The Engagement Ring Rulebook: Surprising Tips to Know Before Proposing

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The Engagement Ring Rulebook

The engagement ring buying process is so emotionally charged that billions of dollars are spent each year to entice soon-to-be husbands and soon-to-be brides on which size, color, shape, and clarity is the best fit for them. When the big day comes to anxiously ask, “Will you marry me?” a consumer definitely wants to know the fine details are already taken care of. With so much emotion comes engagement ring etiquette that couples must follow in order to be successful and satisfied by their purchase. Choosing the wrong ring could lead to dissatisfaction years down the road. Learning the various engagement ring etiquette standards will allow for a smooth buying process leading up to the big question.So ask yourself some simple questions before committing to a specific engagement ring.

Gone are the days of popping the question and surprising her with the ring. Today, she is typically involved in the selection process and has given you every detail of what she wants. Even so, there are still many engagement ring etiquette factors to consider. Couples also opt to forgo a ring altogether so the ring selection process should be discussed beforehand.

Do You NEED an Engagement Ring?

Couples get proposed every day without an engagement ring so it is part of engagement ring etiquette to discover if your partner truly wants a ring before you propose. Some couple prefer to get engaged and then purchase a ring at a later date and time. Many couples choose to have custom engagement rings created and want to create a design together, others prefer to save money up to purchase the ring after the engagement. Of course there is always the option to forgo a ring altogether or wear a family heirloom. Modern engagement ring etiquette allows couples to choose rings from all genres such as traditional, antique, modern or art deco. Figuring out of the purchase of your engagement ring requires spontaneity or budgeting is an important step in the engagement ring etiquette process.

How Will You PAY for an Engagement Ring?

Engagement ring etiquette says a groom purchases the ring, however customs are changing and many couples are splitting expenses down the middle. Women are also being empowered to contribute to this purchase as well as picking out rings and proposing themselves. Couples should consider his or her partner’s personality before deciding how to finance the engagement ring transaction.
Which Stone is Right for You?

Traditional engagement ring etiquette calls for a center stone surrounded by accent stones. Newer trends have shifted away from classic diamonds to different types of center stones. Colored diamonds and colored gem stones are becoming popular diamond alternatives. Recreating celebrity engagement rings has also become highly popular, using both real and simulated stones. Regardless of your decision, being comfortable is a key component in engagement ring etiquette.

Should you Recycle an Engagement Ring?

In a perfect world all engagements would turn into happy lifelong marriages but unfortunately that is not the case in today’s society. One or both parties of contemporary engagements may bring previously dissolved relationships with them. Along with the previous relationships comes the possibility of either having an engagement ring which was never given, one that was returned, or one that was kept. Engagement ring etiquette states reusing a ring is a personal decision that requires open communication from both parties of the intended union. A partner may hope for a new beginning symbolized through a new engagement ring, but the possibility exists that the future spouse is open-minded and practical. In the case of practicality, purchasing a new ring when an existing ring would work perfectly, may strike the partner as wasteful. Of course the alternative to recycling an engagement ring is to purchase a new ring for your intended partner because he or she cannot overcome the emotional attachment of wearing a remnant of a relationship gone wrong. Engagement ring etiquette suggests discussing the situation and mutually agreeing. A great compromise is to reset the recycled ring.

Another aspect of recycling a ring is to reuse a family heirloom. This is an excellent idea and, for those lucky enough to possess an appropriate ring, can save the couple a lot of money. Heirloom engagement rings are steeped in traditions and commemorate family history, which brings a new level of pride to the exchange of engagement rings. Engagement ring etiquette states that a prearranged contract should be in place that will return the heirloom to the rightful family if the engagement or subsequent marriage dissolves.

Avoiding Potential Engagement Ring Pitfalls

All engagements are intended to be smooth but the reality is that sometimes the path to marriage is bumpy. Engagement ring etiquette guides couples through the process of a broken engagement and addresses common issues that arise. State law typically returns the engagement ring to the purchasing partner because it is assumed to be a gift. In the case of two parties paying for the engagement ring together, the partner keeping the ring must compensate the other party with cash. Engagement ring etiquette attempts to forgo any issues but in the end it comes down to each party’s ethics, especially in the case of an heirloom. Again, engagement ring etiquette encourages partners to have prenuptial contracts written up regarding any heirlooms exchanged.

What if your Fiance Doesn’t Like the Engagement Ring?

Could this be a sign of future personality conflicts? Engagement ring etiquette encourages engaged couples to unpack where the dislike is stemming from and potentially restyle the ring into something more attractive. In the case of an heirloom, it can be upsetting when the receiver does not like it, but through open communication a couple can discover solutions. It may also be possible to return the ring for a completely different style that the receiver can choose himself or herself. An engagement ring is more than just a pretty thing, it symbolizes deep love and commitment. Following simple engagement ring etiquette will minimize pitfalls and encourage open communication between partners.


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