What Gemstone Is Good For Anxiety?

Many people have no idea what gemstones are suitable for anxiety, so knowing which ones can help you overcome your anxiety is essential. Choosing a stone that works for you is the best option because of its unique properties of the stone. It is also essential to cleanse the stone often to keep it perfect. Anxiety can manifest as a mild form of stress or a severe imbalance resulting in an imminent panic attack. There are a few physical locations where anxiety can manifest. It could be in the head, stomach, lungs, or knees. It is difficult to define what exactly is happening when you feel anxious.

In addition to addressing anxiety, many other types of crystals can benefit a person. Tiger’s eye is an excellent luck stone that brings you opportunities. Brown-hued stones work as great grounding forces, and they can help you ground your feelings of anxiety. These stones also help you to clarify your reality. Lepidolite is a dreamy stone that has noticeable benefits. While other types of stones can benefit your mood, lepidolite is one of the best options for general anxiety.

What Gemstone Is Good For Anxiety?

Amethyst. Ask any crystal healer for a stone they’d recommend for anxiety, and amethyst is likely to be at the top of their list. This soothing purple stone is widely used for insomnia and nightmares and can help settle your thoughts to get a good night’s sleep.

In addition to addressing anxiety, many other types of crystals can benefit a person. Tiger’s eye is an excellent luck stone that brings you opportunities. Brown-hued stones work as great grounding forces, and they can help you ground your feelings of anxiety. These stones also help you to clarify your reality. Lepidolite is a dreamy stone that has noticeable benefits. While other types of stones can benefit your mood, lepidolite is one of the best options for general anxiety.

If you want to get rid of your anxiety, kyanite is good. This stone is a significant worry stone and doesn’t require cleansing. Citrine has a soothing vibe, making it an excellent option for people with high-stress levels. If you can’t find kyanite, citrine is a great choice. If you cannot afford to purchase a genuine piece, you can use a fake.


A gemstone (also called a fine gem, jewel, precious stone, or semiprecious stone) is a piece of mineral crystal used to make jewelry or other adornments in cut and polished form. However, certain rocks (such as lapis lazuli and opal) and occasionally organic materials that are not minerals (such as amber, jet, and pearl) are also used for jewelry. They are therefore often considered to be gemstones as well. Most gemstones are complex, but some soft minerals are used in jewelry because of their luster or other physical properties that have aesthetic value. Rarity and notoriety are other characteristics that lend value to gemstones. Apart from jewelry, engraved gems and hardstone carvings, such as cups, were primary luxury art forms from earliest antiquity. A gem maker is called a lapidarist or gem cutter; a diamond cutter is a diamantine.


Any crystal healer will tell you that amethyst is the best stone for anxiety. This calming purple stone is used for insomnia and nightmares and can help you relax and fall asleep.

The stone is known as the stone of sobriety in Greek mythology and is favored by addicts in recovery—Mind-clearing, balancing stone. The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui also uses amethyst’s calming properties. It is a stone of domestic harmony.

Amethyst For Anxiety

  • Keep it by your bedside for better sleep.
  • While you meditate, hold the stone in your palm or on the ground.
  • Please put it on your desk at work to promote calm.
  • Keep amethyst jewelry near your root chakra for grounding.
  • Amethyst for stress relief
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Amber is a fossilized tree resin prized for its golden color and beauty and used in ancient Greek and Chinese folk medicine.

Amber is one of the few stones that require skin contact to function. These stones are usually worn as jewelry rather than being used in a crystal healing session.

Amber For Anxiety

  • A necklace of amber beads
  • Wear an amber beaded bracelet.
  • SUGGESTIONS: Create your crystal pendants with our online jewelry design course.
  • Amber for stress and anxiety

Rose Quartz

Its soft pink color and gentle energy make it a famous stone. These stones are known as the universal love crystals. They are easily accessible and cheap because they are mined globally. A small piece of rose quartz placed in your space can bring calming energy. Rose quartz is the crystal of love, and the heart chakra is all about love. Rose quartz also gently stimulates the root chakra, making it great for anxiety. It helps when anxiety is caused by heartache, trauma, pain, or fear. The stone promotes love, harmony, and peace.

