Palladium: The Newest Choice for Engagement Ring Metals

Palladium: The Newest Choice for Engagement Ring Metals

Palladium: The Newest Choice for Engagement Ring Metals

palladiumPalladium is a precious metal that has grown in popularity with many jewelry designers. When used in jewelry, it is 95% pure and will have a visible stamp. There are various features which make Palladium attractive for engagement rings.

Choosing which metal you want for your ring is really important because it’s your engagement ring and you should be thrilled with what you go with. This wonderful metal allows your precious stone to reach its height of brilliance and bring focus to the actual gem. Palladium is a member of the platinum family though a great deal less expensive. It is a wonderful option and many buyers are very happy with this choice.

The Color of Palladium

Palladium is a silver white that is very bright and appears so completely pure. Unlike other white golds, it does not require dipping or plating. Some alloys in white gold can give an off white color and is attributed to rhodium plating for improved appearance. The exceptional bright white of palladium allows precious stones to sparkle and shine.

Rings that are extremely elaborate or intricate in design can be very difficult to clean and polish due to oxidation. Palladium does not react to oxygen and will not tarnish like silver and gold.

Are Allergies An Issue With Palladium?

No, because palladium is 95% pure, it is considered hypoallergenic and will not cause skin irritations and allergies.

Is Palladium Affordable?

Palladium is becoming nearly as readily available as gold and should not cost much more (be sure to shop around!) The upside is that it is significantly less expensive than platinum and is therefore worth great consideration due to its other factors.

An Artisan’s Dream:

As palladium has a much lower melting point than platinum, it can work without using special equipment. If you are looking for unique and different designs, palladium has the ability to give you just what you are looking for.

Ring Mountings and Gems:

The incredibly bright white color of palladium mountings will enhance the brilliance within diamonds. As palladium is a very dense metal, it will protect the stones and last for many years to come.

The combination of palladium mountings with a band of other metals can offer a warm or yellow gold. For those looking for a traditional or classic style, this is the perfect combination that offers the best of all features.

Palladium is Bright and Beautiful

Bright white found in some precious metals can offer a stunning setting for any diamond. Other white metals you might consider consist of silver, white gold, platinum, titanium and tungsten.

Where Can I Purchase a Palladium Engagement Ring?

Most large jewelers carry palladium rings in their collection. Many artisans will make a ring exactly to your specifications using palladium or a mixture of metals. You can also find a number of online jewelers offering a wonderful selection of engagement rings which is worth consideration.

In Summary

Palladium engagement rings are relatively new to the jewelry world. This metal allows for great designing capabilities, it is exceptionally durable and very bright. Palladium is a wonderful, unique alternative vs common choices, allowing couples to find their own individual taste and flair.

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