Sardonyx Gemstone

What is Sardonyx Gemstone?

Sardonyx and chalcedony are translucent, light- to dark-brown variations of the silica mineral chalcedony. Historically, they have been two of the most extensively used semiprecious stones in jewelry. Sard and its near-related carnelian have been utilized in engraved jewelry for hundreds of years, and their popularity continues today. The sardonyx gemstone is well-known for its ability to bring a sense of order and tranquility to a life that had previously been chaotic or disorganized. Sardonyx is the stone to use if you ever find yourself lacking clarity and struggling to keep control over your mental and physical worlds.

Even though it is the August birthstone and is most frequently associated with persons born in August, everyone can benefit from the healing properties of this orange gemstone. Those who can harness the light yet powerful energies of Sardonyx will be able to reap the many spiritual and material benefits that the stone has to offer them.

Sardonyx Gemstone

What is Sardonyx Gemstone?

Sardonyx is a stone that is one-of-a-kind and highly intricate. This piece has two different forms of layered mineral chalcedony: sard and Onyx, alternating layers of parallel bands of the same material. Even though it is the original birthstone of August, it is far less well-known than its more well-known counterparts, peridot, and spinel.

Sardonyx is a birthstone that is both easily accessible and reasonably priced. Sardonyx is one of three gemstones available at the best crystal and stone shops during August. Even though it is pretty affordable, it may also be obtained in beads and jewelry. It is frequently carved into brooches to create a subtle distinction between their layers.

India provides the most acceptable forms of sardonyx stones, which feature parallel layers of color that are starkly opposed to one another. Besides Uruguay and Brazil, it is also known that rich sardonyx stone deposits are discovered regularly in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, the United States, and Madagascar. The hardness of the stone is 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

What does Sardonyx Mean?

“Sard” refers to the ancient Persian city of Sardis, currently in Turkey. The red stone was found here, and Onyx is a Greek word meaning “nail or claw.” The sardonyx gemstone has ancient Egyptian roots, and it was used to make cameos and intaglios for most of its life.

Women in these ancient communities were well-known for wearing jewelry featuring a cameo of Venus to invoke the goddess of love’s power. On the other hand, men would wear sardonyx stone rings with the image of Mars engraved on them. They hoped they would be protected during the fighting by using this as a symbol for the god of war.

Sardonyx Stone Origins and Sources

Brazil, India, Germany, Uruguay, Russia, and the Lake Superior region of the United States are just a few countries with Sardonyx as a native species. Sardonyx is most commonly found in India, where the geological composition is ideal for producing brilliant, flawless, and multicolored stones of exceptional quality.

The use and benefits of Sardonyx have been documented throughout history, particularly in Rome, Egypt, and other cultures, leading gemologists to conclude that a significant amount of the stone has been traded and transferred across time. Now that you have a better understanding of the technicalities let’s delve a little deeper into the illustrious history of this stunning gemstone.

Sardonyx Gemstone Properties

The 4 Cs are a set of criteria used by gemologists to evaluate the quality of a stone in four separate areas. Each stone has a different ranking, with Sardonyx having its own set of parameters that distinguishes it from the others. Let’s start with color to grasp better what we’re talking about.


The contrast between the colors of a sardonyx stone is more important than the color itself. A high-quality stone should have colorful layers of red sard that contrast with bright white layers of Onyx to create a striking visual effect. In this case, a saturation of whatever hues are present in the stone is essential. Even if the sard is more brownish-red than pure red and the Onyx is black, the stone can still be beautiful if each layer is vivid enough to detect the different hues within the layering.


Cabochon is the most typical sardonyx cut, which involves smoothing and polishing the stone rather than cutting hard lines like diamonds and emeralds. Well-carved stones used in cameos, intaglios, inlays, and brooches, on the other hand, can fetch a lot more money, especially if they have historical value. Furthermore, these cutting styles make for treasured family keepsakes that can be passed down generations. Sardonyx is a timeless, immortal stone in this manner.


The color and contrast of a sardonyx stone are more important than clarity, yet both are essential in understanding the stone’s properties. As long as there are no transparent watermarks or cracks in the stone, it can be pretty precious. Translucent to opaque stones can be extremely costly.

Carat Weight

The value of a stone’s carat weight is determined by the quality of the stone’s other three characteristics: color, cut, and clarity. A huge sardonyx stone with poor coloring would be worth less than a smaller stone with attractive color combinations, patterns, and transparency.

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Sardonyx Metaphysical Properties

Since antiquity, the stone represents power and protection; Sardonyx is also associated with courage, happiness, and the ability to express oneself without misunderstanding. It provides long-term enjoyment and stability to marriages and other relationships. Red and white-banded Sardonyx and red bullseye Sardonyx are exceptionally potent stones because of their spiritual significance. They are claimed to allow one to exude such enormous charm that many individuals recommend that the stone be handled with caution to prevent overpowering those around you. Wear them, so the saying goes, when you need a little additional strength in a particular situation.

A large part of the power of the black and white-banded Sardonyx comes from its link with a specific body type: thin, quick-moving individuals who are also intellectually active. When you wear black and white-banded Sardonyx, your intelligence, adaptability, verbal prowess, and positive outlook may be accentuated, depending on your personality. Alternatively, you can wear it to assist you in controlling one of those characteristics if it is acting against you. Sardonyx is said to be protective against evil, and some people believe that placing one at each corner of their home will help them stay safe.

