What your May Birthstone Mean

We’re all in awe of May’s verdant and sleek glow. The season is infused with existence from blooming bulbs to the flash of inexperienced which means summertime season is across the corner! The Emerald shadeation of May’s birthstone is the right and emblematic gem for this time of year.

 You may have a few questions about what your birthstone may mean for you. Let us explain how birthstones can have both physical and psychic meanings. Read on to learn more! Emeralds may also be the birthstone for your son or daughter. Emeralds are considered precious gems. They are known to have many meanings, including love and fidelity. They also symbolize creativity and harmony. You may also be born with a birthstone that represents your personality.

Emerald Meaning & History 

The maximum ample hue in nature, the human eye sees extra inexperienced than some other color withinside the spectrum,” says Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Color Institute. “It brings an experience of clarity, renewal, and rejuvenation, that is so vital in the latest complicated world.”

The Emerald has usually been one of the maximum valuable gemstones. Once the desired gemstone of India’s Maharajas and Egypt’s maximum well-known lady Pharaoh, Cleopatra, the Emerald maintains to ooze glamour, from royals regalia to crimson carpets. The call for this May birthstone comes from the historic Greek phrase for inexperienced, “smaragdus.” Emeralds have been mined in Egypt, relationship from as a minimum 330 BC into the 1700s.

Taking their call from their well-known Queen, the Cleopatra Mines, additionally called the Mons Smaragdus (Emerald Mountains), had been one of the oldest mining complexes in the historic world.

When Spanish explorers invaded the New World withinside the sixteenth century, Emerald from what\’s now Colombia turned into a great a part of the plunder. Incas have been the usage of Emerald in their rings and nonsecular ceremonies for over 500 years by the point the Spanish arrived.

Far extra inquisitive about gold and silver, they traded Emerald for treasured metals. Along the way, their eyes have been opened to the majesty of the Emerald and the buying and selling possibilities they provided to European and Asian royalty.

Today, Columbia is the most important provider of Emeralds, chargeable for extra than 60 percent of global-wide production. Emeralds also are sourced from Brazil, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, whilst traditionally Emeralds have been additionally mined in Egypt and India.

Places Where Emerald Found? 

The official May birthstone is the Emerald, which has always been a prized gemstone. In ancient times, this gemstone was the preferred choice of Egypt’s Cleopatra and the Maharajas of India. The name “emerald” comes from the ancient Greek word for green. Emeralds were mined in Egypt for centuries, and their mines were called the Cleopatra Mines, one of the oldest mining complexes in history.

Agate is a stone that resembles an emerald, which symbolizes the lush green of new life. Other stones that represent the birthstone may represent green, like aventurine, which is a type of quartz. Agates are found in many shades of green, ranging from apple-green to deep green. Agates are an excellent alternative to emeralds for May. If you can’t find emeralds in your price range, you can try agate instead.

While the emerald has long been the birthstone of May, it is also a sun/star, planetary, and talismanic stone. These stones are associated with the springtime of the northern hemisphere and are known for their beautiful color. While many cultures have their own meanings for the emerald, the name is common and a symbol of hope and change. Whether you’re looking for a simple, elegant, or whimsical piece of jewelry, emerald is a good choice.


Emeralds have lengthy been valued for their precise properties. Legends inform that Emeralds allowed the wearer to predict the future. When located beneath each tongue, Emeralds have been stated to expose the fact and shield in opposition to evil spells. Some testimonies say that carrying an Emerald ought to make one an eloquent speaker. In instances earlier than present-day medicine, Emerald turned into used to remedy sicknesses like cholera and malaria.

Emerald is related to the coronary heart chakra and is notion to have a restoration impact on the bodily in addition to the emotional coronary heart. Emeralds carry loyalty and decorate unconditional love, and harmony and sell friendship. Keep your Emerald birthstone near bolster stability to your partnerships

Attributes of the Emerald 

Green is a color that brims with hope. Heralds the approaching of spring, regeneration, and new growth, its lush inexperienced color makes Emerald birthstone the suitable preference for the month of May.

This bluish-inexperienced kind of the Beryl own circle of relatives has lengthy been loved for his or her rich, extraordinary colour created whilst chromium, vanadium, and iron are present. Emeralds commonly have inclusions that can be seen to the bare eye. Because of this, we endorse cleansing your Emerald earrings with a mixture of moderate soapy, water, and easy with a soft-bristled brush (like a toothbrush). Avoid chemical compounds and vicious expert cleaners like ultrasonic or steam as those can harm the gem.

Alternative Birthstone for May 

If Emerald birthstones aren’t your thing, don’t panic! Green Onyx is a stunning opportunity birthstone for May that faucets into our preference to develop and be near nature. Strength, willpower, and area are homes that are maximum intently connected with Green Onyx. Connected together along with your coronary heart chakra, Green Onyx creates a bridge among your top and decrease chakras. With robust institutions to the planet Mercury, Green Onyx imparts self-self-assurance to the wearer and is notion to alleviate anxiety and stress.

“Two birthstones?!” you will be thinking. “Why don’t I even have extra than one?” Don’t sweat! Most birthstones have a present-day opportunity. There are many methods to decide on your birthstone. The Victorian generation noticed the upward thrust of the conventional month layout we realize today. In the 20 century, the National Association of Jewelers together with Tiffany’s and different gemstone rings purveyors launched a listing of reliable birthstones. Over the years this has been up to date with new gemstones to mirror the general public taste.

There also are stones related to your Zodiac signal and numerology, so that you have masses of choices! If you’re nevertheless unsure, you could locate your birthstone the use of our

Big Three 

The emerald is a gemstone that is a part of the “Big Three” of precious colored gems. Its magical properties have made it a favorite among ancient civilizations. In fact, ancient philosophers like Pliny the Elder attributed emerald to being the only gemstone that did not fatigue the eye. Despite this gem’s popularity as a birthstone, it is not always associated with fertility.

Tiger Birthstone

Tigers are courageous and strong animals. Their eye is the focal point of their strength. Wearing a tiger’s eye will help you channel their courage and strength and may give you the courage to try new things. For this reason, tiger birthstones are also associated with courage and determination. They are said to inspire courage and bravery in others. People born under the sign of the tiger are often bold and courageous.

Opal: This gemstone is also a birthstone for November. This gem comes in a variety of yellow hues, and gets its name from the Greek word opallios, meaning “to see a change of color.” The process of forming opal occurs when water picks up trace amounts of silica dioxide and deposits them in cracks. In Australia, most opal is mined, but it is unlikely that this is where the name originated.

As for your birthstone, it’s important to remember that emeralds can be hard on the eyes, but they have numerous benefits. Emeralds can help heal retinal ailments and increase memory. They do, however, need some TLC. A good way to care for your emerald is to keep it in a separate box with a thick lining to prevent it from being scratched or chipped. If you buy an emerald for yourself or for someone else, don’t forget to keep it safe.


If you’re looking for a meaningful gift, give someone a gemstone that represents their birth month. You may be surprised to learn that your recipient may have several birthstones! This is because, while most birthstones are a single color, some have multiple names and can be paired with more than one stone. That means you may be able to choose the perfect piece of jewelry to celebrate their birth. And while it may seem a bit too complicated, the gemstone may have a symbolic meaning for someone else.

For a long time, people believed that placing an emerald under the tongue would protect them from evil spirits and promote health. It also protected against evil spells and was a popular cure before modern medicine. Ancient healers even placed emeralds under the tongue of an unfaithful lover to keep him from lying. Emeralds are associated with the heart chakra and are believed to heal the physical and emotional heart, and foster friendship.