let\’s assume oval, all precisely 2.00 carats, all of the equal color, clarity, and cut, however, they\’ll all be barely unique sizes and shapes,” Mills explains.

Diamond cuts are important because they can affect the size of the stone. Round diamonds offer the most brilliance for their size, while marquise and pear diamonds look larger than they actually are. Princess cuts tend to be the most affordable per carat, but aren’t the only choice. These shapes also have very similar levels of brilliance to round brilliant cuts. If you’re planning to buy a diamond engagement ring, make sure to check the average price of engagement rings.

Besides the diamond, the metal used to make the ring should also be chosen carefully. White gold is a classic choice and goes well with almost everything. Another option is to opt for a white gold ring, which is popular amongst many men. Purchasing a white gold engagement ring is a romantic gesture that will last for years to come. Moreover, this choice is easy to make, since it is not too expensive.

Diamonds are a universal symbol of love and commitment. The diamond engagement ring was first used in 1477 by Mary of Burgundy, whose ring contained raw diamonds in the form of the letter M. Diamonds soon became a popular choice in European courtships during the Renaissance. Some wealthy Italian merchants even ordered engagement rings for their brides. As a symbol of wealth and power, diamond engagement rings continue to be a symbol of everlasting love throughout Western culture.

Price of an Engagement Ring 

The price of an engagement ring shouldn’t be three months’ salary. According to USA Today, the average engagement ring cost was $7,829 per couple in 2018, whereas a nearly one-carat solitaire can be found for less than $1,500. While quality matters, other considerations like the intricacy of the setting and add-ons like engravings will also increase the price. For a smaller ring, opt for simple platinum or pave band with room for future growth.

How to Buy? 

When buying an engagement ring, try to consider your partner’s personality and preferences. While you are looking for a ring that will make your partner swoon, she should also be happy with it. Whether your partner is conservative or radical, the right engagement ring should reflect her personality and taste. If your partner is not a fan of jewelry, try getting a ring that speaks directly to her soul. This way, she will feel comfortable wearing it.


Depending on the country in which you live, the average carat weight of a diamond may be lower than yours. Large cities, like New York, have a larger diamond-weight average than rural areas. In addition, the average ring weight of a diamond in Europe and Asia is lower than in the United States. In most parts of the world, millennials spend significantly less money on diamond engagement rings than older generations did.

Wedding bands are often more modest in size than engagement rings. While engagement rings are typically a single stone, wedding bands often feature multiple bands or channel set diamonds. While they are more expensive, wedding rings may have more intricate designs and will cost less. You can also inlaid with gemstones and other precious stones. You will be able to choose a ring that matches your partner’s wedding band. This is a great way to customize your engagement ring for your partner.