Ring Size Chart

Ring Size Chart

imagesLooking to get engaged and you have no idea what her ring size is? One of the best things you can do is find a calibrated ring size chart to help you out. Before going forward, here are 10  helpful tips you need to know when using a ring size chart:


1. Most ring size charts will ask you to find an existing ring and use this to place on the printed ring size chart. If you do this, note that for best accuracy, find a plain band. It will give the best and most realistic size.

2. Some people may suggest using a string to measure the ring finger (wrapping the string around the finger and getting a felt tip marker to mark where the end lines up as it is wrapped around the finger). Unfortunately, string has some give and flexibility in it, so it won’t give you the most accurate reading. We suggest using a 0.5 inch strip of paper to ensure it is impossible to stretch.

3. If you are using an existing ring, remember that the most average width of a band is going to give the best result. For instance, if you have a very wide band (like a men’s wedding band) it can require a slightly larger size. Also, if you are shopping for a ring and like the thick, wide band look, go up a half size or even a full size to ensure it isn’t too tight. Simply put, wide bands fit smaller than regular fitted bands.

4. If you are trying to decide between two different sizes or half sizes and you just cant find out which one is the best, opt for the larger size (especially if it is a half size). You will be grateful you did because ring finger sizes fluctuate frequently. For women, it might mean you can wear your engagement and wedding ring longer during pregnancy. Or having just a slightly larger size can fit better if it is warm outside or if you have had a lot of swelling (read: salt).

5. Climate and temperature do matter. The next time you go to bed at night, notice your fingers. They’ll be more swollen and your rings will fit more snugly than they do first thing in the morning, especially if it is cold in the morning. When it is cold, your rings will fit more loosely. As the day warms up, you’ll find the rings will fit just right.

6. Don’t put an existing ring up to the computer screen as the size of the image will not be true to form.

7. Make sure you print off the chart with the exact instructions from the website. We like Blue Nile’s ring size chart because it is international and easy to print off.

8. If you’re trying to surprise her, find a way to get another ring that she wears or at least get the help of friends to find out her ring size.

9. Measure from the inside diameter, not the outside edges of the ring.

10. Finally, enjoy the process and have fun with this! Getting engaged is one of the most exciting times in life and you want to remember this and look back on your memories of ring shopping as exciting and happy times.


For a ring sizing chart, visit this page: http://www.bluenile.com/find-ring-size



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