August Birthstone Ring

A beautiful approach to commemorate your significant other’s birthday is to give them an August birthstone ring. The peridot is a gorgeous stone and may be found in various natural settings on the planet. The majority of peridot used in jewelry is sourced from nations such as China, Myanmar, Tanzania, and Vietnam. However, some are mined in Hawaii’s Peridot Beach area. Its green sands can make it a desirable option for casual wear in the summer.

The gemstone peridot is the birthstone for August. Peridot jewelry is available in various metals, including white gold, yellow gold, and sterling silver. With its calming influence on the user, this celestial stone makes an excellent present for a friend or family member. You can even get a peridot bracelet for yourself if you so desire. Peridot earrings are also available in various forms, including studs, hoops, and drop earrings.


August’s birthstones are peridot, Spinel, and sardonyx, which are all gemstones. Peridot is a birthstone known for being formed under harsh conditions. It may be found in both solidified lava transported from deep beneath the Earth’s mantle and meteorites brought back from outer space. The spinel birthstone has been undervalued until recently. Modern customers seek an alternative to ruby, a gem with which red Spinel has been misidentified for millennia due to its similarity in colour. Sardonyx is the original August birthstone, and it has a long and illustrious history dating back over 4,000 years. Learn more about the three August birthstones and how to find the ideal present for someone born in August by reading on.

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Peridot is a gem variant of the mineral olivine that ranges from yellowish-green to greenish-yellow. Peridot has been mistaken for other gems like topaz and emerald throughout history. The Red Sea island of Topaz, which is the origin of the name “topaz,” produced peridot. The Shrine of the Three Holy Kings in Cologne Cathedral, Germany, is adorned with 200 carats of jewels mistaken for emeralds but are peridot, the August birthstone. Some historians even speculate that peridot was used in Cleopatra’s famous emerald collection.

The word “peridot” is derived from the Arabic word Friday, which means “jewel.” Many ancient and medieval societies treasured this August birthstone, and it first appeared in priestly jewelry in the second century BCE and then in medieval Europe’s chalices and churches. For generations, the peridot birthstone has also been used as a protective charm, guarding the wearer against evil spirits and “night terrors.”

Where can you Find Peridot?

Peridot, the birthstone for August, has a fascinating history. Although most peridot used in jewelry today comes from China, Myanmar, Pakistan, Tanzania, Vietnam, and the United States, some were brought to Earth by meteorites. Can discover others in unusual locations, such as Peridot Beach in Hawaii, where the sands glow bright green.

The oldest known source of this August birthstone is the Egyptian island of Zabargad (today known as Topaz). Around 340–279 BCE, mining may have begun. The island’s severe environment earned it labels like Island of Death and Ophiodes (“snake island”), even though it produced magnificent peridot. Zabargad peridot has been valued for ages and is now highly sought after. . You can find the best examples of this August birthstone in famous museums worldwide.

Myanmar (formerly Burma) is another major peridot-producing country. Loose peridot crystals can be found in crevices on the northern slope of Kyaukpon, a hilly location near the gem city of Moog. The best peridot from this region has a deep colour and excellent transparency.

In the United States, the primary source of this August birthstone is Arizona. Thousands of years ago, massive volcanic eruptions poured rivers of lava across the desert landscape of what is now the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, where some Apache families have worked the mines for decades.

Pallasite meteorites (made of nickel-iron and olivine) have also brought this August birthstone to Earth. Thousands of meteorites have struck the Earth, many containing olives, but only a few have gem-quality peridot.


Peridot has a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it softer than many other gems and less resistant to demanding wear. As a result, it is not suggested for daily wear in an engagement ring. This birthstone for August can also be harmed by various acids, including some household cleaners and prolonged exposure to acidic perspiration. Cleaning peridot is a delicate process that should be done with care. Using steam or ultrasonic cleaner on your peridot birthstone is not recommended because it is susceptible to thermal shock. It is best to use a soft-bristle brush in warm water with moderate dish soap to remove the stains. To minimize scratches by harder gemstones, peridot should be stored with caution.


