What is Citrine Gemstone?

If you’re wondering, “What is a citrine gemstone?” you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a quick guide to this gorgeous gemstone. You might also be wondering how to clean it properly. This article will explain some simple steps you can take to ensure the longevity of your new gem. Also, don’t forget to ask the retailer about the clarity grade of the stone. Imperfections will reduce the value of your stone.

Citrine: What is it?

The crystalline quartz family includes the pale yellow to reddish-orange stone known as citrine. A hard, crystalline mineral called quartz is composed of silicon and oxygen atoms. All of these atoms are connected by a very particular pattern.

The second most prevalent mineral in the earth’s continental crust, after feldspar, is quartz. It appears in various color spectrums, but those that resemble citrus fruits are classified as “citrine.”

Citrine has increased in popularity recently as earth tones have in the world of fashion. Citrine, used to describe lemon in many languages, fits this gem’s citrus-colored hue well.

Citrine is widely available, and it has a long history of use. Ancient Romans favored citrine for its rarity and used it for intaglio work and jewelry. By the 19th century, citrine was being used in a variety of jewelry, including necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Jewelry makers used it for their prized pieces during the Art Deco era, between World Wars I and II. Celebrities such as Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford often wore citrine jewelry.

Benefits of Citrine

  • Citrine is thought to have solar energy qualities in addition to being beautiful because of its colors, which are those of the sun. It has many therapeutic qualities for both emotional and physical diseases, making it an excellent stone.
  • Citrine has long been referred to as “The Merchant’s Stone” because many think it may draw wealth. Citrine is a stone that, according to feng shui, promotes prosperity and good fortune.
  • This stone will remove stress and bring you a feeling of energizing peace. It can counteract the negative effects of pharmaceutical medicines by purifying the body. Citrine also improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, and balances the thyroid and spleen. Citrine is an excellent stone for enhancing personal clarity and creativity. It will also help you to hold onto wealth. If you’re wondering, “What is a citrine gemstone?” read on!
  • In addition to its beauty and power to attract positive energy, citrine has numerous other benefits, making it an excellent investment. Its rich history of use in jewelry and decoration dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Georg Bauer, the father of modern mineralogy, first named it citrine. Citrine is derived from the French word citron, which means lemon. But the question of “what is a citrine gemstone?” is a confusing one. Some people say all citrine is heat-treated.
  • Citrine is an excellent choice for people who want to attract more money. It encourages generosity, encourages you to be generous, and encourages you to retain your wealth. Citrine encourages positive thinking and helps you attract abundance in your life. Promoting prosperity and abundance enhances your capacity to attract success. It can also help you achieve your goals and live a happier life. There’s no need to feel ashamed of your success if you’re not confident in your abilities.

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What are the Healing Properties of Citrine?

The stone is reputed to enhance its bearer boosting their emotional self-worth. Citrine is also said to promote a more uplifting and energetic flow of energy throughout the body.

Physically speaking, the restorative effects of citrine include boosting endurance and enhancing digestion. These stones were utilized by healers to boost the immune system, increase blood circulation, and cleanse the body of pollutants. In essence, citrine can be compared to a gem version of a natural hot spring. The stone was also employed as a defense against poisonous snakes and a means of preventing sickness.

Physical Healing Qualities

Energises and Supports the Thyroid

Citrine does wonders for generating upbeat moods and warming the physical body, much like standing in the soft warmth of sunlight. Citrine would undoubtedly be the stone if vitamin D were a gemstone. You may bid sluggish energies adieu when you incorporate citrine into your life. Citrine is a powerful energy booster and can be a wonderful present for people who struggle with chronic fatigue or other health issues that drain their personal reserves.

Healing Properties for the Mind & Emotions

Aids in Letting Off Steam and Tension
Increases Confidence and Self-Esteem

It should be no surprise that Citrine’s cheery disposition is focused on positive energy, excitement, and maintaining one’s sense of self-worth. Citrine is here to remind you to take it back with a grin if you ever feel you have let go of control. It aids in clearing your thoughts, letting go of negative emotions like anger and resentment, and cleansing deep breaths to help you eliminate mixed emotions like sadness and destructive inclinations. Citrine instructs you to let go of everything that no longer makes you feel as though you are being drenched in sunlight. Through the soothing flow of healing energy and the assurance that you can always take responsibility for your own safety and that you won’t fail, citrine can aid you in your battle against phobias.

What does Citrine Crystal Mean?

Citrine conjures up memories of warmth, the sun, and illumination because of its bright colors. As a result, for hundreds of years, the stones have represented love, optimism, and happiness.

The citrus-colored gemstone has more recently come to represent vigor, freshness, new beginnings, mental clarity, and emotional well-being—possibly in large part due to the roots of its name.

