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Want to Sell Your 1 Carat Diamond Ring Online?

Whether it be a broken engagement or needing extra cash, there are always reasons why some people will need to sell a 1 carat diamond ring. With the increasing growth and convenience of the Internet, many are opting to sell jewelry online instead of visiting a pawn shop. Craigslist classifieds are a great way to sell jewelry.  However, before placing an ad, there are some surprising things sellers need to be aware of in order to ensure it is a safe transaction.

Selling Your 1 Carat Diamond Ring Online

Online classifieds can be a fantastic and affordable way to sell jewelry. Many people report getting more money by selling online than going through pawn shops (considered to be a last resort). With the economic downturn, it can be a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller.

Here are a few crucial tips to help before placing your ad:

1. A picture says a thousand words for a 1 carat diamond ring.

Showcase the ring in the best possible lighting and ensure there are no shadows. It’s surprising how many unflattering, dark and poor quality pictures of diamond rings there are out there–and many ads with no pictures at all.  Make sure you have pictures from all angles, one set in a jewelry box and one on the hand. Take some time to make it look professional and play around with different camera settings.

2. Watch out for scams.

Chances are you will come across some scam artists wanting to buy your ring. One of the most popular scams involves overseas “buyers” requesting, often times in broken English, to send money via wire transfer or Paypal. Sometimes they even produce fake Paypal emails indicating they put money into your account with a stolen credit card. Avoid these “buyers” at all costs and insist on cash upfront for the purchase.

3. Get an appraisal and grading certificate in order before posting an ad.

This will give both the seller and the potential buyer the most accurate price range and ensure the quality of the diamond. Most smart shoppers will ask to view the diamond’s grading certificate in order to compare prices and ensure the validity of the stone. Getting these things together will not only ensure you are a credible seller, but also help you get the most for the jewelry.

4. Never give out personal information

If using local classified ads or Craigslist, never give out your full name or address. If your email address has your full name in it, set up a generic email address to protect your identity.

5. Always meet potential buyers in a public place – never your home

Far too many robberies (and murders) occur when well meaning sellers allow potential buyers–who seem friendly and trustworthy–to come to their home. A sad example of this happened to a man named James Sanders who was murdered in his home in 2010. A nice young couple, posing as potential buyers, came to view the 1 carat diamond ring he had placed for sale on his local Craigslist.  Unfortunately, this online transaction ended with murder and a strong warning to all sellers of expensive items to meet in public places to complete the sale.  A shopping mall is a great place to meet–it’s busy and very public.


Placing an online ad for a diamond ring is an excellent way to get some needed cash or recoup money from a broken engagement. With the increasing use of the internet for selling jewelry, more people are comfortable with sites like Craigslist. Just be sure to exercise caution and common sense, and the selling experience will hopefully be a profitable one.


Images courtesy of Zales and Kay Jewelers.


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