It is derived from the Latin word spinal, which means thorn, and refers to the horn-like shape of spinel crystals. August, the vivid red, vibrant pink, orange, purple, violet, blue, and bluish green birthstones are all available.

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Spinel has been confused for other gemstones for millennia. This August, birthstone has become some of history’s most famous “rubies.” Before Edward, Prince of Wales (also known as the Black Prince) got the roughly 170 ct Black Prince’s “ruby” in 1367 as a reward for winning a battle in favour of Peter of Castile; it was owned by a succession of Moorish and Spanish kings. . did not adequately distinguish the chemical distinctions between Spinel and ruby until the 18th century. This ancient red Spinel is now set in the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain, directly above the 317.40 ct Cullinan II diamond.

The Imperial State Crown is adorned with approximately 3,000 diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and pearls, including the famed Cullinan II diamond, which is the August birthstone.

The Imperial State Crown’s 170-carat red Spinel is encrusted with almost 3,000 diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and pearls, including the magnificent Cullinan II diamond. It’s now on display at the Tower of London.

All sorts of blood loss and inflammatory disorders were supposed to be treated with red Spinel and other red gems. The red jewels were thought to reduce wrath and foster peace. The 22nd wedding anniversary gift generally includes this August birthstone.

Where can you Find Spinel?

Spinel can now be found in a variety of places. Tajikistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Tanzania, and Pakistan are significant sources. Some sources, such as Myanmar’s hot pink and red Spinel, are noted for producing Spinel with striking colours.

The August birthstone is represented by a variety of red, violet, and dark blue Spinel.

The colours and countries represented by these spinels are varied. A 10.92-carat oval red spinel from Moog, a 20.08-carat cushion cut violet spinel from Myanmar, a 13.78-carat oval violet spinel from Myanmar, and a 7.92 oval dark blue spinel from Ratnapura, Sri Lanka, are shown from left to right.

Sri Lanka is a treasure trove of gem kinds and species, including sapphire, ruby, and garnet. Spinel is mined throughout the country’s southern portion, and blue, pink, and purple are among the colours found there. For millennia, the Central Highlands’ lush rolling hills and river gravels in the Ratnapura District have been abundant sources.

Another rich source is Myanmar’s Moog Stone Tract, where ruby, sapphire, and other gem minerals and this and the other August birthstone, peridot, can be discovered. Locals refer to the gems found there as “spirit polished” because they are naturally shiny.

Since the 1980s, the Lu Yen region in northern Vietnam has produced deep red, purple, pink, violet, and violet-blue spinels, and brilliant blue spinels were discovered there in the 2000s. The journey to the mines is an adventure, and it needs a five- to six-hour drive from Hanoi, followed by several hours of hiking or riding.

The birthstone for August is found in the Lu Yen region of Vietnam. The foreground features a ruby and spinel mining facility, with rice terraces rolling behind it against forested mountains.

A ruby and spinel mining operation can be seen in the foreground of this view from Vietnam’s Luc Yen province, with rice terraces rolling behind it against a backdrop of rocky mountains wrapped in forests. 

The finding of pinkish and orange-red Spinel in Tanzania in 2007 thrilled gem collectors. August birthstones in purple and blue colours are also mined there.


Spinel has a Mohs hardness of 8, making it a long-lasting stone for rings and other jewelry. However, the existence of fractures may make ultrasonic and steam cleaners ineffective. A safe alternative is always warm soapy water.

When exposed to light and chemicals, Spinel remains stable. Some shades of this August birthstone may fade in extreme heat.


Sardonyx, the most ancient of the August birthstones, combines two forms of chalcedony (cryptocrystalline quartz): sard and onyx. Sardonyx is the most ancient of the August birthstones. Bands of sard ranging in colour from brownish red to brown to dark orange alternate with layers of onyx that are usually white or black. In ancient times, sardonyx was a famous stone for Roman seals and signet rings because it did not adhere to hot wax, making it a good choice for these applications. It has been a favourite carving material for cameos and intaglios for millennia because of the bands of colour that run through this August birthstone.

