Styles of a Hidden Diamond Engagement Ring

A hidden diamond engagement ring is the perfect choice for a bride-to-be who wants to surprise her lover with a beautiful and unexpected gift. These rings have a variety of styles, so choosing the right one depends on her style. The most popular styles include the bar-baguette and princess-cut diamonds. They have both round and pear shapes and look stunning when paired with other metals. If your future bride-to-be is a vintage jewelry lover, she’ll appreciate the sparkle of a concealed halo ring.

Another style of hidden diamond engagement ring is the love knot design. This modern style has a beautiful twist on the classic silhouette. The band is crafted with pave diamonds, which guide the eye toward the center stone. The halo is hidden, so the ring appears as one, creating a stunning, sophisticated look. The center stone is also surrounded by smaller diamonds on the ring’s sides.

Reasons To Choose A Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

The halo engagement ring is one of the world’s most popular and desired engagement ring styles. Some could even think it’s a little too much. Even if you don’t know what a “halo” is, you’ll recognize the pattern — a row of diamonds that surround the central stone.

The Stefania ring has a stunning center stone with a hidden halo. This ring has a double band, so it appears as a traditional solitaire, but has a subtle accenting diamond. In contrast, the Clara encircles the center stone with two round cut stones, each measuring 0.35 ct. in Clarity SI1 and Color F. The Under Halo Delicate Engagement Ring comes in a variety of metals. The Fascinating Diamonds follows the Kimberley Process Certification System. This stunning engagement ring features a hidden halo of diamonds that wraps around the magnificent oval-cut diamond center. Its elegant halo will catch your lover’s attention and add a touch of sparkle. It will look stunning no matter what angle your ring is viewed from. This style is a unique twist on the classic ring silhouette and is sure to impress your partner. The gold band is a modern, minimalist style that will impress her and will make her look beautiful.

A Hidden Halo Can Make Your Center Stone Appear Larger

The concealed halo engagement ring, also known as an under halo setting, is a new and novel spin on the classic halo design. Both configurations provide drastically different effects, despite the fact that they are theoretically comparable. A hidden halo setting is one in which the halo rests below the center stone, “hidden,” and serves as a base for the diamond, rather than framing it.

You may not be able to notice the halo from a bird’s eye perspective, but from any other angle, the concealed halo pops out and highlights the valuable central stone. The concealed halo setting can increase the size of the center stone by up to 15%. It provides the diamond with a platform constructed of even more diamonds, allowing it to shine even brighter.

Hidden Halo Works With Any Shaped Diamond

The concealed halo setting, unlike certain other types of settings, works with any diamond shape. In reality, its rising popularity is due to its capacity to make any diamond sparkle, regardless of form – oval, radiant, round, pear, and so on. This arrangement also leaves plenty of room for diamonds to be added to the band without crowding the central stone.

The style of a hidden diamond engagement ring is unique and elegant. The hidden halo is a basket underneath the center stone, while the band is made of gold. A gold band adds sparkle to the ring, while the halo is often made of two smaller diamonds. It is a great choice for a woman who doesn’t want to be confined by her ring. This ring style is available in a wide range of metals.

Mix Metals With A Hidden Halo Setting

Have you ever wanted to blend metals in an engagement ring set but weren’t sure how? The ring’s concealed halo setting allows for a variety of metal combinations without dominating the design. To support the concealed halo, imagine a white gold solitaire band with a yellow gold setting. When it comes to creating and purchasing her fantasy engagement ring, having a variety of alternatives is crucial to a successful purchase and a happy bride-to-be.

This elegant design features a hidden diamond halo that wraps around the magnificent oval-cut diamond in the center. It is not only elegant, but it also feels timeless. The gold band will give her a dazzling, yet subtle ring that is perfect for her. And because it’s designed to accentuate the beauty of her center stone, the hidden halo is a great choice. This unique design is perfect for any occasion.

Hidden Halo Engagement Rings Have Similar Pricing To Halo Engagement Rings

As for price, there’s no major difference between a halo or a hidden halo setting. The hidden halo setting may not need as many diamonds since it is positioned below the center stone and doesn’t frame the entire diamond but they typically are priced evenly.

Have you ever wanted to blend metals in an engagement ring set but weren’t sure how? The ring’s concealed halo setting allows for a variety of metal combinations without dominating the design. To support the concealed halo, imagine a white gold solitaire band with a yellow gold setting. When it comes to creating and purchasing her fantasy engagement ring, having a variety of alternatives is crucial to a successful purchase and a happy bride-to-be.

What Is The Point Of A Hidden Halo?

A hidden diamond engagement ring is an ideal choice for a woman who loves unique designs. The emerald-cut center stone is the perfect choice for an engagement ring because of its unique design. Its intricate design and halo ring will also show her favorite color. For example, an antique-inspired bezel-set emerald-cut diamond will look stunning next to a diamond-set ring.

