Diamond Accent ring

What is Diamond Accent?

Diamond accents are becoming more and more popular than they have ever been. The explanation for this is simple: diamond accents provide brightness and shine to jewelry pieces, which is why they are popular. Innovative designers are developing unique designs with diamond accents, and they are typically far more affordable than classic diamond center stones. This is an excellent option for someone on a tight budget or who wants a one-of-a-kind, period-appropriate design.

Diamond Accents are tiny diamonds set next to a larger stone in a jewelry piece and are referred to as diamond accents. They are intended to enhance a piece of jewelry’s overall beauty and brilliance by uniquely reflecting light. However, many folks are unable to buy a large diamond and instead opt to add lesser stones to their engagement ring to make it sparkle. A vast diamond appears to be much larger than it is in this manner.

Diamond Accents

What are Diamond Accents?

A diamond accent will undoubtedly be required while searching for diamond jewelry. Including the characteristics of your jewelry will assist you in making the best choice. A diamond accent is a smaller, differently shaped diamond that jewelers use to enhance the attractiveness of a larger, more prominent stone. Most of the time, many diamond accents are strategically placed in a systematic arrangement to create a dazzling look. The purpose of using accents in jewelry is to enhance and diversify the glitter effect and affect the style of your chosen ring.

Although accents are typically chosen based on personal preference, the form, size, color, and quality impact how beautiful a ring seems altogether.

Types of Diamond Accents

Most of the time, Diamond Accents are found in the shapes of Baguette, Trillion Cut, or tiny Round Diamonds. These designs are the most effective complements for various types of center diamonds while yet maintaining an acceptable pricing range.

Baguette Diamonds

The Baguette is an excellent accent stone because of its vast table size and visually pleasing symmetry. As a classic look, Baguettes are often available in smaller carat weights and can be placed next to other Baguettes to form a row of diamonds if desired. Compared to other diamond shapes commonly used as center stones, such as the Round Cut or the Cushion Cut, the Princess Cut’s step cuts stand out. Compared to Small Round Diamond Accents and Trillion Cut Accents, Baguettes have a lower level of brilliance (also known as sparkle).

Tapered Baguette

Although one end of the diamond is wider than the other, a Tapered Baguette has a rectangular shape that is somewhat changed. Tapered Baguettes, which are frequently used to follow the curve of a jewelry setting, create a classic aesthetic while also responding to the ring’s specific style and shape.

Tapered Baguettes are particularly popular in Side Stone and Three Stone settings, but they are also available in other shapes. They are a good match for practically all diamond shapes, including brilliant round cuts, Emerald cut diamonds, Radiant cut diamonds, and Princess Cut diamonds.

Straight Baguette

In contrast to Tapered Baguettes, Straight Baguettes are nearly precisely rectangular and have an equal width across the stone’s whole length. They help create symmetry in a ring, and because of their big table size, they often appear more significant than other diamonds of the same Carat weight.

Straight Baguettes can be used as accents in conjunction with a larger center stone or in a row adjacent to one another to create the appearance of a full diamond ring.

Even though the Straight Baguette can complement a wide variety of diamond shapes, it’s most typically employed to highlight Round Brilliant, Marquise, and Asscher Cuts.

Trillion Cut Diamonds

Trillion Cut Diamonds are distinguished by their triangular form, and the accent diamond’s unusual shape distinguishes it from the more popular round, square, and rectangular accent diamond shapes. When used as side stones, trillions are particularly effective since they draw attention to the primary stone without overpowering the piece.

For those who want to increase the apparent volume of the diamonds in their rings, trillion cut accent diamonds are an excellent choice because their vast table width gives the diamonds an overall more extensive look. In a three-stone setting with round brilliant or cushion cut center diamonds, trillion cut accent diamonds look most beautiful. Accent diamonds in the trillion shape look beautiful when combined with Princess or radiant cut center diamonds. Trillion-cut diamonds look finest when used as accents in a Three Stone setting with Round Brilliants and Round Brilliants.

Small Round Diamonds

As the name suggests, this is a collection of little rounded diamond accents. They, too, can be divided into three categories:

  • Stars
  • Cuts in their entirety
  • Melee

The stars have a total weight of 0.02 carats or less. The Full Cuts have a karat weight that ranges between 0.02 and 0.07, while the Melee has the most excellent karat weight ranging between 0.08 and 0.18.

The stars, Full Cuts, and Melee are excellent choices for side stones, three-stone, and channel rings. They help fill out bulkier ring settings and are lovely for thinner pave settings. They provide elegance, sophistication, and a stunning brilliance to your wedding band. Little round diamond accents can look stunning depending on your style and taste.