Giuseppe Giacometti created this pendant out of a sardonyx cameo from the early nineteenth century in Italy and set in gold. As mentioned in the Old Testament, the stone Sardonyx is thought to be one of the stones in the High Priest’s breastplate. It is also supposed to represent the strength of spiritual life. Image courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art To protect themselves in battle, Roman soldiers wore sardonyx rings with the figure of Mars etched onto them. Today, the gemstone for August is associated with boldness, happiness, and clear communication, and it is known for giving stability to marriages and partnerships, among other things.

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Where can you Find Sardonyx?

There are numerous origins for this August birthstone. In addition to creating sardonyx with excellent contrast between the distinct coloured layers, India is also known for making agate. Sardonyx can also be found in several other countries, including Brazil, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Madagascar, Uruguay, and the United States. a polished sardonyx tablet that is flat and oval, displaying the varied orange and white striping of the August birthstone. Sardonyx tablet with changing shades of orange and white banding on a flat circular polished base.


The Mohs hardness of this August birthstone ranges from 6.5 to 7. When wearing it, like with peridot, caution should be exercised, especially if it is in a ring. . You should note that sardonyx, like other varieties of chalcedony, is frequently coloured. Extreme heat, such as that used in jewelry manufacturing or repair processes, may hurt dyed sardonyx’s coloration.

What is the Birthstone for the 5th of August?

Peridot and Spinel are the birthstones for August, making it the month with the most birthstones. Peridot is a gemstone known for its distinctive lime-green hue, and it is thought to bestow power and influence on those who wear it. Known for its dazzling range of colors, Spinel is thought to protect its wearer from danger and alleviate feelings of depression and despair.

What does Peridot Look Like and How Much does it Cost?

Appearance. One of the few gemstones that occur in only one color, olive-green, is peridot, found in abundance in Brazil. Individual peridot gems can range in color from yellow to olive green to brownish-green depending on the amount of iron present in the crystal structure; as a result, the color of individual peridot gems can range from yellow to olive green to brownish-green.

. Can purchase peridot for as little as $50–80 per carat for well-cut gems in the 1–2 carat size, or as much as $400–450 per carat for giant fine gems of superior colour.

Is it True that Peridots are Rare?

The simple response is that it is not the case. Peridots can be found in almost every country globally, and enormous quantities of this gem are mined every year in the United States and other countries. Burma, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, China, Ethiopia, and the United States are the leading producers of peridot.

August’s birthstone, referred to as “The Gem of the Sun” by the Ancient Egyptians, is a genuinely rare and ancient gemstone found in volcanic lava or in meteorites that have fallen to Earth. As a result, it should be no surprise that the light lime-colored Peridot gemstone is associated with light and cosmic extra-terrestrial powers.

What is the Correct Birthstone for August?

August is one of only three months in the year that includes three birthstones, making it one of the most unique. Peridot, Spinel, and sardonyx are the gemstones in question. Peridot is the most frequent birthstone linked with August, and it has a fascinating historical background.

 In addition to being the birthstone for August, the peridot is also the principal stone for the zodiac sign of Leo. This green gemstone has long been revered as a powerful protection stone, and it was sometimes worn as a talisman to fend off evil spirits.


Another gem to consider when choosing an August birthstone ring is the Spinel. Spinel gets its Latin name from its thorn-like form. Its most prevalent color is red, but it comes in numerous shades. Like rubies, Spinel is linked to peace and control of wrath. So it’s worth a look. August is connected with peridot, sardonyx, and Spinel. Spinel is red, blue, purple, or orange, while peridot is green. Sardonyx is reddish-brown. A ring with all three jewels would be a terrific gift! Sardonyx is another August gemstone. This stone has two cryptocrystalline quartz variations. The first is sard (carnelian), and the second is onyx (black). Sardonyx, the August birthstone, is made up of these two gemstones. It has a 4000-year history. Used in Roman singlet rings and seals.