4 Reasons Why Diamond Earrings Are a Must for Every Woman

Everyone knows that diamonds are the most elegant part of a piece of jewelry that anyone could have. They signify rarity which makes them more special—exuding simplicity, beauty and elegance.  A pair of diamond earrings are also one of the safest things to buy when it comes to picking out gifts.

Many women own a pair of diamond earrings and if they don’t, the probably will at some point in their life. They  wear them to compliment a beautiful dress, whether for their first romantic date or to simply look and feel instantly elegant. Diamond earrings are to women what a black stiletto shoes are to a wardrobe—it will never be complete without them. Ironically, just because anybody owns a pair doesn’t mean they lose their significance. They’re simply so perfect that all women want to own a pair.

Whether you already have a pair of diamond earrings and want to upgrade, or are thinking of getting some, here are a few reasons why you might consider it:

1. Diamond earrings never go out of style.

Even the ancient Greeks considered them magical, powerful and representative of a potent symbol of love. It is because of their durability and sparkle that the wealthy and powerful have sought after all throughout history. However, today they are available to anyone who wishes to own them, and yet they never lose their allure. Even a pair of diamond earrings  that belonged to a woman’s great grandmother can still be worn today and still look elegant.

2. Diamond earrings can be worn in just about any wardrobe.

Whenever women wear a special dress, they often wear a pair of simple diamond stud earrings to make the dress pop with a touch of sparkle. Some women wear diamond earrings if they are wearing very simple make-up to give them a look of complete (and  instant) style.  There are some who only wear them on special occasions such as a big date, a wedding or to a formal party. There are no rules on how to wear diamond earrings.

3. Every woman needs diamond earrings to add sparkle to her life

There are many times in life when women need to feel that spark again. During the times when they feel they need something a little extra to cheer them up, a perfect pair of diamond earrings can do the trick. A woman can put on her favorite and ever reliable little black dress, a little make up, and finish it up with a pair of diamond earrings and she is good to go. In fact, the word diamond comes from the Greek work “adamas” which means invincible, and psychologically this does something to a woman (don’t ask, we just know!)

4. Diamond earrings are a classic gift to show love

The diamond has been considered the ultimate symbol of marriage since 1447 when Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring as a promise of marriage. Even before this, the Romans valued the diamond for its supernatural powers and later Italians believed that the diamond could maintain good relations between a married couple, so they recommended it as the stone to be set in wedding rings. Although a woman does not have to get engaged to feel loved, owning a pair of diamond earrings can make her feel special. Whenever she steps out with her diamond earrings, she’ll remember who gave them to her and that she is loved.


A pair of diamond earrings is the perfect gift to give and receive to and from your special someone. Even with all the reasons mentioned above, you have more reasons to consider diamond earrings as a gift to someone that you love. You don’t have to go overboard by purchasing the biggest  and most expensive diamond available—a little can go a long way. What’s important is she gets the message that you want her to feel loved and that you want her to sparkle like a diamond.

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  1. I totally agree. Diamonds upgrade any outfit, whether you’re out on a date, shopping or simply running errands. It goes with anything and adds a touch of elegance. Diamonds are an investment piece.

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