Are the Diamond Accents on Jewelry Real Diamonds?

The diamond embellishments are, in fact, genuine diamonds. Even though this sort of stone is referred to as an accent stone, it is still a genuine diamond graded according to the same criteria as diamonds used as a center stone. Cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of diamond accents are graded the same as the rest of the diamond. They have a smaller size than other types of diamonds and, as a result, are less expensive than individual stones.

In terms of appearance, there is little difference between a diamond accent and a genuine diamond. Since the carat grade, color, cut, and clarity of diamond accents are the same as genuine diamonds, they are considered genuine diamonds. Individual accents are less precious than natural diamonds because of their smaller size, but when they are combined, their worth equals that of a genuine diamond.

What is the Price of a Diamond Accent?

Since diamond values are generally connected to a carat weight, diamond accents are less costly than diamonds used as the center stone because they have a lower carat weight. Furthermore, you can choose lower grades in some categories with accents, which helps to reduce the overall cost.

Accent diamonds are not frequently offered for sale to the general public. They are most typically used by jewelers, who acquire them in bulk in quantities of hundreds or thousands from wholesalers. High-quality cuts can fetch upwards of $1,000 per carat for diamond accents with a good color and clarity grade. The usual price for diamond accents with an average color and clarity grade is around $300-400 per carat.

How Should You Select Accent Diamonds For Your Jewelry?

A modest piece of diamond jewelry can be transformed into a stunning showstopper with the addition of a few accent diamonds. Follow these suggestions:

  • Find the appropriate size. Choose accent diamonds that are no larger than 15 percent of the size of the primary stone to avoid overcrowding the setting. Each accent stone should be less than 0.15 carats in weight, for example, if the primary diamond is 1 carat.
  • Choose diamonds that are similar in color. It is critical to select accent diamonds that are the same size, shape, color, and clarity as the central diamond to mix seamlessly. The use of a variety of accent diamonds will detract from the attractiveness of the huge center diamond in this setting.
  • Take risks, and don’t be afraid to fail. It is not necessary to match the form of your accent diamonds to the shape of the big diamond in your setting. Take chances by combining different shapes to create a piece of jewelry that is one-of-a-kind and stunning, just like you!

Above all, keep in mind that there are no right or incorrect decisions to be made when it comes to accent diamonds. If you choose the accent diamonds that you adore the most, you will never be disappointed with your choice.

How Big are Diamond Accents?

Even though they are modest, diamond accents are dependent on two factors:

  • The primary diamond’s setting
  • The central diamond’s size.

Because of the differences in the size of the primary diamond and the setting, the size of a diamond accent might vary. Depending on the cut and size, a typical accent diamond weighs between 0.01 and 0.20 carats. Because these diamonds enhance the beauty of larger diamonds or other gemstones, accent diamonds are often tiny.

What is the Most Efficient Way of Matching Accent Diamonds?

Even though they are smaller and distinct from the larger diamonds, the technique of matching accent diamonds necessitates a keen eye. The method entails putting the accents with care so that they do not outshine but rather dazzle the central stone. So, how do you pair accent diamonds together? There are several factors to examine before a match is made;

  • Color: Diamond color grades range from colorless to light, with colorless being the most common. Some are so little that they are hardly apparent with unaided eyes. Color grades G to H are included in this category. Although they look to be comparable, the prices are different. When selecting a diamond accent, a lower grade hue than the base diamond will flawlessly complement the base diamond by giving the impression that they are both colorless.
  • Clarity: A wide range of clarity is required to detect surface flaws. On the clarity scale, pure accent diamonds are in the FL (Flawless) clarity category.
  • Cut: Exceptional cut with a higher grade will result in a well-matched ring and expertly executed. The better the clarity grade, the better the picture. The highest grade diamond accent cuts, such as Ideal Cut and Excellent Cut shapes, are ideally suited for this use.
  • Design: By selecting accent diamonds based on design, you will be able to coordinate your collection with the center stone. Melee accent diamonds are an example of this. It is possible to create a one-of-a-kind design with them because they have the maximum carat weight.


Even though accent diamonds are often disregarded due to their small size, they play a significant function in jewelry design. Adding an accent diamond to your favorite jewelry pieces will help you achieve the ideal amount of glimmer and shine. You can use a few for a delicate shimmer or a handful to generate an intense, blindingly stunning shine with a single application.

In three-stone, side stone, pave, and channel ring settings, tiny round accent diamonds perform brilliantly as filler diamonds, and they are frequently used to fill out thicker settings. They are also equally stunning in narrower pave settings, which allow their brilliant glitter to be seen to its full potential.