Engagement Ring Buying: The EASY Way!

Engagement Ring Buying: The EASY Way!

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Engagement Ring Shopping Made Simple

You’ve been dying to ask your perfect girl to marry you and the only thing that’s holding you back is finding the perfect engagement ring. Some men are ready to pop the question but are afraid to do so because they still don’t have the ring. Several reasons might cause the delay of your dream proposal, but experts say that the complex process of buying an engagement ring is only second to budget concerns—and most men understandably don’t have the knowledge on how to purchase the ring. Why? Because most men are first time buyers. It’s understandable! To get you started with the absolute necessities and to make it as easy as possible, keep reading and don’t forget to read our other more technical articles on engagement ring buying.

1. Know Your Budget for the Engagement Ring

There is a saying that an engagement ring should cost as much as your two months’ salary. Don’t take this as an example, you should buy the ring with how much you are comfortable with. Don’t go overboard and spend your entire savings or go into a deep debt just because of the engagement ring. And I’m sure your girlfriend doesn’t want you to go broke because of her engagement ring either. You can always replace the ring with a bigger or better one once you have more money to spend on your anniversary or whenever there is an opportunity. The is the first step in purchasing an engagement ring: knowing your budget. Before you enter the jewelry store set the budget that you’re willing to spend for the ring. Also consider that you might need to shell out up to 25% more from your budget but don’t go over that. Your jeweler might play some tricks on you in purchasing a more expensive jewelry because it’s part of their job, but always stick to your budget in mind. Get the most with your money by knowing how to spot the perfect diamond.

Know the Jeweler Before Buying an Engagement Ring

The safest way to look for a jeweler is by word of mouth and research. After asking for the right jeweler from your relative and friends research them online. Consider more than one jeweller, go to all of the jewelry store that you know and compare each ring that you consider on buying. Another technique is to know ahead of time when they have a sale, so you can get more discounts. You can also compare prices from online stores, this can help you identify the price difference.

Know Your Diamond: The 4C’s

Clarity defines and grades the number of internal inclusion and external blemishes the stone might have. Clarity is important because the fewer the flaws, the brighter the stone. Color refers to the interior body color of the diamond, and extends from colorless or clear to yellow, brown and other colors. The less color in the diamond, the more expensive it is. However if there are other strong intense colors like the rare reds or blues, then the diamonds are far more expensive than others. Also, consider the shade of your intended skin, as a slightly yellow diamond will look brighter on darker skin than on paler skin. Check out the diamonds against a white background, as yellow diamonds will appear whiter on black background. Diamond cut is not its shape but how well it’s fashioned, in short the better the cut the more brilliant and brighter the diamond. This are measures in carats and points, there are 100 points in every carat. Most engagement rings are 1 carat size. Carat weight refers to the weight of a diamond. The heavier the stone, the more you’re going to pay. However, there’s no need to get caught up on the carat weight. Through proper mounting and shaping, a master jeweler can make a diamond appear larger than its carat weight might suggest.

Pick a Setting for the Engagement Ring

The most common setting is prong, but others include bar, tension, bezel, channel, flush, cluster, and invisible. Consider if your intended is outgoing or glamorous, if she’s outgoing and have an active lifestyle then consider a lower mounting ring so it doesn’t get in her way of activities. If she’s a glamorous type then consider a higher mounting. Remember that she’ll be wearing the ring everyday.

Know Her Ring Size Before Buying the Engagement Ring

To do this, there are a couple of ways that you can get her exact ring size so it doesn’t feel awkward when you place the ring on her finger during the big day. You can ask help from her friends and family for her size, they can borrow some of her ring, and then bring the ring to the jeweller, they can determine the ring size right away. If this doesn’t work you can get one of her ring while she’s not looking, trace the inside into a paper or wear it on your finger and take note or draw a line where the ring stop. Or you can ask her, if settling down is a comfortable topic for both of you then you can ask her upfront for her ring size. Just don’t indulge on the details of your proposal if you intend on making it a surprise. If you’re not sure of her size and if you’re having doubts go for a slightly bigger size because it is often easier to re-size.

Engagement Ring Shapes and Cuts

There are a lot of diamond shapes that you can choose from, it could be round, princess, pear, oval, or heart. The shape also depends on your girlfriend’s preference. If you’re not sure always go for the classic type of engagement ring. Getting an engagement ring is a big decision and a big purchase so choose wisely. Before going out of the jewelry store ask for the warranty, this is also important. Ask for the certificate, every diamond has a certificate, most of them are from GIA or from any accredited lab.

Final Notes on Engagement Rings

Ultimately, you can make this as easy or as complicated as you choose. It can be a simple, straightforward process once you’ve done your research online at sites like The Diamond Authority. Once you’ve got the basics down, you can go in with your set budget and ask for the best option for your price range. It really can be that simple. Some people over complicate the process and end up making it a very long, drawn out experience. It doesn’t have to be that way at all. With the right information and the basics down, you can buy an affordable and high quality ring and then propose to the girl of your dreams.

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