5 Must Read Tips for Buying Diamonds

Man and woman choosing jewellery5 Tips for Buying Diamonds

Being one of the most appreciated gems on the planet, diamonds have their price and fame. Many people think of them as something very valuable, and diamond jewelry is considered to be the reflection of the great love and respect.

You may be surprised whit the fact that diamonds are not so precious after all. The material they are made from is not rare – it’s just carbon. That’s right, one of the most common elements on the Earth. So, how is it that something made out of carbon has such a great value? Why are people still buying diamonds?

One of its unique properties is hardness. Diamond is the hardest material that exists and it can be scratched only by another diamond. What makes it so hard is its molecular structure. Their molecules are astonishingly strong. While most people know these things about diamonds, what they might not know is how to go about buying them. Keep reading for the top five tips to help you be successful at buying diamonds.


1. Buying Diamonds: Value

Of course, not all the diamonds have the same value. There are several factors that are checked in order to determine the diamond’s value, and they can easily be remembered since they all start with the letter C:

· Cut – the cut (shape) of the diamond

· Clarity – it measures diamond’s flaws, the little imperfections that can be seen inside of it

· Carat – the diamond’s weight

· Color – some are completely color-free, while others have some yellowish shade

Some other important features that should be considered when determining a diamond’s value are:

· Transparency – is it fully transparent or not;

· Luster – the way light affects it;

· Dispersion of light – how much will it sparkle.

There is no unique combination for having the most valuable diamond. For example, white colored diamond is considered to be more valuable than yellow one, but if the diamond has some color that is unique, natural and not a result of some kind of a flaw, it’s value is highly increased.


2. Buying Diamonds: The Morals

If you want to buy a diamond, you should be very aware of its origin. You have probably heard about “blood diamonds”; if you don’t really know what does that mean, keep reading.

In many African countries people (even women and children) are forced to dig for the diamonds in order to earn money for some terrorist groups. Those who refuse to do it can easily be killed. Diamonds that are dug that way are called conflict diamonds. The name “blood diamonds” represents the blood of those rebels who didn’t want to work as said.

Unfortunately, that’s not all. There are many other forms of illegal diamond pursuit, such as using children for the tasks adults can’t do: digging little holes or cutting small diamonds. It is especially popular in India – the majority of small diamonds are cut and polished by Indian children.

In order to prevent such illegal actions, you can request a conflict-free certificate that every legitimate diamond has. Don’t buy if you’re not sure where is it coming from.


3. Buying Real or Fake diamonds

Fake diamonds, like fake fur, are the option if you don’t want to have any moral or ethical concerns. Since 1976, you have the option to choose so called synthetic diamond as a cheaper and equally beautiful diamond version.

There are several different methods of creating synthetic diamonds, and over the years they have been brought to perfection. Today you can never be sure if the diamond is dug or laboratory made, unless you are a gemologist and have special equipment.

With synthetic diamonds you won’t have to worry about kids in Africa and India, because you can be sure they were made in laboratory by scientists and that their only purpose was to become jewelry.

4. Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are considered to be the most perfect gem for engagement rings, wedding rings, but also for many other jewelry items. Diamond earrings and necklaces are very common, too. But it seems that diamond engagement ring is something special. It has overcame its pure value and became the part of the culture. This is very interesting concept and many people don’t know how did that happen.

It goes back to the Victorian times, when they used to have engagement rings with mixed precious elements (and diamond among them). Even than the ring had to be something special and expensive, as a hard proof of love.

With the emergence of The De Beers Company, diamonds became highly promoted and almost forced into the high end society. When that company released its slogan “A Diamond is Forever”, and giving its jewelry history, it was natural that diamond had become the synonym for marriage – both are supposed to last forever.


5. Buying Diamonds Online

As everything else, diamonds are available for purchasing online. The question is should you do it. There is no reason that sellers who sell diamonds in jewelry store can’t sell them online, too, so there can be perfectly legit online stores. The problem is, not all of them are safe. Be very careful if you don’t want to be left without your money and the promised diamond. Only if you trust the seller you should continue with your purchase. And than, there are several things you should pay attention to:

· Price – see what the competition offers;

· Shipping – you want your diamond to get to you safe;

· Return – can you return jewelry if anything is wrong or if you’ve just made the wrong choice;

· Feedback – others’ experience can be very helpful.

If you decide to buy online, you wont even have to leave the house in order to get your diamond – that can be convenient. Also, you can shop day or night, there is no closing time. But, you won’t be able to try it on or look at it in person. Also, there is a possibility it gets damaged or lost in the transport. Carefully read all the available information and make your decision.


Natural or synthetic, we can all agree that diamonds are beautiful. If you really want one, you can choose between natural or fake version, but be sure to take everything into account. We’ve talked about the features of real diamond and synthetic one, about suffering some people are going through in order to make the final product. You can give one to your significant other, or wait to receive one – in our culture, its meaning is strong.

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  1. It’s sad to learn the origin of a lot of diamonds. I definitely don’t want to go around buying diamonds that were cut by children. I’m ready to propose to my girlfriend, so I’ll remember to get a certificate when I buy her ring!

  2. Michael Robinson

    Wow, I had no idea that there was so much information you need to know before you purchase a diamond! My girlfriend and I went ring shopping this last weekend and we have been talking to the seller about the diamonds; however, I honestly had no idea what they were talking about. It is interesting that there is no unique combination of having the most valuable diamond.

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