wedding bands for the bride and groom

Wedding Bands for the Bride and Groom

Before you say “I do” you will need to buy wedding bands for one another to fully commemorate your eternal commitment. Highly symbolic in nature and different from an engagement ring, wedding bands are exchanged at the wedding ceremony between bride and groom. Traditionally, the bride will put on her wedding band, followed by her engagement ring to complete the set. The groom customarily wears his wedding band once married and on his left hand.

There are many different types of wedding bands for available, so it certainly pays to learn about all your options in order to find the best ring to suit personal budget, style and preference.

Wedding Bands: Styles

Whether it be a simple gold wedding band or a more ornate diamond band, there is always something for every bride and groom. Continue below to learn more about the styles available:

Classic Wedding Bands: The most timeless of wedding bands, plain gold is an attractive and simple choice for many couples. A symbol of never-ending unity, gold wedding bands have the greatest option for engraving or a variety of unique finishes. Most come in 14K or 18K gold and are suitable for both men and women,  either alone or with an engagement ring.
Diamond Wedding Bands: A wedding band consisting of multiple diamonds adds exceptional sparkle to the hand, either when worn alone or while beautifully complimenting an engagement ring. Some styles include full or half eternity bands, multi-stone, pave or channel set bands.  Note that prices can go up quickly depending on the number of diamonds, so budget accordingly if  a diamond band is your preferred  choice.
Hand Wedding Crafted Bands: For a more artistic or unique approach, hand crafted wedding bands offer a myriad of styles and colors. From intricate vintage beading or two-tone gold to woven designs or art deco flair, hand crafted wedding bands provide a way to let your personality shine in a memorable and romantic manner.
Wedding Bands for Men: With hundreds of styles available nowadays, the modern man has literally anything he wants at his fingertips. Depending on his personality, he may want to keep it simple with a plain gold comfort fit band or he may decide on a strong, lightweight titanium or tungsten. Consider the groom’s personal preference and comfort before purchasing. Since some men may be unaccustomed to wearing rings, the right fit and metal will make the world  of a difference in comfort and style.

Tips for Finding Affordable Wedding Bands

  • Look for his and hers wedding bands as a set, as these often will be a better price
  • Like the look of platinum but not the price? Opt for the strikingly similar palladium at a fraction of the cost.
  • Although local jewelry stores enable you to try on a variety of rings in person, buying jewelry online offers a tremendous selection at excellent prices. Most online stores such as Amazon, Ebay, Blue Nile or James Allen have excellent return policies and customer service.
  • Family rings are an excellent way to save big on wedding bands and keep the memory of a loved one alive.
  • Look around at local pawn shops or estate sales. You never know what you might find, and the savings can be substantial.
  • Take a look at your local online classified ads, Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry or similar type online advertising sites in your area. Chances are you can view the ring before purchase.

Wedding bands are a beautiful and symbolic tradition associated with marriage.  In order to find the right style and price, it is important for a couple to explore all of the options available.


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