Turquoise Wedding Rings

indexOne of the best things about unique wedding rings is that they turn heads, spark curiosity and are memorable to the wearer. This is true with turquoise wedding rings. While turquoise is a common element used in Native American jewelry, it is not limited to right hand rings, bracelets or necklaces. Wedding rings with turquoise inlay and diamonds (or not) are a stunning example of ingenuity and blending tradition with modernity.

Turquoise Wedding Rings: Top Things to Know About This Stone

When people first learn about turquoise, it is often in a more casual environment rather than a jewelry store that sells engagement and wedding rings. However, turquoise is in a class of its own because it has been used in jewelry for hundreds of years around the world and particularly in the Southwest area of the United States.

It is a semi-precious gemstone that is reasonably easy to cut due to it being softer than diamonds and other gemstones in the wedding ring category. It is found in many different shapes and sizes, with opaque coloring and often lined with veins. Because turquoise is softer than so many other stones and has some lines, it is more easily scratched and chipped than diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds. However, it’s unique color, interesting visual properties and affordability make it an increasingly popular choice for women’s wedding rings.


Turquoise Wedding Rings: What Setting Is Best?

One of the first things to consider when deciding whether or not to use turquoise in a wedding ring is the style of the setting. Because turquoise is a soft gem stone, it will not be able to be effectively used as a solitaire on high prongs. However, it can be used in lower settings (i.e. bezel and channel) to ensure it is protected from accidental damage.

Another thing to look for when purchasing a setting is the actual quality of the stone. Many turquoise gemstones are treated and enhanced to make it look better for customers. Most people don’t remember to ask the jewelry store about treatments the stone may have required (therefore lessening the value). If at all possible, check with the jewelry store employee to get the certification and history of the stone. If it has been treated, it should be less than an untreated stone. Having said this, many turquoise stones need treatment in order to look the best that they can and it is not the same as buying an treated diamond in terms of concern.

How Are People Wearing Turquoise Wedding Rings?

These days, the sky is the limit for unique engagement and wedding rings. Turquoise is found set most often in sterling silver, but it can also be set in platinum, white or yellow gold or even palladium. Yellow gold is not frequently used because it lacks a good complimentary color scheme and does not enhance the beauty of the stone (as shown below):

VS Notice the difference in being able to better see the beautiful turquoise color? Here are a few other examples of how the silvery metal choices work really well with turquoise:











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