A hidden diamond engagement ring is a great option for a woman who is unsure about how to propose. Her fiance will love the romantic gesture and be delighted to discover a hidden diamond engagement ring. A stunning diamond encircling the center stone will certainly impress her. She will love the simple, classic style of this emerald-cut diamond emerald-cut emblazed with sparkling diamonds.

Instead of framing the central stone, the halo in a concealed halo setting rests below it and serves as a base for the diamond. The presence of little pave stones enhances the brilliance of the main stone from above more than from other perspectives. For a concealed halo setting, a good color diamond is required for the center stone. This is because the bottom section of a diamond exhibits more color than the top part when seen from various angles. When compared to the concealed halo, a low-color diamond for the central stone seems yellow.

As a result, the center stone appears 15% bigger and shinier in a concealed halo setting. The concealed halo setting may be used with other styles and choices to create a really unique look. Choose a solitaire with a concealed halo for a basic appearance. A ring with pave diamonds, on the other hand, is a good choice if you want a more elegant look.

Does Hidden Halo Work For Any Diamond Shapes?

A hidden diamond engagement ring looks like a traditional solitaire on a yellow gold band. However, it has a hidden diamond halo around the center stone, which looks like an additional halo on top of the ring. The halo can be seen from above, and it also provides a surprise of the size of the diamond. The ring is perfect for the girl who wants a secret charm to impress her future husband.

Oval, radiant, round, pear, round, and cushion-cut diamonds all go well with hidden halo settings. The most popular engagement rings with halo are oval engagement rings with halo and pear-shaped engagement rings with halo. The diamond wrap on the Hidden halo is around 2mm high, giving a ring more brilliance from the side than ever before. Additionally, while looking from the top to a concealed halo ring, the size of the stone is optically maximized.

The concealed halo is a flexible design that may be used in a variety of scenarios. This style may be combined with other settings, metals, colors, shaped gemstones, or bands.

Different Types Of Halo Engagement Rings

Split shank halo engagement ring

The bands double in size as you approach closer to the center stone and halo in this engagement ring design. As a result, the halo is supported by two thin bands rather than one. The little stones on the split band make it popular and eye-catching.

Plain shank halo engagement ring

As the name suggests, a plain shank halo engagement ring consists of a plain band that gently goes up to the diamond and its halo. In this type of hidden halo, the center stone gets the maximum attraction possible.

Halo engagement ring with pave stones

A line of little stones covers the band of the pave halo engagement ring. The paving design of the ring enhances the gleam of the center stone. Halo rings with pave pave pave pave pave pave pave pave pave pave pave pave pave pave pave pave pa A pave, a halo ring is preferred by those who like more bright and eye-catching engagement jewelry.

Engagement ring with a double halo

Two halos around the primary, center stone in a double halo engagement ring. Double halo rings are more expensive than single halos, but they make your diamond appear a full carat larger, rather than half-carat in single halos. Triple halo engagement rings are even designed by certain folks.

Is It True That A Halo Makes A Diamond Appear Larger?

By utilizing visual effects, the halo setting may make the stone appear larger. From afar, the row of small diamonds that encircle the primary stone will make it appear much larger and even more spectacular. The core stone will be enhanced by the side diamonds on both sides.

How Much Does A Halo Increase The Size Of A Ring?

The diamond seems 15% bigger in a concealed halo style. In most halo settings, the center stone appears to be up to one-half carat larger, saving you hundreds of dollars. The presence of a pave design in a concealed halo ring adds to the glitter of the center stone. The little stones in the pave pattern, on the other hand, are significantly less expensive, but they add to the engagement ring’s beauty and sparkle.

Do You Think Halo Engagement Rings Are Tacky?

Halo engagement rings are fashionable and appealing. People will notice a sparkling ring on your partner’s hands if they wear a hidden halo. Hidden halos, on the other hand, are more eye-catching than tacky since “tacky” has a negative connotation. A concealed halo ring is easily seen, yet among jewelry aficionados, it is recognized as a gleaming, attractive engagement ring type. There may be some unfavorable ideas about concealed halos, which are primarily linked to care and maintenance difficulties since this engagement ring type is difficult to keep and clean.

What Does A Seamless Halo Mean?

Seamless Halo Rings or “no-gap halos,” are a type of halo design in which there is no dark air gap between the center stone and the side stones or the metal surrounding it. Instead, the center stone sits flush against the halo. Seamless halos look larger, more eye-catching, and more brilliant.


You’re not alone if you feel like a new engagement ring appears on your Instagram page every other day. However, there is a new tendency you should be aware of, and you may have already seen it without even realizing it. Hidden halo engagement rings are becoming increasingly fashionable, and celebrities and jewelers are already fans. A hidden halo engagement ring contains a halo of pave diamonds behind the center stone on the ring’s setting, making it ideal for people who desire a sparkling ring without committing to a traditional halo ring. This elegant hidden diamond engagement ring looks like a simple round solitaire on a white gold band, but a closer look will reveal a halo of diamonds surrounding her stunning center stone.