pink diamond engagement rings

Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Some of the most unusual and coveted rings for brides-to-be are pink diamond engagement rings. While this type of rare and valuable pink stone stays in line with a diamond in the most traditional sense, it is also the perfect choice for a woman who wants to own something exclusive and display some unique flair.

The Pink Diamond Explained

Pink diamonds are, quite simply, diamonds which are naturally pink in color.While most diamonds are colorless (with the least amount of color being the most valuable), diamonds with a high saturation of pink color are a rare and highly valuable type of diamond. Pink diamonds are also categorized as fancy colored diamonds.

One of the most noteworthy things about pink diamonds are how rare and valuable they are. They are mainly found in Australia’s Argyle Diamond Mines, and only about one tenth of a percent mines are able to be used in jewelry.

Choosing a Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Just as with any diamond, the four C’s apply when shopping for a pink diamond engagement ring, but there will be a few important differences.


Pink diamonds come in many different shades with varying saturation of color. While traditional diamonds are favorably graded based on their lack of color, pink diamonds are graded on their presence of color. In fact, they have their own color grading system, as show here:

Argyle Pink Diamond Chart

As you can see, there are a lot of different colors available when picking out a pink diamond for an engagement ring. A general rule of thumb is the more rich in color the diamond, the more expensive it will be.

Fancy diamonds will generally appear naturally with predominant color and a secondary color, also known as a color modifier. Note that the pink diamond’s price depends on the color modifiers in the stone. For instance, a diamond graded as “1P” will usually be priced more than a diamond graded as“1PR” with secondary coloring.


The level of clarity a pink diamond has is important because colored diamonds tend to show flaws or inclusions more prominently than regular colorless diamonds–and at times changing the color itself. Pay close attention to any particularly light or dark spots as these will be more noticeable to the naked eye.


Since pink diamonds are more rare than traditional colorless diamonds, the price rises significantly as the carat weight increases. Even when compared to much heavier colorless diamonds, the smaller pink ones will be more expensive. The actual saturation of color will ultimately determine the price of the pink diamond.


Because the pink diamond is a rarity on its own, many women prefer to have a more traditional cut and simple setting to best showcase the uniqueness of a pink diamond. The most common cuts for pink diamonds are round or princess, yet there are certainly all shapes and cuts available for the discerning buyer.

Price of Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Because they are much more rare and valuable, pink diamond engagement rings will generally be substantially more expensive than their traditional counterparts.

If a pink diamond engagement ring is still preferred but the budget may not allow for a naturally colored diamond, many couples opt for these alternatives:

  • Color enhanced/color treated diamonds:Heat treatment used to add or enhance color. Be sure to ask about any treatments before purchasing to avoid paying full price for a naturally colored diamond instead of one that is only color enhanced.
  • Pink sapphires or pink rubies: Offer a beautiful alternative, though they may not have the same amount of fire and brilliance of a diamond.
  • Synthetic, man-made stones: Excellent alternatives created in a lab and offered in a beautiful array of colors and shapes.


Images courtesy of Argyle Diamond Mines and London Inetgiant.

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