Things to Consider When Buying a Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring Set

Whether you’re looking for a simple solitaire or a striking and dazzling solitaire, a marquise diamond engagement ring set will be a perfect choice. These rings are available in a variety of styles, from vintage-style pieces to more contemporary styles. Whether the ring is set in platinum, yellow gold, or white gold, your future bride will love the beautiful style. Here are some things to consider when purchasing an engagement ring set made of marquise diamonds.

For a contemporary style, a marquise diamond engagement ring set with tension settings is ideal. This setting holds the diamond in place while the points are secured in protective grooves. This method creates an illusion of floatiness, which enhances the sparkle of the center diamond. Because there’s no metal interference between the diamond and band, a tension setting is durable and easy to clean.

A marquise diamond set is a classic, elegant choice. This diamond engagement ring design has been popular for centuries, but it’s only recently gained renewed popularity. It’s a classic choice, and its timeless beauty means that it’ll remain stunning for years to come. You can find a marquise diamond engagement ring in a wide range of metals, including platinum and yellow gold. You can also find the perfect match for your wedding theme with vintage-inspired settings.

History of the Marquise Diamond

The history of Marquise Diamonds is long and fascinating.

King Louis XV of France had a diamond cut to mimic the lips of his mistress, the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour, Jean Antoinette Poisson, in the 18th century. While the thin design has evolved over time, it still bears some resemblance to the original.

The diamond was given the name Marquise in the years following its initial cut, which related to a position just below a duke. To show their status, affluent people would wear Marquise Diamonds. Navette, which means “little ship” in French, is another name for Marquise Diamonds. The shape of the Marquise is reminiscent of a boat, an extended eye, and an American football.

Here are Some Beautiful Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring Set

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What is the Definition of a Marquise Diamond?

A marquise diamond has 56 facets and is longer than a round diamond, ending in a point on each side. This spectacular and unusual appearance makes a marquise diamond a fascinating alternative for individuals who seek something uncommon.

A marquise-cut diamond appears larger than other diamonds of the same carat weight due to its elongated shape, and it can make the wearer’s fingers appear slimmer.

The Marquise Diamond is a stunning alternative to more traditional diamond shapes such as the Round Brilliant or Cushion Cut.

What is the Cut Quality of a Marquise Cut Diamond?

Cut Quality has a significant impact on a Diamond’s overall beauty and value. Cut should be at the top of your priority list if you spend your budget on any of the 4 C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat). Even if you wind up lowering your Carat weight to acquire a superior cut, the diamond’s beauty and appearance will benefit.

It’s difficult to choose a Marquise Diamond because the criteria for an outstanding cut aren’t well established. Even though Marquise Diamonds are graded by the GIA, Round Brilliants are only given Cut grades. As a result, it’s impossible to predict whether a Marquise will be average or exceptional without looking closer.

What are Typical Marquise Diamond Cut Issues?

While there are a variety of cut aspects that can make a Marquise Diamond unsuitable, we’ve highlighted some of the most prevalent issues in the photographs below and compared them to an optimum cut Marquise.

The Bowtie

The black patch running across the diamond’s center is a noticeable bowtie in this diamond. The bowtie effect is discussed further on this page, but in general, it detracts from the diamond’s beauty and draws unwanted attention to it. This diamond is also cut somewhat too wide, giving it a broad appearance rather than an attractive one.

Football for the Slender

The diamond is shaped like a narrow football and does not have a lot of visual appeal. Its table is too narrow, and its crown (the area above the diamond’s girdle) is too high. These components reduce the diamond’s ability to reflect both white and colored light, making it appear less dazzling.

The Perfect Marquise Diamond

While the length to breadth ratio is a personal taste, this diamond has a pleasing shape with a ratio of 1.90. It has a large table that allows for a lot of light reflection. The bowtie (black gap running across the diamond) is not visible, and it is clearly more gorgeous than the other two diamonds.

What is Colored Marquise Cut Diamond?

Color is analogous to Clarity in the Marquise Diamond: the actual appearance of the diamond should be given more weight than a specific grading given by a lab agency.

The GIA assigns a color grade to diamonds ranging from D to Z. D diamonds are the most colorless, whereas Z diamonds have a noticeable yellow or brown hue. The difference between two nearby grades, such as G and H, is often imperceptible to the human eye, which is why we recommend inspecting the diamond yourself or enlisting the help of a professional.

We usually recommend a G or H for Marquise Diamonds since they will provide you with the best value while still appearing colorless to the human eye. G and H Marquise Diamonds are normally as colorless as an F or E, although they are much less expensive.

Take, for example, James Allen’s beautiful H Marquise in a 14K white gold pave setting. To the naked eye, it is colorless and emits clear light reflections. It also seems white in comparison to its setting, which is something to keep in mind when choosing a diamond for a ring. If you’re utilizing a yellow gold setting, you might be able to move down to an I, J, or even K Color.

What is the Clarity of the Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring?

The number of imperfections and flaws present in the diamond is used to determine its clarity. The GIA uses the following scale to grade diamond clarity:

  • Inclusions (I2)
  • Inclusions (I1)
  • Small Inclusions (SI2)
  • SI1 stands for Small Inclusions.
  • Very Small Inclusions (VS2)
  • Very Small Inclusions (VS1)
  • Very Very Small Inclusions (VVS2)
  • Very Very Small Inclusions (VVS1)
  • Internally Flawless (IF)

While there are variances across grades, it’s important to remember that these differences are minor and often invisible to the human eye. For instance, this VS1 Marquise from James Allen costs $4,800, while this SI1 Marquise from James Allen costs $3,550, and both appear to be flawless.

We recommend carefully inspecting a diamond rather than making a decision based simply on a grade report because the difference is practically undetectable without a microscope or experienced eye. Because they use ultra-high quality diamond photography, James Allen provides the greatest tool for analyzing diamond clarity. You may see up-close images of each diamond with their equipment. Contact our experts if you’re having trouble making a decision. Thousands of diamonds have been examined for clarity.

As a general rule, we recommend looking for an S1 or S2 in Marquise Diamonds for the highest clarity and value—but keep in mind that each diamond must be judged on its own merits and appearance to the naked eye. You should also think about how the diamond will look once it’s placed in the jewelry. Inclusions, for example, are easily covered by the prongs that secure the Marquise’s two corners, but they’re more difficult to conceal if they’re in the center.

What is the Certification of a Marquise Cut Diamond?

There are a number of lab grading bodies that provide reports for diamonds of different shapes and sizes, but not all of them are made equal. Several labs, in particular, grade diamonds in an inconsistent and erroneous manner.

Choose AGS or GIA to ensure you get a diamond that matches the description in the report. We strongly advise you to buy a diamond only if it comes with a report from one of these two companies. James Allen and the Blue Nile are two diamond vendors who issue these certificates.

It’s vital to remember, though, that a choice should never be taken only on the basis of a review or comparison of reports. The appearance of the diamond is not indicated by the certificate. Marquise Diamonds should be completely and meticulously examined.


Marquise diamonds are among the most brilliant cuts available in the market. Due to their shallow shape, they appear larger than their actual size. This shape also maximizes the carat weight of a diamond, making them an excellent value for money. However, be sure to examine a diamond from all angles before you buy it. The bowtie can reduce the sparkle and beauty of a marquise diamond, so look for one that has less of it.

While shopping for an engagement ring, choose a style that speaks to you. If your girlfriend is very wide, then an East-West marquise setting may not be the right choice. For a wide finger, opt for a vertical marquise setting. It is the most secure type of set available. A bezel setting will minimize the sparkle of the diamond, as light only reflects from the top view.