The Artistry of a Tacori Engagement Ring

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The Tacori Engagement Ring History

Tacori was established by Haig Tacorian and his wife Gilda after leaving Europe and moving to California in 1969. It is a family business including their children and other relatives. The company is still located California and has retail locations throughout the United States and Canada.

The Artistry of Tacori

Tacori has for a long time been known for the exquisite settings. Each piece offers the quality of old word craftsmanship as each piece is hand tooled. Each member of this company considers themselves as artisans and rightly so. Every piece is detail oriented and created in the most intricate and stunning beauty, down to the very smallest detail. Each ring is stamped with the Tacori name on the inside of the band, serving as its authenticity.

The name Tacori became a household name when their jewelry showed up on Desperate Housewives. Once word got out, it was only a matter of time when everyone else wanted their own Tacori engagement rings.

Can I Afford a Tacori Engagement Ring?

The settings for a Tacori ring are created in either platinum or gold. Platinum fairs better over time vs gold and retains its beauty longer. As far as pricing, this is dependent on the details and intricacy that goes into the individual ring and obviously the quality of diamond and weight.

Just because it’s a Tacori ring, does not necessarily mean you cannot afford one. Contact one of their retail stores or the California branch, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Beware of an Imitation Tacori Engagement Ring

Be very careful if a jeweler offers you a great deal on a Tacori that found it’s way into their store. Most jewelers replace the center stone with a cubic zirconia for display purposes. Cubic Zirconia are thicker within the girdle vs a diamond. When removing the Zirconia with a diamond the gem setting will be quite loose.

A good jeweler should offer to special order your ring directly from Tacori. If they choose not to do so, go somewhere else.


If you are looking for a very unique, breath-taking engagement ring, Tacori will deliver! Tacori has a reputation of unique, quality, intricate workmanship that is unsurpassed. Your engagement ring will be a stunning statement of class and inspiration.

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