opal birthstone ring

The Mystical April Birthstone

Opal is the mystical birthstone for April and the modern birthstone for October. According to legend, the mystical birthstone list derives from a Tibetan society that flourished during the 7th and 9th centuries AD. When it comes to the metaphysical realm, this mystical birthstone may have a more vital spiritual link to April borns than its modern and traditional counterparts, according to some researchers.

“Play-of-color” opal distinguishes itself from other gemstones by displaying a distinct rainbow color, often known as “play-of-color.” 

What Is Opal?

Opal is a gemstone created by the action of silica-rich fluids. The mystical birthstone of Opal represents the month of April. It is named after the Sanskrit term Upala, which means “precious stone” in English. In later years, during the Roman era, it would be known as Opallios. Common Opal and valuable Opal are the two types of Opal found in nature. The meaning of Opal is amplification, hope, and purity, among other things. Opal is the gemstone associated with the 14th wedding anniversary.

History Of The Opal Birthstone

The opal gemstone is a shapeless type of silica that has been chemically bonded with water molecules according to its chemical composition. The stone is formed when silica deposits are transported into cracks and crevices on the earth’s surface by precipitation. Opal is a stone that represents honesty, hope, purity, and energy.

The dramatic play of color in the October birthstone has prompted writers to compare it to fireworks, galaxies, and volcanoes, among other things. Opals were believed to impart the power of prophecy and protection against disease in the ancient Greeks. Europeans have long considered Opal a symbol of purity, hope, and truth. Opal was once thought to encapsulate the virtues and powers of all colored stones, and this belief lasted for hundreds of years.

Healing Properties Of Opal

High-vibrational energy, amplification abilities, and a perfect sense of balance are all present in the Opal stone, glistening with healing characteristics. Additionally, it can bring about renewed hope, good karma, a bright balance, and a sense of order to your world. Opal can also serve as a good luck charm, enabling those who wear it to attract incredible things into their aura.

It is a rare stone, and as such, it carries with it a certain level of prestige, as well as elements of wealth, extravagance, and living a life of one of a kind. The luxury of understanding and relying on one’s judgment. The luxury of good fortune and good fortune. Seduction, love, and passion are all luxurious experiences. Just as the swirling light on its surface suggests, Opal invites you to savor all of the colors it has to offer and more.

Physical Healing Properties Of Opal

  • It can be used to treat infections and lower fevers.
  • A good eye elixir that also regenerates skin cells

The Opal stone is thought to be flooded with health when it comes to physical healing. This gem can aid in the treatment of infections, the reduction of fevers, and the strengthening of the immune system. Opal can help relieve the pressure and restore the lightness of your breath. Those suffering from a long-term sickness or chronic ailment may find the Opal stone valuable.

The Opal Stone can also improve the liver’s function and reduce the aches linked with PMS and childbirth. It’s an excellent elixir for brightening the eyes, rejuvenating skin cells for a youthful glow, and boosting the health of the nails and hair. Opal can also aid in flushing the system for those who suffer from water retention.

Mental And Emotional Healing Properties Of Opal

  • Balances and harmonizes
  • It’s also known as a “hope stone.”

Opal is a wise and supportive stone that strives to provide total balance and harmony to your life. This gem has solid interior energy that encourages you not to be afraid to look inside yourself but to have the fortitude and bravery to do so. Opal is also about amplification, which means it takes a speck of a concept or emotion and magnifies it so you can perceive it. It magnifies these sentiments, sending out messages to the cosmos and assisting you in clearing the clutter that may have been clouding your vision and heart.

Opal encourages you to let go of old traumas, routines, and ties that no longer serve you. However, it also asks you to carry those lessons without attachment to the suffering. Opal is considered a stone representing pure positive change and hope. It won’t take you down any pathways that will set you back; instead, it will assist you in working through emotional difficulties so that you may balance your emotions and discover your full potential on the other side.

Metaphysical Properties Of Opal

  • Can clear all of the levels
  • Linked to improved communication

There are many different colors of Opal available, and you will be able to select one that corresponds to every chakra. Opals are infused with light and bursting with color, and they work well with a variety of chakras. Because of their high vibrational energy, they are also excellent for clearing any blockages in the body. In addition to being a magnificent mineral for bringing spiritual light into the aura, it also ensures that you remain protected and guarded on your journey along any shamanic path you may choose to travel down on your journey.