Sardonyx Geological Properties

This stone’s name comes from its composition of alternating layers of sard and Onyx. Sard can appear in various colors ranging from dark orange to crimson to practically black. Onyx, even though most people believe it exclusively comes in black, may occur in various colors. Sardonyx is formed by combining these two forms of the mineral chalcedony, which are arranged in bands. This stone, also known as Sardian Onyx, can be visibly banded or have a more diffused blend of colors.

Sardonyx is found in India, and the best examples, which have dramatic contrasts between the layers, may be found there. Brazil, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Madagascar, Uruguay, and the United States are among the countries with deposits.

Sardonyx Stone Benefits and Uses

Every gemstone has its own set of therapeutic benefits and practical applications unique to that particular gemstone. When these natural healing components are employed inappropriately, they might hurt their effectiveness. The areas of your life primarily determine how you employ a sardonyx stone that you believe deserves attention.

As previously said, this gemstone is at its most valuable when its power is exploited in situations that necessitate enormous amounts of endurance and willpower on the part of the individual. This could be a tight job or school deadline, addiction-related issues, maintaining healthy habits to improve your mental health, or resolving relationship or family issues.

When working with your earth star chakra — the most directly connected to your energies – you may find it helpful to use a sardonyx gemstone. When it is out of balance, you tend to feel distant from your surroundings and the people in your immediate vicinity. This breaks your connection with the divine, resulting in emotions of anxiousness and a lack of self-discipline on your part.

To benefit from the energy healing capabilities of their sardonyx gemstone, many people prefer to work with their base chakra first. When your base chakra is out of balance, you may suffer the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This also has the effect of aggravating sentiments of anger while simultaneously degrading your compassion. Sardonyx can help you realign your chakras, which can help you improve the quality of your life. It is an essential exercise in self-care and personal growth.

How do you Know if Sardonyx is Genuine?

Sardonyx is a lovely gift for anyone born in August, whether for yourself or a friend. It’s a slightly more distinctive alternative to the month’s other birthstones, peridot, and spinel. However, if it is a fake, there is little purpose in choosing this lesser-known gemstone. Artificial Sardonyx has been produced since the Roman era, and normal agate and ordinary chalcedony can be used to make a plausible replica.

Unlike diamonds, the quality of a sardonyx stone is challenging to assess. When looking to buy a legitimate gemstone, consulting a recognized jewelry company such as the American Gem Society is the best guarantee you can receive.

If you can’t visit an expert, we recommend sticking to the “four Cs” while seeking to determine the genuineness of your sardonyx gemstone. The four factors to consider in the examination procedure are cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. Those with a striking contrast between the reddish bands of sard stone and the white layers of Onyx are the most artistically beautiful and certainly the most costly.

What is the Purpose of Sardonyx Stone?

The stone represents power and protection since antiquity; Sardonyx is also associated with courage, happiness, and the ability to express oneself without misunderstanding. It provides long-term enjoyment and stability to marriages and other relationships. Red and white-banded Sardonyx and red bullseye Sardonyx are exceptionally potent stones because of their spiritual significance.

Is it Possible to Sleep with a Sardonyx?

Sardonyx is considered a powerful guardian against all sorts of evil in crystal therapy. Healing practitioners recommend that sardonyx stones be placed in the four corners of a home to create a protective grid against harmful and poisonous energy. Alternatively, you can place a stone under your pillow before sleeping to facilitate a restful night’s sleep.

How Should Sardonyx Gemstones be Cared for?

Keeping genuine Sardonyx clean is a breeze! You’ll need warm, soapy water and a soft brush to complete the task. Anything more substantial or involving harsh chemicals can damage your stone over time. You’ll also want to make sure that your stones are correctly placed into jewelry designs because they can scratch if they come into contact with a harder gemstone such as a diamond or sapphire, which can be dangerous. In addition, while working with gemstones, especially softer ones such as Sardonyx, avoid using strong chemicals such as detergents or bleach to clean them.

Sardonyx stones can also be cleansed and purified in a variety of methods. The purification process removes any negative energy from your stone and functions as a reset button for your use. If you’ve been using your sardonyx gem for protection, cleanse it once in a while to remove any absorbed energies that could interfere with the stone’s vibratory current and efficacy.

To begin, bury or soak your stone for around 24 hours in a large grain of kosher salt, and this cleansing process will take roughly a hundred days to complete. If you don’t have any kosher salt on hand, you can cleanse your Sardonyx by immersing it in a running stream of pure, fresh spring water or by using a crystal cluster.

There’s a reason we stated “natural” Sardonyx in the first place. To vary the hue of the carnelian layers, Sardonyx is frequently colored, and chemical additives can be used to recreate the brilliant red-orange hue of high-quality Sardonyx. Only use reputable sites like Gem Rock Auctions and trusted dealers when purchasing Sardonyx or other semiprecious stone.


The sardonyx stone has left an indelible mark on history in various forms. Apart from being very stunning, these stones also add a touch of history, contemporary holistic advantages, and an earthy appeal to your home décor or personal style. When used as jewelry, Sardonyx is a vivid stone that improves the piece’s appearance while also providing protective characteristics.

Sardonyx is well-known for its ability to promote emotional stability. Additionally, it aids in pursuing justice and has a significant therapeutic effect on the mind. It improves vitality while also aiding the body in the elimination of waste and the promotion of self-control.