If you’re seeking to attract love, citrine is an excellent choice for your solar plexus chakra. Yellow is associated with this chakra, and citrine can help you manifest your dreams. It also promotes openness to new relationships. Ultimately, citrine enhances romance and attracts love. This gemstone can also help you achieve your goals. To use citrine as a tool, simply lay it on your navel while you meditate and visualize a goal in a clear balloon.

Who Should Wear Citrine?

Anyone can wear citrine, but those experiencing tension in their physical and emotional bodies are especially advised to do so. The stone assists its bearer in realigning and manifesting their finest selves.

Not only is citrine a stunning stone with lovely warm undertones that work well with practically any jewelry design, but it also has many other benefits. It’s a great way to clear blocked chakras, strengthen the immune system, and reconnect with one’s creative side.

Citrine as a Zodiac Birthstone

The November Birthstone

Aries, Leo, and Libra Benefit from this

Citrine is the birthstone for the winter month of November, despite the fact that you might identify it with those languid summer days. Although initially surprising, it works since we often seek light when the gloomy winter evenings approach. Citrine’s cheerful disposition seems to appeal to Aries, Leo, and Libra the most among zodiac signs, yet it may be related to the birth month of November.

Citrine complements Aries’ nature beautifully. Due to their competitive drive, those born under the sign of Aries can occasionally feel a little insecure, which makes them less receptive to criticism from others. Non-praising phrases will no longer shake your soul because citrine makes you feel secure and comfortable in your own flesh. Aries can be quite motivated, and citrine helps them focus that drive on only good things.

Citrine is a distinct power for Librans than it is for other zodiac signs. Shape-shifters, Librans might be uncertain since they like to fit in and avoid making the “wrong” choice. Citrine is a wonderful stone for assisting this sign in recognizing its own inner strength and intuitive power as well as its weight and awe of it.

What is the Price of Citrine?

Because citrine is so rare, it has a high price. This stone can be found in Madagascar, Bolivia, France, Italy, and the US. Some natural deposits can be found in France, Russia, and the Ural Mountains. However, most citrine is heat-treated amethyst and is often mistaken for it. Besides these, citrine is also found in Russia, France, and Scotland. You may also be able to find citrine in Brazil, which is considered to be the most important place for citrine.

Like any other gemstone, citrine’s cost varies according to carat size. Numerous other factors, such as whether or not it has undergone heat treatment, affect citrine’s value. The broad range per carat is between US $10 and $30.

Higher prices are paid for flawless citrine gemstones that have been cut to enhance their color and brilliance. Brazilian citrine typically sells for more money because of its highly sought-after deep red-orange hues.

What Chakras can Citrine Help?

Overall, it’s thought that citrine aids in chakra cleansing and intuition window opening, increasing attentiveness and a spiritual connection to oneself. It is said that doing this will increase your wisdom and wit.

Citrine is more precisely linked to the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra. For creativity and manifestation, the former is essential. In order to activate one’s powers and imaginative creativity, a healthy sacral chakra is essential. Many people think that the energy of the stone enters the body of the carrier straight through the sacral chakra, spreading to the solar plexus and strengthening one’s willpower.

How should you Clean a Citrine Stone?

  • Water to wash with
  • Use a yellow candle to charge.

To experience the best levels of healing, it’s crucial to keep your citrine clean and charged. Citrine is one of the only stones that can release harmful energy rather than hold it, but that doesn’t mean the golden yellow stone doesn’t occasionally benefit from a little pick-me-up. Just wash with warm, soapy water and completely dry. Citrine is a stone of sunshine and doesn’t need more heat; therefore, try to avoid exposing it to direct heat. Burn a yellow candle next to your sparkling Citrine before dawn if you wish to recharge its batteries.

Is Citrine a Lucky stone?

Citrine, also known as the Lucky Merchant’s Stone, aids in manifesting good fortune. This gemstone will be extremely beneficial for financial and business prosperity. Its regular hue is yellow, and it, like the sun, gives you the energy you need to complete and succeed with money-making work.

How can I Verify if the Citrine I have is Genuine?

Unsurprisingly, one of the materials utilized to make imitation citrines most frequently is colored glass. Holding your gem up to a source of bright light and looking at it with a microscope or jeweler’s loupe is a surefire way to spot the difference. It is probably a fake if the stone has minute air bubbles.

Could I Wear Citrine on a Daily Basis?

There is no problem with donning citrine on a daily basis. On the other hand, you should make it a habit to routinely cleanse your bracelet in order to rid it of any negative energy that may have built up in the stone beads.


Citrine is a gorgeous yellow stone with warm earthy undertones. It can easily pair with various jewelry designs, making it a versatile gemstone to add to your collection. This gemstone can also unblock your chakras and boost your immune system. As a chakra unblocker, it can help you connect with your creative side. You may even find it to boost your confidence. So, why wait any longer? Get your citrine crystal today! It won’t cost you anything.