What Color Diamond is the Most Expensive?

Red diamonds are the most expensive, followed by blue and pink diamonds. These diamonds are rare and are sold in small quantities, meaning that their prices are higher per carat than those of their counterparts. But that isn’t to say that yellow and pink diamonds don’t have any value. Red diamonds are the most expensive diamonds, and red diamonds are scarce. Since most red diamonds have color modifiers like purple, orange, and brown, unlike other fancy colored diamonds, red diamonds are only available as Fancy. What causes red diamonds’ color is unknown to Gemological Institute of America researchers. Blue and yellow diamonds, for example, are colored by impurities present during formation. Red diamonds are thought to have their color from changes in their molecular structure.

They are found in Africa, Australia, and Brazil. Most red diamonds come from the Argyle mine in Australia, and diamonds of all colors are mined here in 14 million carats per year. The Argyle mine has sold less than 20 carats of certified red diamonds due to the low production of gem-quality diamonds. The world’s largest red diamond is 5.11 ct, compared to the Cullinan I, the world’s most significant cut and polished white diamond at 530 ct.

There are several different types of colored diamonds, and each one has its price. Most popular diamonds are black and white, but colored stones are rare and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Rare-colored diamonds are usually purchased at major auction houses, and fancy-colored dealers can sometimes source these unique stones. But if you’re interested in buying a diamond with a unique color, you can try the Blue Nile to see which one is best for you.

What Color Diamond is the Most Expensive?

Despite the widespread popularity of white diamonds, red diamonds are the most expensive diamond color, costing more than twice as much as white diamonds. This is primarily because they are scarce. Red diamonds differ from other colored diamonds in that the source of their color is different. Scientists believe that the red color of these diamonds is due to changes in the diamond’s molecular structure rather than impurities during formation, as is the case with other colored diamonds. However, this is not entirely certain.

Cut, clarity, carat, and color are used to grade and price colored diamonds. The pricing rules for colorless diamonds apply to cut, clarity, and carat, but color grading is very different. There are nearly 30 base colors to choose from, with over 200 different color combinations possible. A laboratory grader examines the base color and any secondary colors to determine the color’s specific name. The color of a green diamond with hints of blue, for example, is described as “bluish-green.” To determine the Fancy Color of a diamond, a grader will look at the color’s hue, tone, and saturation. From least to most saturated, this grading is determined by the color intensity and graded as faint, very light, light, and fancy, fancy, intense, vivid, dark, or profound. The diamond will be more expensive if the color is more intense.

Red Diamonds

Only 20-30 red diamonds exist globally, making them the rarest of all colored diamonds. They get their lovely red color from a rare process that alters the crystal structure of the diamond during formation, causing light to pass through it differently than colorless diamonds. Due to the rarity of this process, red diamonds are typically only half a carat to a carat in size. Despite this, their rarity and intense crimson color make them the most expensive colored diamonds per carat, costing more than $1 million per carat. The largest red diamond ever sold was purchased for $8 million, or $1.6 million per carat, and weighed 5.11. . You can find these rare gems at the Blue Nile, which has a large selection of colored diamonds to choose from.

Blue Diamonds

The element boron, which replaces some carbon in the diamond crystal structure and can produce anything from a tint of blue to a deep, rich blue color in the diamond, is responsible for its blue color. Only a few mines in the world will mine blue diamonds because they are so rare, and they are located in South Africa, Australia, and India. Although they are less rare than red diamonds, they can grow much more significantly and are frequently sold for more, despite costing less per carat.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t expensive; a 1-carat medium-toned blue diamond can cost $200,000. And, like all colored diamonds, they become more expensive as the color and carat size increase. The most valuable blue diamond ever sold was a 14.2 carat fancy vivid blue diamond that sold for $57.5 million at $3.9 million per carat. The Hope Diamond, which is currently housed at the Smithsonian and weighs 45.2 carats and is estimated to be worth $250 million, is the blue diamond that truly takes the cake. . You can find these blue beauties at James Allen, which has a large selection of colored diamonds and 360-degree views of each one.

Pink Diamond

Argyle diamonds, a type of pink diamond, are among the rarest colored diamonds and are mined mainly by one single mine in Australia, the Argyle mine. Pink diamonds can be more expensive than blue diamonds, despite their similar rarity, and this is due to the high demand for their sweet, romantic pink color. These gems are also a mystery: gem scientists don’t know what causes their color. They are made of pure carbon, just like colorless diamonds, but have a unique crystal structure that reflects our eyes’ dazzling pink color. Pink diamonds mined outside the Argyle mine are less expensive than Argyle pink diamonds, but they can still break your bank.