Nurseries sell the stones in bags for a meager price. These can be used as long as you cleanse and charge them first like any crystal.

Rose Quartz For Anxiety

  • Place it on a windowsill to bring love and peace into a room.
  • Put one under your pillow for restful sleep.
  • Hold the stone(s) while meditating
  • Then meditate with the stones.
  • Place the stone over your heart and root chakra and inhale.
  • Wear the stone as jewelry or carry it in your pocket for daily calming.
  • Anxiety-relieving

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate has clear, pale blue, and darker blue layers. Blue lace agate is known for its ability to calm the mind and heal broken emotions, and it supports intuition and precise expression and reduces stress and anxiety.

Blue Lace Agate Uses For Anxiety

  • Blue lace agate is a popular gemstone for jewelry because of its calming properties and lovely look.
  • Sleep with the stones in your room to benefit from their gentle energy.
  • The stones can help reduce stress and improve communication in the office.


This cheap, shiny black stone is used for energy protection. Carrying a piece of black tourmaline in your pocket can be very soothing, and it is a grounding stone that prevents overwhelm. In addition to absorbing negative energy, black tourmaline shields your space from external influences such as work, complex relationships, or world events.

For Anxiety, Use Black Tourmaline

  • During meditation, hold black tourmaline in your palms to harmonize your mind.
  • To absorb negative energy at the door, place pieces around it.
  • Place pieces in the room’s corners to cleanse the energy.
  • Wear it as jewelry or stash it in your bag (but remember to cleanse it regularly)


Sodalite is a beautiful blue stone that promotes mental clarity. It promotes rational thought, objectivity, truth, and intuition, which is excellent for reducing anxiety. It also aids in communication, especially expressing feelings, and fosters excellent comprehension.

Sodalite For Anxiety

  • Use sodalite to improve intuition.
  • Affirmative for the throat chakra.
  • Wear it as a necklace and earrings to align the right chakra.
  • Placing larger pieces in the healing room
  • Keep near your bed or under your pillow at night to gain new insight and perspective.


Selenite is a delicate clear or white crystal that promotes peace, relaxation, and calm. It purges the air of negativity, which is helpful in any setting. Selenite is often sold as a lamp, which can be placed in a room to provide a soothing glow and energy. Selenite dissolves like sugar in water, so keep it dry.

Using Selenite For Anxiety

  • Put a selenite lamp in your office or home for light and peace.
  • Place the stone on your root or heart chakra.
  • To reduce panic and anxiety, hold the stone and stroke the striations.
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Citrine is a gorgeous, sunny yellow stone. It is a stone of confidence, prosperity, and joy. It is an energizing stone that can help with motivation, focus, and fatigue. Citrine also promotes courage and helps reduce social or performance anxiety.

Citrine For Anxiety

  • Wear citrine pendants over the solar plexus.
  • Breathe with a stone on your chest.
  • Bring the citrine into your bath by adding a small stone before you get in.
  • Protect your space with a citrine grid.
  • You can wear it as jewelry or carry it in your pocket to social events or stressful meetings.

Smoky Quartz

Smokey Quartz is an excellent grounding stone for clearing negative energy from your aura. This stone aids in the recovery from traumatic events, illness, and the anxiety that can accompany them, and it is a purifying stone.

Smoky Quartz for Anxiety

  • For 10–15 minutes, place a pointed Smokey Quartz between your feet to draw negative energy away from you.
  • Affix to the root chakra to help ground
  • Pendant to balance emotions
  • Boost your self-care routine with an Ayurvedic massage


Howlite is an excellent crystal for coping with the world and its frustrations. It calms raging emotions and brings clarity. Howlite soothes anger and promotes sleep, and it also aids in removing unnecessary barriers.

