The Inside Scoop on Discount Engagement Rings

The Inside Scoop on Discount Engagement Rings

discount engagement rings

Discount Engagement Rings: The Inside Scoop

Several shops have popped up over the past few years offering used or pre-owned engagement rings for the shopping savvy. Many of these shops have rings that were acquired because someone didn’t show up for the “I Do’s” or divorce was in the future.

There is a growing trend in the bridal resale market serving as the middle guy between the sellers and the buyers. Considering the average engagement ring is going for a whopping $5,000, there’s something to be said in a little savings.

Is There Bad Karma In Used Discount Engagement Rings?

Some future brides and grooms have a problem with buying an engagement ring from someone whose marriage hit the rocks or never even made it to the alter. These folks feel an engagement ring should be picked out especially for them while others believe the karma on a ring starts when two people join into a permanent relationship, not through bad karma.

Shopping for Discount Engagement Rings

Online stores are selling preowned engagement rings or loose gems at a considerable savings. They offer extensive listings with descriptions of engagement rings and loose gems for re-mountings. These gems and pieces sell for anywhere from 30% to 50% off the original cost.

Sellers send their rings to these websites along with a description of the gem cut, the color, clarity and an appraisal. A buyers wants a particular ring, they send money to be held in escrow until the sale closes.

Accredited sites verify the gem or ring value through another appraiser and have a certificate of authenticity on file for that specific piece.

Their Loss, Your Gain?

Whether through a preowned engagement ring site or selling on eBay, men and women alike are unloading their broken dreams as fast as they can. Most echo the same basic reason, they want to move on with their lives.

In some cases, after the end of a marriage, the diamond will be removed from the original setting and remounted in another type of ring.

Buyers of Discount Engagement Rings

Some jewelers will buy preowned engagement or wedding rings and sell them in an estate sale. The majority of sellers are women and rank around 70% and either sell to a jeweler or will get the ring appraised and sell it themselves.

There are some exquisite engagement rings available online at a lower cost then buying brand new. It all depends on one’s psyche situation, whether they are comfortable owning someone else’s broken engagement or marriage.

Final Thoughts

In this day and age, sentimentality is being replaced with practicality. Bride-to-Be, Groom-to-Be, Mr vs Mrs, all are looking to get over the bad and move on to the good. Most feel they might just as well get something out of the engagement ring so it’s a clean a permanent break.

If you are not of the faint of heart, you could do very well looking into these online stores and seeing what they have to offer. You might just find the perfect ring or perfect stone to make your special day even more special!

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