Like other colored diamonds, Pink diamonds have a wide range of prices per carat due to differences in size, color, and clarity. As a result, the price of a single carat pink diamond can range from $10,000 to over $700,000. The Pink Star, a 59.6-carat pink diamond that sold for $71.2 million in 2017 at $1.19 million per carat, is the most famous pink diamond.

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow and brown diamonds are the most common colored diamonds, accounting for more than half of the colored diamond market. They are still scarce, but their low price and eye-catching color have made them the most sought-after colored diamonds. Yellow diamonds get their color from the element nitrogen, which absorbs blue light and reflects a beautiful yellow hue. They are frequently found with various secondary colors, but Canary Yellow Diamonds, a common term for pure fancy yellow diamonds, are the most expensive and sought after. Yellow diamonds are less expensive per carat than other colored diamonds because they are less rare. Light yellow diamonds can even be less expensive than colorless diamonds of comparable size. A yellow diamond with good clarity and color will cost $3,000-5,000 per carat. The price of a fancy vivid yellow diamond can range from $8,000 to $16,000 per carat. The Graff Vivid Yellow diamond, weighing a whopping 100.90 carats and selling for $16.3 million in 2020, was the most expensive yellow diamond.

Are Colored Diamonds More Expensive?

Even though colored diamonds are exceedingly rare, accounting for less than 0.1 percent of all mined diamonds (some argue less than 0.01 percent), a wide range of diamond colors is available at far lower prices than white diamonds. So, when it comes to pricing – and the basic economic concepts apply here as well – supply and demand determine the prices of various colors of fancy colored diamonds. The supply in this scenario is mainly governed by the rarity of the diamond’s color and the difficulty of obtaining it. Human nature influences the trend when it comes to demand, with people seeking what they can’t get and what no one else has (meaning the more rare and unique colors of colored diamonds) and fashion trends. Consider when Paris Hilton was proposed to with a massive canary yellow diamond engagement ring, or when Ben Affleck proposed to Jennifer Lopez with a 6-carat pink diamond ring. The demand for such gems grew as a result of these two events. And that surge in demand resulted in a temporary price increase.

Are Fancy Yellow Diamonds More Expensive Than Regular Yellow Diamonds?

Generally speaking, fancy yellow diamonds are more expensive than white diamonds. Still, they are frequently significantly less expensive than other fancy colored diamonds, such as the following: The price of a 0.7-carat cushion cut white diamond is approximately $1,500. A 0.7 carat fancy vivid yellow diamond with a price of $6,500 may be available.

How Much Do Red Diamonds go for in the Market?

The world’s largest red diamond, weighing 5.11 carats, is the largest. The largest red diamonds are typically sold for less than half a carat instead of the most prominent white diamonds. Despite this, their size does not detract from their worth. Depending on its quality, a one-carat red diamond of excellent quality can be worth anywhere from $300,000 to $2,000,000. According to analysts, the closure of the Argyle mine, which produced 90 percent of the world’s supply of red diamonds, on November 3, 2020, is expected to increase the value of these rare diamonds even further.

Is it True that Pink Diamonds are More Expensive than White Diamonds?

The most expensive diamonds on the market certified natural Fancy Vivid pink diamonds are the most expensive, with prices ranging from 30,000 to 100,000 per carat, or 20 times the price of a white diamond. The Argyle Mine in Australia is the source of the vast majority of all pink diamonds ever mined globally.

Is a Yellow Diamond a Natural Gemstone?

Natural yellow diamonds are scarce, with only one natural fancy color diamond out of every 10,000 carats mined. Yellow diamonds are the most common, accounting for roughly 60% of all colored diamonds. Light yellow diamonds can even be less expensive than colorless diamonds of comparable size. A yellow diamond with good clarity and color will cost $3,000-5,000 per carat. The price of a fancy vivid yellow diamond can range from $8,000 to $16,000 per carat.


The Pink Star is the largest pink diamond in the world, and it was purchased for $71.2 million by an anonymous bidder in just five minutes. After being sold for $71.2 million in less than five minutes, it was renamed CTF PINK STAR. De Beers mined the diamond in South Africa, and the Benny Steinmetz Group expertly cut it. It shattered the previous record for the most valuable jewel. Yellow diamonds are the most common type of colored diamond, accounting for nearly half of the market. However, while yellow diamonds are the most popular, they are also the rarest. The nitrogen in a yellow diamond absorbs the blue light in the diamond and reflects it in a yellow hue. The higher the price, the brighter the yellow. Yellow diamonds become more desirable and valuable as a result of this.