Using Howlite For Anxiety

  • Stress-relieving howlite stones near the bed at night
  • If you are overwhelmed by the world and public spaces, carry the crystal. If
  • Hold it while meditating to reduce anger.


Red Jasper is known as the Supreme Nurturer or the Nurturer’s Stone. Even though it doesn’t always have the same luminous shine as other brighter and more colorful crystals, it’s still a beneficial crystal to have.

Anxiety, stress, and nervousness are all relieved by red jasper, and it can help build confidence, patience, and understanding.

Withstand a difficult time. The stone also boosts confidence and helps you let go of the past. It’s great for overcoming sexual trauma, abuse, and anxiety.

Red Jasper For Anxiety

  • Place it on the root chakra and relax.
  • While meditating, hold a stone in each palm.
  • When you’re feeling jittery, put a stone between your feet for a few minutes.

Do Any Crystals Help With Anxiety?

Crystals and crystal healing have become increasingly popular in recent years. People who use crystals cite their supposed healing powers and positive energy. However, there is no scientific evidence to support their use in the treatment of anxiety or depression. We recommend keeping the stone in your home or on your salon product display to showcase your AIIR retail. Or you may place it in an area where you may need some extra energy.

Which Gemstone Is Good For Mental Health?

This purple stone is incredibly protective, healing, and purifying. It’s also said to: help rid the mind of negative thoughts. Anxiety wristbands are a popular “anxiety treatment” promoted on many alternative health sites. Wrist bands that “treat anxiety” (such as those with magnets or ions) have no effect and cannot treat the condition. However, the wrist bands can be used as part of a behavioral treatment for anxiety.

Is Selenite Good For Anxiety?

Jayne also suggests using salinity to calm anxiety. To do so, she sometimes places it at the solar plexus. “It brings a calming energy and slows down the chakra if it’s spiraling out of control,” she says. Mala beads, commonly known as a Japa Mala or simply Mala, are a type of prayer & meditation beads. Prayer beads have been used for centuries by various religions, from Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism to Catholicism.

Can Reiki Help Anxiety?

Reiki is a meditative practice that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes a positive mental state through gentle touch. Reiki self-treatment is a way to benefit from the therapy in your own home. The Reiki session also allows you to shift your focus positively. When we’re anxious, it’s all we can think about. Moving out of narrow, stressed attention is like relaxing a clenched fist. Muscles hold tension, emotions, and chronic anxiety, released during a Reiki session. As their mind and body rebalance over the next few days or weeks, I ask clients to notice any changes. Physical changes include better sleep and a more relaxed body; mental/emotional changes include less stress and more focus; spiritual changes include more groundedness and intuition.

What Does Amethyst Help With?

The stone’s purple color is a natural tranquilizer over and above the physical properties and benefits. It is said to dispel rage, help manage fears and anger, and calm rage and anxiety. Other believed benefits of amethyst include alleviating sadness and grief and dissolving negativity.

Research has shown that hypnotherapy can help relieve stress, fear, and anxiety. It can also be used to help cope with the symptoms of panic disorder. 3 While under hypnosis, a person with panic disorder may be guided to bring attention to coping with specific symptoms and overcoming limiting behaviors.


Rose quartz is a gemstone that can help with anxiety. It helps with high-stress levels and is known to reduce the occurrence of panic attacks. This Gemstone is made of lithium, found in most anti-anxiety medications. It is best to keep it in the bedroom so that it can restore mental balance while you sleep. It can also be used as a meditation stone for the heart chakra. It is an excellent choice for people who suffer from excessive stress and anxiety.

Malachite is a deep green stone that is perfect for anxiety and overthinking. It calms the nerves and reduces anxiety. It also soothes stress-related skin irritations. Its beautiful color makes it an ideal choice for those with anxiety. Its soothing powers make it the perfect healing stone for people with different conditions. It is especially effective for people suffering from high stress and over-thinking.