Opal Characteristics

Opal is a delicate stone quickly affected by variations in temperature and pressure. The amount of water determines the look of the gemstone within it. When water evaporates from Opal, the stone shrinks somewhat, and cracks form due to the tension of the evaporation.

Impurities within the stone give opals their distinctive colors. Milky or pearly opals indicate tiny gas bubble inclusions. Yellows and reds indicate iron oxides. Magnesium oxides and organic carbon within the stone give the stone its hue, which can flash green, blue, or red at times. The harlequin opal pattern, with big angular red, yellow, and green patches that resemble the checks on a clown’s outfit, is perhaps the most precious opal design.

Where Is Opal Found?

Opal is a birthstone that may be found in a variety of settings. The Australian fields are the world’s most productive for the October birthstone, and Ethiopia, Mexico, and Brazil are other significant contributors.

Lightning Ridge, a small hamlet in New South Wales, is known for producing valuable black Opal. Other kinds of the October birthstone can also be found in Australia. White Opal can be discovered in New South Wales’ White Cliffs region and South Australia’s Mintabie, Andamooka, and Coober Pedy. Only one site on the planet produces boulder opal, mined in Queensland.

The opal birthstone is found in Ethiopia near the settlement of Wegel Tena in the Wollo Province. Miners extract Opal from shafts excavated into the edge of a plateau 340 miles (550 kilometers) north of Addis Ababa, at 8,000 feet (2,400 meters).

Querétero, a Mexican state, is notable for producing fire opal in various colors, including yellow, orange, and reddish-orange to red, with some having good play-of-color. The mines are a tourist attraction, and getting there means driving through deep pine and oak forests, across scrubby plateaus of cacti and bushes, and twisting mountain slopes on a dirt road.

Is Opal An Expensive Birthstone?

Even though dazzling light opals are pretty expensive, these types are regarded more frequently. Even some of the more costly black and boulder opals. Depending on their quality, fine black opals can be more expensive per carat than colorless diamonds. Tourmaline and opal stones are both beautiful gemstones that are hard to find.

High-quality precious opals can be more expensive than other gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and even diamonds in some cases. An opal’s quality is determined by three primary characteristics: color, pattern, and clarity. In addition to being more valuable than ordinary opals, opals that exhibit the play-of-color phenomenon are also rarer and more expensive.

How To Cleanse Opal?

It is possible to treat Opal by impregnating it with oil, wax, or plastic. In the case of optional, the delicate slices of Opal are attached to the foundation material and covered with a thin dome of pure quartz to form a doublet or triplet. It is best to clean this October birthstone with warm, soapy water to ensure its safety. Any other cleaning procedures used could damage the Opal or filler material. It is important to note that extended exposure to water may cause the glue in opal doublets and triplets over time. Even natural Opal can be fractured if subjected to extreme heat or rapid temperature fluctuations.

The hardness of this October birthstone ranges from 5 to 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. Opal should be stored separately from other gemstones to avoid it being scratched by a jewelry set with tougher jewels. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are just a handful of the gemstones that might cause a scratch on the birthstone of October.

Which Birthstone Is The Most Auspicious?

In fact, for much of history, Opal has been regarded as the luckiest and most mystical of all stones, owing to its ability to display all hues. October’s birthstone, tourmaline, is available in various hues, making it a versatile stone.

Everyone is born on the same day, and no one can pick their birthdate. However, everyone born in April has been blessed with the most precious of all birthstones: the diamond, which is the most valuable of all.

Is Opal A Rare Birthstone?

It is classified into two types: valuable and common, distinguished by its capacity to generate the play-of-color effect when exposed to white light even though it is no longer as scarce as before discovering abundant opal deposits in Australia, the opal birthstone’s many colors and their interaction continue to make it a highly sought and cherished gift.


It is a lucky month for anyone born in April to have this rainbow diamond as their birthstone. Opal conveys the promise of better days ahead and instills a sense of optimism in those who wear it, just as the rainbow does. It is also said to contain moon energy, which enhances intuition. Coincidentally, Opal is one of the stones that may be found on the moon, along with peridot, which is another type of gemstone.

Individuals born in April are fortunate that their birthstone is the most valuable gemstone resource on the planet. Because of its protecting and sterling characteristics, this also indicates that you will have a long and prosperous life.