Russian Diamonds vs Real Diamonds: Are They Any Different?

Diamonds are not simply a “girl’s best friend.” They are mysterious, luxurious, and captivating. Diamonds can come in an array of sizes, cuts, and colors, and can range in value from affordable to extravagant. So, what is a Russian diamond? And what are the differences when considering Russian diamonds vs real diamonds? Below you’ll find a guide with everything you need to know about diamonds, types of diamonds, and the similarities and differences of Russian diamonds vs real diamonds.

How Diamonds Are Made

rough diamond found at Lulo Mine

Natural diamonds all have the same, basic, origin-story. Hundreds of miles below the Earth’s surface, carbon is exposed to a harsh environment that reaches above 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, with pressure of more than 700,000 pounds per-square-inch. Under this immense heat and pressure, the carbon’s properties and structure change on a molecular level. It begins to morph into a crystalline, prismatic structure that you recognize as a diamond.

That diamond then travels hundreds of miles to the Earth’s surface through volcanic pipes that naturally reside all over the globe. When the carbon is changed with no interference, the result is a pure, white, or clear diamond. When the carbon is changed with the interference of outside forces or elements, the result is a colored diamond.

Synthetic diamonds are created through an artificial process, as opposed to the geological process of a natural diamond. These types of diamonds are made in labs, using various methods. These methods have included and can include high pressure/high temperature, chemical vapor deposition, explosive detonation, and ultrasound cavitation.

What Is a Russian Diamond?

Many people mistake the term “Russian diamond” for a specific type of diamond, but that simply isn’t the case. “Russian diamond” simply refers to a diamond that has originated from Russia, whether it is man-made or naturally-mined. Diamonds that are mined and found in Russia, as well as synthetic diamonds made in Russia can be considered Russian diamonds.

holding raw diamonds

Russian Natural Diamonds

Natural Russian diamonds are mostly found in the Siberian region of Yakutia. Most Russian mines in fact are located close to the Arctic Circle. This is mainly a tundra region, which results in a cooler environment. Many scientists believe that this environment keeps diamonds frozen under the Earth and therefore its clarity and color is preserved. Natural Russian diamonds are commonly renowned for their high-quality and cut.

Though Russia is known for its quality, natural diamonds, the country was late-to-the-game in comparison to other regions. Intense mining of Russian regions didn’t begin until the 1950s, when Soviets began using diamonds for mostly-industrial purposes.

Russian Synthetic Diamonds

Russia was the first country to develop a machine that produced diamonds in an economic fashion. They lowered the overall cost of making the diamonds, but also increased the quality of synthetic diamonds to an amazing level. Today, Russia is still one of the top leaders of synthetic diamond-production and have set the bar for its quality.

Russian Diamonds vs Real Diamonds: Is There a Difference?

One of the largest differences between Russian diamonds and diamonds from other areas of the world is the lack of conflict associated with the industry. The diamond industry in Russia is almost completely state-owned and therefore overseen by the government. This results in a smoother flow of production and also higher regulations. This results in lower complications and diamond-related conflict.

Russian Diamonds vs Real Diamonds: Quality

Russia is known for its diamond-cutting industry and the high-quality standards within. A Russian cut diamond will typically have better shape and polish than a comparable diamond from another location. The quality of a diamond can be determined by its cut, clarity, and size. Because of Russia’s reputation for diamond-cutting, Russian diamonds are often considered higher-quality among industry leaders. And with most things in this world, you will pay more for quality.

Russian Diamonds vs Real Diamonds: Cost and Value

Overall, natural diamonds are more desired than synthetic types and therefore more-expensive. Synthetic diamonds can mimic the look of a real diamond but can be up to 3-times cheaper than a natural diamond of the same quality. As far as Russian diamonds are concerned, they are considered more valuable than diamonds from other locations, whether natural or synthetic, because of their high-quality and high-regulations.

The value and cost of a diamond is largely due to its cut, color, carat, and clarity. White or clear diamonds are more common than colored diamonds, so you can expect to pay less per-carat for a clear diamond than a colored diamond.

Famous Russian Diamonds

26th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
The 26th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union diamond.

There have been numerous, high-quality, natural diamonds mined from Russia throughout history. The largest found on-record in Russia is weighed-in at 342.57 carats and is the size of a pigeon’s egg. It is currently kept in the Kremlin in the Russian Diamond Fund of Moscow. The 26th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union remains as one of the largest uncut diamonds in the world today.

The Alexander Pushkin diamond is the second-largest diamond ever mined in Russia and it came from the Yakutia region. It weighs-in at 320.65 carats and is also kept in the Kremlin. The third-largest, known as the Creator, weighs-in at 298.48 carats.

The Jane Seymour diamond is a famous blue diamond, originating from Russia. It is 2.08 carats and is a cushion-cut. The diamond was mined in 2014 and crafted with in a setting inspired by British-American actress, Jane Seymour. It is valued at more than $2 million, estimated.

Final Thoughts

Diamonds are a status of luxury, a symbol of affection, and a natural marvel of the world. When considering Russian diamonds vs real diamonds, it is essential to remain educated. Remember to seek out a reputable jeweler with any and all of your diamond concerns and let us know: what is it about Russian diamonds that you find so fascinating?

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