Platinum Sapphire Engagement Rings

Platinum Sapphire Engagement Rings

Platinum sapphire engagement ring is one of the sapphire wedding rings whose popularity has continued to grow in leaps and bounds over the years. Sapphire rings defy conventional and traditional diamond rings, and therefore stand out as favorable substitutes to ordinary diamond rings.

Sapphires versus Diamonds
Diamonds rings are still the favorite symbol of affection in relationships. Remember that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. The fact that they have been in use for centuries makes them even more popular. However, that does not mean that other ring types are not classic or stylish. A case in point, sapphires are a bit less harder than diamonds, but they are just as durable as diamonds, as long as they are well maintained. They are also classic and trendy. Just like diamonds, sapphires are rare earth metals, but they are cheaper than diamonds. They also require less maintenance as compared to diamond rings. For instance, they are easy to wash (as long as you do not use an abrasive substance).

Sapphire_Diamond_Engagement_RingDiamonds with other metals
An engagement marks a significant step in a relationship, and there is no better way of recognizing it than exploring the option of getting the ring on her finger. However, modern ring manufacturers are going for a mixture of diamond and other metals. Sapphire rings with diamonds is a good example. They look fantastic with diamonds. The cluster setting where a sapphire is surrounded by a halo of diamonds is particularly very popular. In some cases, Moissanite engagement rings feature a diamond as the centre stone. Rings of combinations of various metals such as platinum, diamond and gold and sapphires are really fantastic. In short, diamonds, Moissanite, sapphires and other gemstones can be combines in a way that appeals to different types of people, depending on their taste.

Various types of sapphire engagement rings

Choosing an engagement ring is a not a walk in the park, keeping in mind that women tend to be quite particular on their choice of ring, as she will be wearing it for the rest of her life. There are various types of sapphires to choose from, and the final choice is down to a person’s preference. Here are a few things to check for when buying sapphire engagement rings, apart from weight and clarity.

  • Setting Style: Multistone, three-stone, solitaire, bezel and split shank are some of the most common setting styles. The solitaire style is particularly popular because it accommodates a wide variety of cuts.
  • Shape/cut: The ring can be round, oval, pear, emerald-cut or heart shaped.
  • Color: Sapphires are normally blue in color, but Pink, yellow, purple and the rare orange Padparadscha sapphire colors are also available, as sapphires naturally occur in an array of colors. The color of the ring is of great importance especially to those believe in the psychology of color. For instance, many people love white sapphire engagement rings because of the symbolic meaning of white, which is a symbol of a peaceful relationship.
  • Cost: Some people get it wrong when choosing engagement rings depending on the cost. For instance, some people think that the morganite engagement ring is a cheaper alternative to the diamond ring. The truth is that there are morganite engagement rings that are more expensive than other types of wedding rings. The price of a ring is a function of a myriad of factors, including color, cut and even the retailer. Obviously, the metal is a great factor, and in this case, diamond is more expensive than platinum.
  • Natural and synthetic sapphires: There are genuine and curated sapphires. You would expect the natural ones to be more appealing and durable and expensive. You can go for the curated ones if you want to look stylish without breaking the wallet.
  • Metal combination: As noted earlier, sapphire can be combined with several metals to make great engagement rings. In our case, a combination of platinum and sapphire encapsulates beauty and class of the most profound kind.

Indeed, even from the symbolic meaning of sapphires, you know you can’t go wrong with sapphire rings. Sapphires symbolize truth, blessings, purity as well as knowledge, all of which are ingredients of a great relationship. If you were born in the month of September, this is also the birthstone for you. The possibility of engraving the name of the spouse on the ring is very admirable, making the ring highly personalized.

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